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What will happen to November and December schedule in aftermath of 2.0 release date?

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Thugs will be coming 3 weeks before 2.0, SOTY2 one week before, Kedarnath one day later, Total Dhamaal 1 week later, Zero 3 weeks later, and Simmba 4 weeks later.

The ones in most trouble will be SOTY2, Kedernath, and Total Dhamaal. While one of these movies could also decide to come on Christmas.

Which movie do you think will move and which will remain firm?

Or will it not materialise and will 2.0 be postponed again?
Source Link: The Mind of Hola.
asked 5 days ago in General by mr.hola Assistant Director (45,937 points)
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4 Answers

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that is actually a very good hypothesis.....
the possibility of moving of one or more out of these 6 mega movies (TOH, SOTY 2, 2.0, Total dhamaal, zero , simmba)

simmba is in safest spot..... so if its not a decoy release date kept for ZERO by karan johar.... its the safest and can stay .... will stay most probably

actually according to you SOTY 2 is in most trouble.... on the contrary ...its the most safest movie out of all..... economically and its investments will be covered during the weekend itself.
if they postpone it ...it will not be due to it big movies beffore and after.

kedarnath is guaranteed to be postponed (if it didn't already) ...so it shouldn't even be counted

there is one more HAATHI mere saathi..... which will get postponed but if it didn't... it can get quite alot of footfalls in north than anyone could anticipate.

2.0 is sure to be released on this date..... thats certain...if there were any chance of it being postponed....they wouldn't have announced the date after so many delays.

total dhamal ..... will also release on time..... zero as well....
i think all movies will release on their time.

TOH will not be effected as its a frontloaded weekend movie.....in fact two weeks are too much for it.... total dhamaal or kedarnath should take TOH's second week

but these two months alone....can give 1000cr domestic from just these 6 movies.

TOH 200cr
SOTY 2 150cr
Haathi mere saathi 40cr (total 150cr)
2.0 150cr (total 400cr)
Total Dhamaal 75cr
Zero 150cr
Simmba 125cr

movies which i think are going to be great ... and movies which i think are going to average or bad...

TOH - it will have a great first look and trailer.... in terms of aamir khan's look...... outrageous look to be precise. and amitab's look.... will also carry huge impact....it will not be centered towards aamir khan's character... rather it will be ... all these characters given importance... but eventually movie itself will be bad.... it will open to 90-100cr weekend and 200cr lifetime.

SOTY 2 - karan johar will make sure he encashes on the goodwill Tiger shroff earned from baaghi 2 as mmuch as he can...he will extract each and every positive to give the movie a big push... .movie itself will be hideous.... only dance , eye candy, love songs, abs, bikinis , love triangle , jealousy... the usual dharma stuff... but multiplexes will go crazy and youth will make it look like event film on non holiday. movie will open to 28cr opening day and 90cr weekend and 150cr lifetime

2.0 - this you can be absolutely assured that it will be a great movie.... may be not for critics btu for audience...it will be so much entertainment..... that even in north it will open to over 20cr on its opening day and with good WOM it will reach 150cr lifetime....

Zero - this will be a great movie thats assured.... and it will be only on entertainment.... it will be a feel good movie.... and it can assured.... that movie will run on the basis of WOM....
opening day will be 25cr and 150cr plus lifetime.... if there is no simmba in week 2 then ... it will do over 250cr

Simmba - it will be entertaining but more than that... it will be intense.... tight.... this time.... with rohit shetty brand.... and padmavati goodwill .... it will open to 30cr with 100cr weekend and 200cr lifetime.

answered 5 days ago by Grand Nova Star (154,134 points)
edited 5 days ago by Grand Nova

bohat vela bnda hai tu

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Everything will be clear in next couple of days after the release of 2.O,I think two films which are in trouble are Kedarnath (which I think will surely move away) and total dhamal,while rest all will release as planned.

answered 5 days ago by Sss d Assistant Director (42,335 points)

what about SOTY2 which will get most screens taken away in week 2?

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I Thought TOH release date no change. Movie coming on 7 nov 2018. After 2 weeks Student of the year postponed and coming with Zero on christmas. Kedarnath postponed. Total Dhamaal postponed and coming with i Day 2019. Simmba release date also not change. Let's see how equation will be made in coming days.

answered 5 days ago by Ajay Production Accountant (20,495 points)

Total dhamal on I day 2019 is too late bhai I think u want to say republic day 2019

SOTY2 on XMAS no chance because it is a Dharma movie and another Dharma movie Simmba is coming 1 week later.

0 votes

TD could prepone to just after toh. Kedarnath will get postponed 100%. Zero will stay a solo release and simbaa could move to 26th Jan 2019 setting up a clash with super 30.

answered 5 days ago by Intense Director (127,642 points)

Kya bol Raha hai Bhai..phir se clash??
Nahi Chahiye Bhai Nahi Chahiye..

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