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Sanju v Padmaavat Comparison [BOI]

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There is a 57-58 crore nett difference between the all India first week collections of Padmaavat and Sanju but if we look at the territory numbers where Padmaavat had a clean release with no issues then the week one numbers are very similar.

The difference is less than 3 crore from seven circuits and in many circuits Padmaavat is actually ahead with the main difference being East Punjab but there Ranbir Kapoor is a huge star (possibly second to Salman Khan or maybe even on par now) while Ranveer Singh or Shahid Kapoor hardly have a draw. The trend for both films is very similar for week two as Padmaavat had  a 52% drop and Sanju will be similar.

Its show that the lifetime business of Padmaavat will have been similar to Sanju if the former had a clean release. Its another matter that it was external hype for Padmaavat that meant it could not have a clean release so maybe things evened out.

Below are the first week figures of Padmaavat where it had no release problems compared with Sanju.

East Punjab
Padmaavat - 16,52,00,000
Sanju - 20,64,00,000

Nizam / Andhra
Padmaavat - 11,68,00,000
Sanju - 11,45,00,000

Padmaavat - 12,87,00,000
Sanju - 11,62,00,000

Tamil Nadu / Kerala
Padmaavat - 4,05,00,000
Sanju - 3,13,00,000

West Bengal
Padmaavat - 9,28,00,000
Sanju - 9,43,00,000

Padmaavat - 2,05,00,000
Sanju - 2,90,00,000

Padmaavat - 2,39,00,000
Sanju - 2,31,00,000

TOTAL (7 circuits where Padmaavat had clean release)

Padmaavat - 58,84,00,000
Sanju - 61,48,00,000
Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=4099
asked 5 days ago in Box Office Related by suhas All Time best! (260,192 points)
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It's general that money talks and bull-shit works. Sanju is 1/5 for me and that is because of one performance. Padmavat is 3.75/5. Padmavat had to do more than Dangal, and Sanju had to collect less than 200 crores. Hirani knows how to allude people.

5 Answers

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Congratulations to Salman Khan of being put into similar sentence as that of UltraStar Ranbir, hopefully SRK & Aamir can also get this honour.

answered 5 days ago by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,825 points)

After toh and zero. They will also have the honour

+2 votes

Waiting for BOI to declare Amitabh as no 1 star in every possible circuits after TOH puts them to shame...

answered 5 days ago by Aashish Lachotraa Second Unit Director (79,230 points)

Amitabh is the lead in TOH?

All I Know is Amitabh might have earned that tag back in early 80s. No need validation for the same in 2018.

+1 vote

Ranbir is bigger star than Salman Khan in East Punjab. Subah subah chada li kya?

answered 5 days ago by Ajay Production Accountant (20,495 points)

Read again..
Only second to Salman or on par, not bigger than Salman.

Suhas you kidding me ? He is at par with Salman there ?

0 votes

Ranbir kapoor is a huge star in east Punjab on par with Salman khan. Don't know how much rishi kapoor had to plead with BOI to put this statement and promote his son

answered 5 days ago by Intense Director (127,672 points)

He don't need to, this face maker is BOI's favourite since many years now, he's the true successor of Salman Khan as BOI's golden boy

That's what I said. PR tactics by rishi

–1 vote

Ranbir is easily 3rd Biggest Star right now in North after Salman and Aamir .In East Punjab Delhi City he is right there after Salman Aamir

answered 5 days ago by puneetshukla Producer (101,948 points)

Define easy?? Is it as easy as he replaces sherbet??

In puneet friend circle ranbir became the biggest star in 2011 itself.

B4 Sanju he was not there in top- 8 ..

Irdwhelp that's for people like us. For people like puneet and his friends ranbir is as big as khans/kumar/roshan etc since 2009.

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