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Off Topic: Who else is also heart broken after Belgium's Semi loss?

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I was so rooting for them to lift the Cup this time. Eden Hazard tried so hard ,feel so bad for him.
France just parked the bus after the 1 goal and played so negatively specially in the last 20 minutes.

Referee also gave some bad decisiones against Belgium.

This was a one in a lifetime chance for Belgium, this set of players come in generations ,this was the perfect storm for Belgium.
asked 5 days ago in Sports Related by Galeon Set Designer (2,045 points)
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My vote was always for Belgium to win the cup, now I will go for Croatia. My opinion is that a new team should get the cup. Now that it would be England/Croatia vs France, my hopes for a new team winning is almost in vain.

First half of the match was not even a good play, I loathed how they were playing. A small time league player would have played better.

Still hope that Croatia makes it to the top...

I think France are winning it 99% there is only 1% chance of Croatia or England winning.

Fifa World Cup always brings heartbreak for me in 2014 it was for Argentina now for Belgium.

France has 1% chance if they get a corner against any team. England or Croatia it is...

2 Answers

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I was semi heart broken when England lost ..

answered 5 days ago by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,081 points)

Crotia or England?

You were semi heart broken when England lost to India in the 3rd T20 match on last sunday ..

Shah... I know many people from UK like Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Gemma arterton.. So iam going to support England..
@Help yeah... I always support a country with a better human development index score.

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I like France to win the cup

answered 4 days ago by shah Executive Producer (65,391 points)

shah, let's hope for a newcomer to come. Croatia if wins today will have to win again to take the cup. And if England wins today, they will win the cup. France can only do head goals....

Once I was devastated on France losing a final to Italy

So, it will be Croatia who will win!

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