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+4 votes
Salman started his blockbustrous run with dabangg.

And Starting From 2010 no movie Riding on his name has flopped. Your views on this Record? ?
in Box Office Discussions by Location Manager (6.5k points)
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he has biggest disaster which has worldwide loss of over 100 crores which is tubelight in his prime superstardom


Tauji take a chill pill



8 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Yes Salman Khan Only Bollywood Actor Without Flop In Whole Decade. Dilip Kumar Giving Flops In Each Decade. Check here.

by Unit Manager (31.8k points)
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Thanks for the info man

+2 votes

Dilip Kumar in 50s...
Reason -> Both has Done very Less Movies .

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)

10 Years me 14-15 Movies jyada bhi nahi hai bro...
Tum salman ka khud Comparison krr lo 90s & 2000s se...
Movie Krne Kii baat nahi hai wo utna movie he krna chahta hai nahi to 20-25+ movie salman bhi krr skta hai...


. No According to todays movie making standards A big star Like Salman can never make 25 big budgeted movies in 10 yrs. Its impossible.
U can only do small budget novies like this.


Sach to ye hai kii utna Krta to FLOP jrur ho jata...


So dilip has flop in 50s

+1 vote

Dilip Kumar holds the record.

by Star (150k points)



No dilip kumar has 2 flops in 50's decade so no record for dilip.

+1 vote

Dilip Kumar Also Holds This Record In 1950s

by Assistant Director (44.6k points)

Check here rancho wo flop hi rahegi. Ha par dilip saab legend to hai hi because no one match dilip saab.


Tarana And Hulchul Can Be Below Average Bcz As Per Even Old BOI Dilip Kumar Had Just 10 Flops, Mentioned In Archives!


Mujhe nahi lagta 0.30 lac collection par below average nahi hoga. Khair dekhte hai Boi to pata nahi kab dega.


BOI Khans Ke Stardom Phase Out Hone Se Pehle Nahi Dene Wala

0 votes

Dilip Kumar didn't have a single flop for 15 years

by Second Unit Director (74.8k points)

No only salman doing it check here dilip kumar giving 2 flops in 50's decade.

–1 vote

Veer, Tubelight and Race 3 are nothing less than a flop.

by Production Accountant (29.9k points)

U dont decide that dude. Race 3 was a clear success. And Tubelight and veer although not success but were clearly not flops like Fan, jhms or zero.

–1 vote

tubelight aur veer kya thi

by Set Designer (2k points)

Give me Source if they are flops.
But Do u know Akshay sir has crossed off beat Pre eid release Tubelight opening in his career only once. LMAO


Below average ka naam suna hai Tubelight or veer usi main aati hai flop nahi thi wo khair khiladi ke fans ko kya pata 64 flop+disaster jo di hai.


rofl Below average

better see your sallu jo ki 2010 tak doosro ke sahare tika hua tha bollywood me until he started remaking masala movies and sallu fans shudnt talk about disasters

Disasters ke maharaja hai sallu ji


When will Akshay cross Salman's rejected film Race-3 & don't even try to compare Salman & Akshay's highest grosser ...
purey career mein sirf 2 blockbuster diye hain khiladi bhaiyya ne jisko ab Varun, Ayushman, Vicky & Rajkumar bhi cross karlenge ... Lol


akshay non holiday - 190 cr edx khans on festivals - 100 -160 cr
now repeat and go to sleep


U are a joke fan. Actually any akshay fan in a boxoffice forum is a JOKE..... LOL


joke .. lol akki never relied on other stars to deliever a hit


2.0 is a Akshay movie yeh to latest news ..
btw Rajnikanth ka naam suna hai Jiske sahare se akki ne 1st time 132cr ke oopar ka mooh dekha hai .. lol
solo mein kab Kangana aur Varun ko cross karega akki ...


lol sallu ka to akshay srk anil kapoor sabne haat pakad ke hits dilwayi thi
discount me hits mili thi hamare ventilator star ko

–2 votes

yes and he is also the only megastar to have a decade like 2000 in his prime

by Location Manager (6.6k points)

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