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Guess the movie: Performances were top notch, it's a classic!

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A rich guy, well-educated from a well-to-do family falls in love with a beautiful house maid! The love depicts the whole story...
asked 4 days ago in Movie Discussions by devendran Set Decorator (1,517 points)
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Devdas.....????? Or maybe some other Bollywood movie, seriously there are so many movies on this subject.

answered 4 days ago by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,825 points)
selected 4 days ago by devendran

Devdas it is. Which performance did you like the most? SRK, DK, or some Deol but in a different generation thoughts?

What I liked is the author of the novel. A rich brat, who already could be drinking daily without even working for his meal had to find a reason for his alcoholism, and the reason was the maid's daughter. The creative genius is in the writing...

Honestly I haven't seen any one of them other than SRK one and I didn't liked it, I watched it way back, performancees were good, but I didn't liked the movie.

Movies should be either real like so many of Vinay Pathak movies, or too extra surreal like Tees Mar Khan; Devdas doesn't meet any of those, neither real nor surreal. An alcoholic just seeks reason to drink and that's what is the whole movie. But yes, you should watch Dileep Kumar's performance too, he did it pretty good.

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Mpk well she was not maid.. k3g well again she was not maid..

answered 4 days ago by playboy Unit Manager (30,805 points)

It's one of the best movies, it has been remade few times...

I guess then it'll be some other movie where she will be maid, it's one of the most common formula ever for Bollywood

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