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GUESS WHO: Superstar not keen on sharing screen space with actor who is a constant in the successful franchise

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In an interesting blind item by DNA, we had our heads thinking as to whom this superstar and actor could be. Maybe you guys could help us out.

This superstar in question has been roped in for the next installment of a successful franchise. While he has almost signed on the dotted line, the superstar has one condition that has given the producer nightmares. According to the condition, the superstar is not keen on sharing screen space with one of the actors who has been a part of all the previous installments in the franchise. Given that the superstar has no issues with the actor being a part of the film but he does not want any scenes together with him. This has put the makers of the film in a tight dilemma as the actor is a very important part of the film and it will be difficult to part with either of them.


Uday Chopra and Abhishek ?

asked 5 days ago in General by iamkhan8970 Producer (115,557 points)
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Easily not Dhoom 4.

It will be either Housefull 4 or the newer yet smaller hit franchise. Also Pyar Ka Punchnama 3 is on the cards.

If Housefull then which superstar roped in ? As Akshay is the superstar and he is part of all HF so clearly not HF series.

Now Its PKP series then which superstar is roped in for PKP series ? Karthik aka Superstar ?

This blind item indicates Dhoom as series and Superstar as Salman and other actors Abhishek or Uday

Its dhoom 4 salman and abhisekh

The recent report was of Sanjay Dutt going out of Housefull 4 after super success of Sanju & him asking for a hike in his remuneration. Nana Patekar was to replace him & further "gossip" column claimed Sajid Nadiadwala never approached Sanjay Dutt & that he had already roped in Nana before.

The above bit is about a new actor/superstar coming in for a franchise. And "media" won't shy from calling Sanjay a superstar.

Coming to Dhoom 4. It is never going to happen with AB Jr on board if they want Salman in it. There were reports long back during Dhoom 3 itself that it'll be the last case for Abhishek & Uday's characters in the franchise & the story would move on with different set of characters. No amount of money or success will make Salman & Abhishek to star in the same movie. Why argue on something which will never happen.

So Aishwarya gives an official statement to never ever work with Salman & she'll be "okay" with her husband working? Giving all the chances to media to create all sorts of news when her daughter is growing up enough to understand things? People forget since Ash married Abhishek even Big B has starred alongside Salman only once that too in an special appearance 10 years ago.

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just out of curiosity .....

why salman khan is doing all these three movies...in quick succession ........dhoom 4, kick 2, Tiger 3..... they are similar movies ... may be tiger 3 will be little different.... but just a little.

answered 5 days ago by Grand Nova Star (154,218 points)
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By the way, Salman is a megastar.

answered 5 days ago by shah Executive Producer (65,446 points)
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It is d4. It would be awkward for Salman to share screen space with junior B. But I don't want to see that ranveer on screen in such a big movie

answered 5 days ago by Intense Director (127,859 points)
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Salman and Abhishek in Dhoom 4?

answered 5 days ago by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,078 points)
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Uday Chopra wanted to retire after Dhoom 3
Abhishek took Aishwarya ... that may hurt someone's ego

answered 5 days ago by bollyranga Production Designer (13,046 points)