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Predict lifetime collections of sanju and dangal if they switch their release dates ?

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Sanju release on Xmas 2017 (solo)
Dangal on 29th June 2018 (solo)
asked Jul 9 in Opinion by Intense Director (128,232 points)
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2016 or 17? 17 had tzh

switching these films now will cost a lot
but, kyunki Intense ny aisa swaal pocha hai to
Dangal 350cr........Sanju 400cr

11 Answers

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Dangal was a well made film among the best during this decade along BB, so even if it was released during non-festival it would have still collected the same, Sanju is a overhyped movie at the moment, its the controversial life of Sanjay dutt that has worked big time else movie is not a master piece whereas dangal is a masterpiece there is no comparison between dangal and sanju

answered Jul 10 by IamLostSoul Assistant Director (42,289 points)
selected 6 days ago by Intense
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Sanju - less than Dangal did originally.

Dangal's - more than what Sanju will do now.

answered Jul 9 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (208,058 points)
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Sanju 350cr xmas 2017.. less atp n no gst benefit of 8%

Dangal 374cr+ 8% gst 30cr+15cr ticket hike= 420cr..

answered Jul 9 by playboy Unit Manager (30,854 points)
edited Jul 9 by playboy

Dangal tax free in many state than only 4.25% Gst benefit.

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Frankly speaking..answers/comments to such posts/questions sometimes are very predictable.....
U want to change their answers....just Change the name of the films...u r comparing...

answered Jul 9 by abbie Unit Manager (31,400 points)
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Dangal would have done ₹325-335cr Nett range without Christmas release at Pre GST rates which is equivalent to ₹335-345cr today, adjusting for inflation ₹365-380cr approx.

So result would have been similar for both films in date they released.

answered Jul 9 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (168,031 points)

Mr trade analyst how is 40 50cr reduced on non holiday release wen dangal didnt get single holiday of xmas n new year....

Festival releases aren't about that day only, its period. Last two weeks of December and 1st Week of January are lucrative period, just like a week after Diwali.

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Bhai Kitna Ticket Sold Hua Us Se Pata Chal Jaayega

Dangal 4 Day Enhanced Ticket Price

Sanju 10 Day Enhanced Ticket Price

Sanju Ka Jab Footfall Aayega Sab Ko Shock Lagega!
My Estimate
Sanju 310 cr 3 Open Week
Dangal 380 cr 2 Open Week
Dangal WeekDays More Than Sanju

answered Jul 10 by Faizurrahman Location Manager (7,732 points)
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sanju - 400 cr plus

dangal - 325 cr

answered Jul 9 by nitesh singh Set Designer (2,212 points)

I've have given link with data. Tum hawa mein baatein kar rahe ho.

overall 150 Crore business of TZH came from premium multiplexes. Pricing in premium multiplexes shows trend of pricing in smaller theatres.

I never said that 148 is incorrect, but if Sanju's ticket price is 5% more than TZH in premium multiplexes and 20% more than Dangal .... than even in small theatre same trend would be there.

People who on't understand data provided to them are already fool. No need to make them fool again.

According to your posted link -

Padmaavat -

Premium multiplexes -
nett - 196.57 cr
Footfalls - 1,09,14,290
Atp - 180.10 ₹

Padmaavat -
Lifetime Nett - 282.18 cr

Means 85.61 cr nett business footfalls in lower mulriplexes and single screen.

Tiger Zinda hai -

Premium multiplexes -
nett - 152.49 cr
Footfalls - 87,30,760
Atp - 174.65 ₹

Tiger Zinda Hai -
Lifetime Nett - 339.00 cr

Means 186.51 cr nett business in single screen and lower multiplexes.
According to BOI total footfalls - 3.09 cr
Means rest ATP - 84.17 rs.

What if BOI footfalls data is wrong. That was already proven when Rentrak provided footfalls for Movie.

BOI reported 50 lakhs less footfalls for PK, so certainly they had bias against Aamir, and that bias can go to inflate footfalls of other stars movie.

Before you bring footfalls data in any discussion ... just consider even BOI may have significant wrong data about that. And that is why net collection is considered standard.

You may even question Et Intelligence, footfalls data ... I think that is more authentic .. because they don't make any money ads on website and, don't make any commentary and like why this is happening .. or who is bigger star etc. They just silently give data and and don't try to prove anything based on that. They are much more reputed that Boxofficeindia, and by giving wrong data, they will harm their reputation much more than BOI.

Only BOI given wrong information and All other given right information due to you are fan of Aamir. Hahaha bro BOI given right information. Now after that any new site design and coming than all follow BOI data.

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Sanju - 375 cr+
Dangal - 315 cr

answered Jul 9 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,882 points)
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Sanju release on Xmas 2017 (solo) 450cr
Dangal on 29th June 2018 (solo) 200cr

answered Jul 9 by Grand Nova Star (154,519 points)
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Dangal: 80cr.

Sanju: 550cr.

answered Jul 9 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,570 points)

Hahahahahahaha. Best answer

Hola misuderstood has srk movie..

hahaha poor playgirl is so obsessed with SRK that even in this post that has nothing to do with him he still mentions SRK. kaash itna pyaar Sallu se karta.

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Dangal Didnt Release In 2017 Christmas
It Released In 2016 Christmas

Anyways lets look at some facts

Dangal Starcast- Aamir Khan Plus Debutants
Sanju Starcast- Ranbir Kapoor Plus Paresh Rawal, Vicky Kaushal, Sonam, Anushka, Dia, Manisha, Jimmy, Boman
(Dangal>Sanju, Bcz Aamir Alone>Entire Cast Of Sanju)

Dangal Director- Debutant
Sanju Director- Raju Hirani
(Raju Hirani>>>Nitesh Tiwari By A Huge Distance)

Free Run- Both Movie Considerable Amount Of Free Run.
Equal Here

Period Of Release- Dangal>Sanju

Gst Advantage- Sanju>Dangal
It Must Be Noted That Most Of The Tax Exemptions For Dangal Came Late It Wasnt From The Starting Of The Run.

Ticket Price- Sanju>Dangal

Demonitisation Factor Affected Dangal In Single Screens.

Overall- Dangal Would Have Done More Than Sanju Even If Dates Would Have Been Exchanged But Difference Between 2 Films Would Have Been Same.

answered 6 days ago by Rancho Production Accountant (29,852 points)

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