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Akhil Akkineni had a rousing welcome for his cameo in Manam along with his grandfather the legend Akkineni Nageshwar Rao, his father Nagarjuna Akkineni & his brother Naga Chaitanya. His sister-in-law Samantha Ruth Prabhu was one of main female lead.

Akhil Akkineni is someone who earned a fan following even before signing his first lead role. 

His first film titled Akhil - Power of Jua, produced by Actor Nithiin & directed by the experienced V.V.Vinayak, was a big budget venture. Megastar Salman Khan promoted the film by unveiling the teaser even though it released opposite his own Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Nagarjuna appeared in a special appearance. The film faced backlash right from it's trailer. And post release, it got terrible response from the critics & audience resulting it in becoming one of the biggest disasters for an actor on debut movie. 


After the big disaster in his debut movie, Akhil carefully selected his second movie Hello, directed by Vikram Kumar who also directed Manam. The film opened to a better acceptance from critics but failed to survive the competition from Nani's MCA. Once again, Salman Khan starrer Tiger Zinda Hai had released on the same day. 


This year Akhil had his third release titled Mr. Majnu which opened to mixed response with critics complaining about the routine script. 

His debut movie Akhil - Power of Jua was sold for 43cr. His second movie Hello was sold for 32cr. His third film despite being sold for 24cr is now struggling to recover 50% of investment after one week run. 


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Wom wise... Mr.majnu > hello > akhil.

But still collections are in reverse ...He should stop working on stupid love stories and do some other stuff.

by Assistant Director (57.1k points)
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Nepotism at another level in south

by Location Scout (3.2k points)

what do you mean ? 95 percent movie stars in telugu are sons of other actors


Yes. And it has been openly supported by public. The sentiment is such the connection is instantly made.

That is why I highlighted the fact of Akhil Akkineni having fans even before making his film debut.

You don't see anybody complain about it in the south be it within the industry or public. The word "nepotism" was never used here. That is the sole reason south actors found it funny when asked about nepotism post the over-use of it happened in Bollywood, thanks to Kangana.


no read greatandhra comments you will find people now talking about family stars esp since vijay d success though i agree south is more traditional compared to bw


That is just trolls nagging.

It's not like an outsider never made it big in the Telugu film industry. Don't go by these troll talks. They contribute zero on the ground reality, infact most of them don't even go to watch that actors film that frequently compared to the instant visits they will give for a film starring NTR family or Mega family heroes. And it is the fact.

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MCA will say hello to Tiger
It was always on cards for Mr. Majnu but I hope he makes comeback strongly.

by Unit Manager (33.8k points)
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Akhil The power of jua deserved to be disaster
Can't say about Mr Majnu but Hello was such a sweet film should have been a hit tough luck

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)
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I think Hello was a good film. Sad to see the film flopped.

by Second Unit Director (77.7k points)
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And it is unlikely to turn good anytime soon.

by Production Accountant (28.6k points)