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Let's just spray some fresh thinking on this one. What will be srk's position if Zero flops?!?! A users guide for Dummies.

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According to recent boxoffice ranking....srk does not feature in top 3

1 - salman khan

2 - aamir khan

3 - akshay kumar

.... so after BOI includes Baaghi 2 and sanju......

tiger shroff and ranbir kapoor are going to share 4th and 5th spot between them.

meaning srk out of top 5.

does he have a single feature .... in top 10 grossers?? (probably no)

does he have a single feature in top 10 weekends (probably no)

does he have a single feature in top 10 single days (probably no)

does he have a feature in top worldwide weekends (probably no)

does he have a single feature in top 10 best advance for movies (probably no)

last time he gave a hit .... 2014 .... longest time span for a khan to go without a outright hit. in the past 30 years.


if ZERO flops .......

that will most probably make it 6-7 years for him without a hit.... now that he doesn't have a single film announced after zero.... and if he does rakesh sharma biopic...it will again take at least 2 years to make.

and the list which is mentioned above...will get more and more tougher .... and srk will slide down even further... in each and every ranking/points/records/goodwill

why zero can flop

250cr budget including print and promotion cost....and one week of free run....
asked 5 days ago in General by Grand Nova Star (154,218 points)
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I am not very hopeful about Zero doing box office miracle, but it will be a success at least. With one blockbuster, I don't think Ranbir will take the lead, and Akki won't have that big a success(at least a blockbuster in Gold) to take a lead over SRK. If SRK doesn't choose a good movie after zero, then he will for sure be ranked less than 5 for the first time ever after his stardom. Salman has nothing to worry about yet unless he gives one or two disastrous box office performances. Aamir was never in the box office race, he just comes once in a blue moon with a good script, and the neutral audiences trust him though I never liked his movies.

Box office these days can't be easily forecasted. So, let's just wait and watch!

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I feel Zero is another failure of shahrukh khan.

answered 4 days ago by Ajay Production Accountant (20,618 points)
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if Zero flops he'll be in a bad position, yes. he is already in a bad position and it'll get worse.

but what's crazy is the boner you've gotten for Tiger Shroff after just one movie.

agar uski ek aur movie blockbuster ho gayi aur Sallu ne ek aur baar laashein bicha deen then you might just change your favourite actor.

answered 5 days ago by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,078 points)

star star ki pehchan hai mjhe.... yehi difference hai mjh mainn aur tjh main hola.... isi liye tu srk ka fan hai aur mjhe srk ki aukaaaaaatt pata hai.....

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SRK's position is intact. I am not dealing about numbers but the fact everyone should accept. He was one of the best romantic hero and he is one of the finest actor in bollywood. Yes, there are many reasons behind loving or hating Shahrukh Khan his box office pull will certainly decrease if Zero fails it doesn't mean that he will not remain a Super Star.

answered 4 days ago by sunil Production Designer (13,851 points)

It will mean downfall ke ek kadam aage badgaye shah saab... Superstar tag will be there like we have for Big B. But downfall zyada hoga

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answered 5 days ago by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,115 points)
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Once upon a time

1 Solo hit in 5 years, that too remake of successful south indian movie
Even partner was remake of Hitch
6 disasters + 5 flops

So never underestimate any of the Khans.

answered 5 days ago by bollyranga Production Designer (13,046 points)

Lightening doesn't strike the Same place twice ranga .....!!
plus.... maths class nahe skip karni chahiye thi tjhe...aaj public main counting nahe ho rahi tjhse.

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Zero will either stay at 115-120cr levels or go past 250cr. Either a flop or a big blockbuster. Yes if it bombs...it's a huge jolt to SRK. Let's hope it isn't so and Anand rai delivers on his promise

answered 4 days ago by Intense Director (127,859 points)
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I disagree with BOI totally.

Currently we have two superstars and they are SK and Sarukk.

It’s just that he’s not choosing right movies and his arrogance is not helping either.

So lets just hope for the sake of competition to Salman, he bounces back. No one else is there to challenge the superstardom of Megastar

answered 5 days ago by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,138 points)

srk MUST NOT bounce back.... srk is like......sauron of middle earth and srk's fans are like orcs ... if you show them kindness... they will eat you, heck they would even eat each other when time and situation isn't in their favor. those are actually post apocalyptic creatures ... srk fans....
for the sake of everything and everyone.... srk must .... decline.... and humiliated.... it is the only way... his fans.... will keep their mouth hole shut.... otherwise... you dont know whats on the other side.... for i know because i have seen it closely, survived and return to tell the tale...and warn thou and all.

its been a long time.. i have not seen stuff like

people giving 4.5 stars to HNY ,
calling it best movie ever,
boasting that srk is the world's biggest star,
and he is known by 3.6bil humans....
king is back

as there is a saying.... let the sleeping dogs lie.

Haha yeah but his fans shouldn’t be the reason you despise him

Although he still has many sides that will make you despise him but he’s the knly running competition to Megastar so lets just hope again for the sake of competition

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It'll be difficult for SRK to come back if ZERO doesn't deliver because next movie is SALUTE which again is a Multiplex movie and can go anywhere.

answered 4 days ago by iamkhan8970 Producer (115,557 points)