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Mahesh Babu




Allu Arjun






puneet rajkumar



Note - Pawan Kalyan not included due to politics
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@tb ... bhai this is ranking of SOUTH INDIAN MOVIE stars ,


devendran .. will try bro


The Shah Rukh Khan is of whole India, don't divide him in North India, South India etc


oh okk anyway he is popular in south also esp kerala

5 Answers

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Mahesh babu

Mahesh babu

Mahesh babu

by Set Designer (2k points)
+1 vote

Where is allu arjun?
Don't judge ajith by his recent movies.

by Production Accountant (24.9k points)

@Godfather, if we take domestic market TN into consideration then Rajinikanth isn't no1 though rest circuits Ap/Tg, Karnataka, North, USA Rajinikanth is invincible but in Kerala and TN Vijay has already crossed him.


Viswasam is from same shiva even his biggest blockbuster Vedalum was from Siva


The competition is there now unlike 2-3 years back but still Imo Rajni is leading. Its all a matter of a proper movie with good buzz and right release condition. Same goes for ajith.
Rajni last 3 movies came in space of 1 year, too much.


His biggest grosser, not biggest hit.
Siva also directed that vivegam. 4 consecutive movies with same director. Vijay on other hand has atlee, one of the best.

0 votes

Rank them according to the industry mate! Don't include all!

by Location Manager (6.8k points)
0 votes

Ajith is behind than mahesh babu.

by Casting Director (19.8k points)

tell me one credible source for south movies i can give you 3 or 4 different collections for each movie there all trackers give their own collections there


Hmm....Back in 2012,13,14 when i was interested & passionate about BO numbers i used to collect Area wise Distributors officials from their twitter & other source & compile it by myself.

Now i dont have that passion nor patience so i would recommend Andhraboxoffice.com for south films overall.
Also TamilBoxoffice1.com for tamil films only.

Our Co forum member Charlie Jatinder also has a website Cinetrak.in ,he is taking numbers from that 1st hand distributor sources and compiling himself.
But he took non convetional approach like deducing the hires numbers from day 1 figs & other things.
Haven't seen his site recently dont know whether he is up dating it or not, ..take a look at his website also.

So as of now take ABO as BOI of south.


but abo underreports bo collections for some stars


Bro first one thing stardom decide opening not lifetime and ajith is ahead than mahesh.

0 votes

No Malayalam stars lol this is bias. And where is Rajini Sir!!!!!

by Star (146k points)

Puneeth/Sudeep is no1 in Kannada industry


yash gave 2 industry hits there and kgf 2 will be his 3rd , from now he will lead imo


kindly give your detailed ranking for stars


Yes kgf2 can change the scenario but right now he isn't no1