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Looks like no one is witty enough and my humour is very dark.


I'll get banned if i answer this one lol

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1st one- meh i don't know what to say on this one
2nd one- SRK: you don't need to make a new girlfriend every year
Ranbir: Sachi shi btao sir majak toh nhi kr rhe
3rd one- bobby and sunny telling aishwarya ki sabko pata hai abhisekh se shadi kyu ki
4th one- madhur be like kareena kya shi hot lggi thi heroine me papa ke toh mje hai
5th one- when SRK his giving gyan but you are busy finding new sherbat
6th one- the face you make when you have to make do with the nonsense of ranveer singh bcoz of rohit shetty

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Urmila tumhe pata hai sanju ke 350 gapagap mae mae bi shamil thi
Lolo tabu sahi mae kitna tha uska
Urmila itna bada tha

Ranbir i have given 340cr movie this year whts ur
Srk mine 90cr

Sunny aaj mere saath ayegi ye
Bobby nai bhaiya mere saath
Sunny koi baat nai chote aaj threesome karte hai
Ash isssshh mar dala

Madur kitni baar diya rohit sir ko
Sara kya sir aap bi
Madur aare mae audition ki baat kar raha hu

Srk heyy heyy manish mae kya bol raha tha ke
Manish sssshhhh wait dikhta nai kya m talking with a bigger star
Ranbir alia kidhar chali gayi

Ajay ye dekh namuna
Aki kaha se late hai aise namune ko
Ranveer nala supara se

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