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Since I am quite new in activity in this forum, I have a question. I see positions attached to each users - I apparently am Costume Designer.

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What is the basis of the positions? For example, Grand Nova is a star, someone else is the director! Is it based on how many points you earn? Can anyone list positions according to points?
asked 5 days ago in General by devendran Set Designer (1,853 points)
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answered 5 days ago by SSk Production Accountant (27,158 points)
selected 5 days ago by devendran

Great, so there will no more be spot boy and make up artist it seems! Because they granted me 1000 points for free after registration.

Yess even i got 1000 points straight after registration

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Well as it has already been answered, your position depends on your points and how many answers and questions you post on forum. Users who have been very active for around 4-5 years now are star, director, superstar etc

answered 5 days ago by Intense Director (127,859 points)

I have been reading them since the beginning. This used to a website in the beginning, and it was done in wordpress, I remember their theme being virated and not long after that they changed it to a forum. Domain name was different in the beginning. Charlie Jatinder, and baazigar used to be active members in the forum then, and you too, charlie runkle is there these days too.

Congrats for spotting me