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Is this forum a healthy place to discuss movies? I find bias and self-judgements...

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Everybody has their own stars, and moreover own personal choices on everything starting from morning soap to TV soap. Fascists and racists exist in this forum, don't they?
asked Jul 10 in General by devendran Set Designer (1,853 points)
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Didn't you just explain the world itself? If out in the real world you get those people then why should online be any different?

My point, I may not agree / support those thoughts but this forum is for "you" to share "your" opinion/views on the things you find interesting & indulge in healthy discussion / invite others to indulge in healthy discussion.

Why be prejudiced over things to you've read/seen as a third party without even being an active participant in it?

So say it's been what 7 months since you registered. Feel free to be part of the forum. The point is to share your point of view, not force that opinion on others right.

I say this because you said "if one likes Salman Khan then they tend to hate others" in the below comment. That sort of generalised opinion is what creates the riff in the first place. Not just with one particular actor or fan base. But what others might "assume" or "misunderstand" shouldn't be the reason to make you stop your views/opinions.

So enjoy your stay in the forum & contribute through your views.

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Well the world is supposed to be colorful dont you think? There are various colors in the forum too.

You have one diplomatic Intense who has matured into a good mod. Then there’s Saransh who spits venom against Salman but rarely does he post something about SRK. Then we have TB who loves srk the same way he bashes Ranveer Singh. And I think that person is me who loves Salman Khan the person!

If we loved our favourite and respected others as well, this forum would be long shut. At a time when there’s no release, you should see the forum.

I hate to say it but fanwars are partly maybe the main reason forum is goig strong! But they should not get personal. Otherwise it’s all great

answered Jul 10 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,138 points)
selected 6 days ago by devendran

I don't bash Ranveer Singh, maybe, but I'm not alone, I can't stand new bunch, can't connect with them, find them irritating, boring & overrated, so naturally when they get compared to senior actors, you know, the real superstars, with real skills & real charisma, I don't like that, you can't do that, it's like comparing Ramesh Powar with Sachin Tendulkar, it just can't happen.

Thanks man Galeon

And TB, I never said you were wrong

Agree with what tb said

You nailed it, bro!

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It may seem like to you becoz this forum's structure is not Chatting based but Question-Answer based so a members thoughts and beliefs across more on the face.

Atleast thats what I perceive of it.

answered Jul 10 by Galeon Set Designer (2,075 points)

How do I like your opinion? I see a tick-mark and that is for best-answer.

I have been seeing that a person is a fan of a person(star), not his skills; and that makes him hate any other actors. It used to be fun reading those posts in the pasts, at least those self written articles. It's more of a war zone now. If a person like Salman khan, then generally s/he tends to hate everyone else to prove his star the best. There is no opinion on work that the start did.

Well, I will be writing some posts from now on and that would not only be my opinion albeit truth too...

If you want you can upvote an answer or question, the upwards arrow is for upvote, downwards arrow is for downvote.

The tick is for best answer, you can select the answer you think is best or you like most among all answers on your question as best answer.

The "STAR" factor will be obviously talked about more as the Forums name is ITSBOXOFFICE. COM and box-office is the most measurable meter of Stardom.

And as far as tge Tu Tu mein mein and insults goes ,I don't think the members mean it from the heart its just to win a small battle of back and forth.

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People here are not interested in movies, only interested in boxoffice.

Most of the people will hate their favourite star if he starts doing more and more movies like ... Pyaasa, Raakh, Swades, 1947 earth, Alaap.

People are fan of only boxoffice successes of their favourite star, and want them to do only most audience friendly genre, so that they can beat the drum about those.

answered Jul 10 by bollyranga Production Designer (13,046 points)
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what I have seen is that if you want careful analysis of a movie or scene in Bollywood you won't find a place for that. the fans of Bollywood are typically more interested in what their favourite actor is doing, not the movie itself.

I have gone to several Hollywood websites where there are tons of people discussing the meaning of a particular scene or the way it is shot for hours, but I have not seen that for Bollywood. maybe that exists somewhere, but I haven't found it, and neither do I understand filmmaking that much that I would indulge in that type of discussion.

as far as discussion is concerned, some healthy discussion does happen, but not always, because eventually you are repeating yourself.

like even if we have a healthy discussion about why SRK is behind the other 2 Khans, eventually the point you'll be making is the same no matter how many times it's discussed. and that is one thing I have seen in Hollywood sites as well. for example, in some Marvel posts, Age of Ultron comes up. some say it sucks, some like it, but eventually the arguments being made are the same, and those comment threads have been happening for 3 years now.

answered Jul 10 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,078 points)
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with others ...... may be.
but not me.....

i am like the brand ambassador of righteousness

answered Jul 10 by Grand Nova Star (154,218 points)
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I feel it's a mix you will find here. Everyone is biased for their favourites....yes some go to an extreme.....but some really good and knowledgeable discussions also happen. You will get to see all Masala here....Some good and some bad

answered Jul 10 by Intense Director (127,859 points)
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Awwwwww........baby ko unbiased forum chahye??.........only dead people are neutral.....even your expectations in Real World also won't be met.....so time nikaal k khudkushi kr ly, aik dum unbiased qabar milay gi

answered Jul 10 by Baadshah Unit Manager (32,304 points)

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