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Stardom or matter of perspective?

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Stans of other aamir contemporaries always seem to bring up argument about aamir’s stardom whenever there is a discussion on box-office. Their very definition of stardom being; videos/pics of people cheering on stars public appearance, whistles on stars entrance in theatres etc, ignoring the fact that, it is universal amongst most films star( You can look it up online or i can provide links since searching contents across social medias is more accessible now). And then there is another argument put forward- neutrals, ignoring the fact that there are also fans who don’t delve in the obsessiveness realm of fandom because its not required of them, as their 'fav' isn't puffed up with vanity. Hell, even i was one of those before 2015’s controversy involving aamir, and then twitter happened.

Coming to box office numbers, various aspects such as trailer appeal, appeal of the genre, release date are also ignored. To conclude, If aamir didn’t had stardom, Dhoom 3 which had a mass appeal and similar genre to TZH wouldn’t have opened similar figures or Dangal with lesser mass appeal and similar genre to Saala Khadoos should have opened to similar figs of Saala Khadoos.
asked Jul 9 in General by Aamirtard Costume designer (1,242 points)
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Aamir khan gave an ATG with a movie in which he played a 60 year old dad to grown daughters with no romance or any other frills. That's stardom.

Salman and SRK are huge megastars and Aamir has earned the right to be a part of that list. No need to fight on them....enjoy them while they last because such domination won't be seen again

answered Jul 9 by Intense Director (127,859 points)
selected Jul 9 by Aamirtard
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In Bangalore, For most Aamir films including Talaash there was noice ,cheers, whistles and screaming.

I can't comment about other parts like Mumbai, Delhi and Rural areas. Still Dangal 30cr wow Huge for a genre like that

answered Jul 9 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (76,998 points)
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Aamir has stardom and without stardom not many actors survive.

Aamir has more stardom in Neutrals. They maynot be crazy for him but they will surely rate Aamir and his films above the rest.

Whomever i meet they either hate SRK (the most disliked actor ive ever seen around me) or Salman . But will give good opinions when it comes to Aamir and his movies.

So the people who hardly go to theater might rush to watch an Aamir Khan starrer.

answered Jul 9 by iamkhan8970 Producer (115,557 points)

The brand factor in D3 but Race 3 was the first instalment in the series right??
if D3 had good WOM it would have done 350cr. Achi movie ka trust banaya hua hai, As if it is a insult, and yes ye trust khattam nahi hogi because aamir rarely makes bad movies and even the shit ones like dhoom 3 become ATG.

Oh bhai good WOM tha na. Ajeeb banda ho tum. Abb film tumhein achi lage naa lage kya karein, WOM tou acha tha.

When did I say I want to insult Aamir? It is a great thing that he is making good movies.

Race 3 broke the highest grossing film record?

hahaha khud hi toh bola tha na, toh apna answer kyun edit kiya??

I never said I wanted to insult him. Jhoot naa bol

Edited that by mistake and typed in the reply in it so changed it later on and replied seperately then.

I had said Aamir doesnt have that many people who put him at number 1, achi movie ka trust banaya hua hai, wouldnt survive tubelight and race 3. Ismein kahan vola hai i am insulting Aamir when saying achi movies ka trust hai bass????

Jawab nahi hai tou kiyun thakk raha hai

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Superstar is a word associated with an actor when he has a huge fanbase and those fans come in hoards to watch the movie that particular actor stars in it.

I have always said this that Amir does not have that fanbase and he's not comparable to Salman Khan or even SRK in superstardom. BUT if you are one of the few fans (As compared to Salman/SRK) then you should be a proud fan as he has many movies that are genuine pieces of fine art.

You should never be indulging into arguments as who's bigger than who in superstardom because thats not your field of play. You should be arguing with an actor's fan who has great movies.

Salman and SRK have fans. I will give you an example:

Currently as they are in their prime. Even SRK as his "fans" will watch the movie no matter how crap it looks. So we have a JHMS which was a crap beyond imagination and only die hard srkians would have watched it and it had some 60-70 lakh footfall. Now we'll talk about Salman. He had Jai Ho(Not giving example of Race3 as it had a holiday release) and I don't really think people other than his fans would have gave that movie a chance as it was a low budget mediocre lookin movie. So the fans showed up and it had some 1 cr footfalls. You can even take Tubelight, the second most bashed movie of Salman and it also had more than 1 cr footfalls. Now we come to Amir Khan. He never really has come outside of holidays or to be precise Xmas but when he came it was Talaash and SS. Whereas Talaash was an appreciated movie and even I liked it. It ran on its merit and still it had 1 cr footfall and mind you it was an appreciated film. And about SS, everyone knows how amir promoted this movie and had it been Salman at Amir's place, we Salman fans would have watched the movie. SO SS had some 60 lakh ff which was also an appreciated movie.

To sum it up,
SRK at his all time worst: 60 lakh FF
Salman at his worst: 1 cr FF
Amir at his NOT worst/with appreciation from target audience: 60 lakh

You can see for yourself

answered Jul 9 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,138 points)

"Did I ever say SS was a full fledged Amir movie?"

Bhai toh ye upar ka answer kisne likha and what were you on about this whole time then? Toh ab correct karega ya fir se kuch excuse dega.

You should read what I wrote in there. And in the succeeding comments as well. If your star literally begs people to see the movie, then you dont see it. You’re not really a fan.

Simple as that.

But again you’ll come with 19 minute crap and we’ll start all over again.

Mujhe maaf karde mere bhai main tujh jaise insaan ke sath ek rational argument nahi kar pavunga, even the worst troll and abuser abide by some ethics.

1) Tune bola ki even nawaz can get a crowd at a mall in a frenzy but show numbers like srk/salman aur tune aamir ka ext-cameo ka number liya aur srk and slaman ke full fledged movie se compare kiya(even with that SS/jhms footfalls are in similar nos)

2) I provided you with links and proof that aamir had only 19ms&30s of screentime and corrected you that you should compare the footfalls of full fledged roles of all stars(compare it with Taalash).

Anyways ye mera last reply hai, baas tu apne aap ko tassali de ki tune ye argument jeet liya even though facts suggest otherwise.

Arre bhai jahan baat superstardom ki ayegi wahan tu kisi bhi salman fan se haar hi jayega toh thats a good thing that you’ve accepted your defeat wholeheartedly

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i think stardom is like steroids.....

it gives that extra push..... where the limit is already met.

imagine a salman khan starrer , aamir khan starrer, srk starrer, with critic/imdb rating of 2 out 10.

who would give the most boxoffice result in that.... in a popular genre.

i think race 3 may just be the highest grossing movie of all time in world cinema....with least IMDB rating or/and worst rotten tomato score.

answered Jul 10 by Grand Nova Star (154,218 points)

though it was a pathetic movie .... but dhoom 3 upon release.... it got excellent WOM.....
that movie had

the highest week 1
highest week 2

and if a movie is not received that well... it can never have the highest week 2.....

list of the movies in the past 11 years which had biggest 2nd week


these are best wom movies..... all all time grossers and all received great wom.
regardless of how good or bad they were..... so Aamir khan giving ATG with worst movie of the year...logic....goes out of window

So are you saying that aamir with worst movies can get excellent WOM and even the worst movies of aamir can become ATG? What are you exceptions with TOH, it is directed by the same director, high chances that it could also be another bad movie, But will it fail at BO? Would be interesting to see what excuses twitter stans will give this time as there is no excuse of franchise.

you really have no idea .... im the dumbest of them all dummies ... but even i know that if a movie trend is historic that means audience have loved it more than anything....

or if as you say ...its all dhoom brand power...than.... again.... in your own argument you are losing using your own logic.... because if that is brand power.....then aamir didn't give that ATG ...it was the brand...that it pushed worst movie of the year to 3cr footfalls. and ATG status.

kaboom.....!! .

"in your own argument you are losing using your own logic.... because if that is brand power"

Nope that is not my logic, that is logic of aamir khan's contemporary stans, In my honest opinion it is a combination of all the things, stardom-franchise(in this case)+genre appeal as it is was with race 3.

So, comparision of the bo of movies with lesser appeal would be more apt to compare stardom of actors in my opinion.

Still can't wait for Diwali to see what excuses will be put forward.

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Who say Aamir not have any stardom But always 2nd place after Salman.
Sultan and Dangal Based on Wristling Same genre.

Sultan - 36.59 cr
Dangal - 29.16 cr

Tiger Zinda Hai - 34.12 cr (Action)
Dhoom 3 - 32.48 cr (Action + Biggest Brand)

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo - 39.32 cr (Drama Genre)

Salman >>>>Aamir

answered Jul 9 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,618 points)

Again u are comparing holiday sultan with Dangal which was a nonholiday without a top actress or duet song.
Compare Dangal with Tubelight........

Hahaha excuses excuses excuses. According to BOI genre of dangal and prdp is same so i compare prdp with dangal. 39.32 cr>>>29.16 cr.