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How much love do you have for your favourite superstar?

+3 votes
The amount of love can not be measured but the feeling which we have can be expressed.

I am a fan of SRK. For me he is more than everybody/ every thing.  except my family)
asked Jul 13 in General by sunil Production Designer (13,851 points)
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the love i had for SRK during JTHJ, when he appeared in THink fest.....felt too close.......but then i realized soon that you don't need to

9 Answers

+4 votes

I tolerated Race-3 . Isn't it enough ?

answered Jul 13 by puneetshukla Producer (101,999 points)
+2 votes

Well I won’t go ahead and say that I love Salman more than anything but I do love him.

For me SRT is above all. The place you have for SRK is the same I have for SRT.
I can take insults and comments and even jokes about Salman but when it comes to SRT I don’t.

answered Jul 13 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,242 points)

Do do you wear helmet at the back also..??

Haha I’m a fan not a student

+2 votes

SRK used to be my inspiration those days, but it seems that he is taking us for granted. SRK's movies used to be FDFS for me always, I would even bunk my classes and job for his movies; but I lost it after his recent movies after Don2. First Ra.1 broke a fan in me but expectations were there that he would get back, then JTHJ, Raees and JHMS added to it. I still hope he gets back with zero, but we SRK fans can't be confident upon SRK as of yet. Even if his movies like Dil Se and Swades were flops, they were classics; but now we don't have a SRK movie to boast of since many years.

As a matter of fact, whatever it be, bollywood for me is still because of SRK and hope that he will make us boast of him after zero; though it's a thin line of hope anyways.

The SRK who delivered the intensity like "jaan bakshne ka shukriya" is seen nowadays trolling himself, hurts a lot...

answered Jul 13 by devendran Art Director (2,723 points)
+2 votes

I paid to watch JHMS, isn't that enough?

answered Jul 13 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,570 points)

No matter how bad it was, I not only sat through the entire movie but even watched the Butterfly song at the end.

Hold on guys! I watched it twice declaring it a utter crap after watching for the first time. The only reason to watch it twice was that if i were to make that move on that basic them how would i present it to look better. if you guys are interested I will write a short synopsis about it.

JHMS is Shawshank redemption in front of race 3

@sunil: yeah sure man. would like to read it.

+2 votes

None whatsoever ....
Word LOVE is so feminine.... The max we have reached is till RESPECT ....
We respect him alottttt..... For his entertaining movies tv appearances awards appearances interviews in fact wherever we get to see him interact ....

We RESPECT him for being human

.... Helping others in need

We respect him because he's a lone wolf

We respect him because he works sooooooooo darnnnnnnnn hard and doesn't even take a day off .... Because thousands of people around him have their livelihoods dependent on him ....

We respect him because in his real life he's been a fighter and a rock .... The kind of life he has had .

We RESPECT him because he can live without all the wealth and stardom he has and not give a damn ... If you give him a single room with blanket and other essential needs he'll be fine with that ... Heck he even himself even now with all that wealth lives in a single bedroom apartment ...

We RESPECT him because everyone wants to be remembered in great and respectful words after their demise while he doesn't care how you remember him after his demise because when you are no more ... What difference is this gonna make to you ...

And many many many other reasons

answered Jul 13 by Grand Nova Star (154,519 points)
+2 votes

I endured mohenjo daro in theatres and came out and shamelessly praised it as well.

answered Jul 13 by Intense Director (128,232 points)
+1 vote

All the celebrities that hold my mind so far are Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Mohammed Azharuddin,Ajit Agarkar and Sikhar Dhawan.
Of them I could argue even fought for Agarkar and Salman Khan with my friends and others.
From my childhood I could spend so much time and money for Salman's sake and now he is like a family member for me

answered Jul 13 by shah Executive Producer (65,507 points)

Ajit agarkar.......That is interesting

How great an odi bowler he was.India won 10 cups in 1998 under Azharuddin and Agarkar was the main bowler .50 wkts off 23 matches and also was a batter.

+1 vote

I feel Hrithik as a very exclusive actor.
This is all because he has extra ordinary skills with extra ordinary looks and dominates even the most beautiful women in the world on screen.
His screen presence is unmatched.
I saw him in Bangalore and boy he does look extra ordinary,but he looked thin as he is not on screen.
Only thing he is to be blamed is the scripts he chooses and feels that it is mind-blowing script(but it's not) and second thing is the volume of movies he does..

What ever may be the reason.success or failure,hrithik is very special to me and I will always keep loving him.i could easily forget all tension and worries when I watch his action and dance.
I will always pray for him that he get backs to his real potential and f**ks boxoffice like never before.

answered Jul 13 by Hrithikiantilldeath Set Designer (2,243 points)

Watched HR in that bang bang title track and that tribute to MJ. That entire song.......how can anyone be so damn cool?

He is over talented ..
Over handsome..
Some times people question when he does common man roles and many don't like that too..
Audience like him doing larger than life roles..
And he has to realize

0 votes

All of them e.g. Ajay, Akki, Suniel Shetty, Sunny Deol. Sanjay Dutt & Hrithik. I love Ajay more than those actors I just mentioned.

answered 6 days ago by Nikeel Production Designer (15,569 points)

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