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Watch the cast of Total Dhamaal dance to the tune of money with Paisa Yeh Paisa.

This is a party track from the movie Total Dhamaal featuring Ajay Devgn, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey, Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor. Recreated by Gourov-Roshin, sung by Dev Negi, Subhro Ganguly & Arpita Chakraborty, the fun number is penned by Kunwar Juneja.

Song Credits:
Song Video Director & Creative Director: Kookie Gulati
Music Director: Gourov-Roshin
Director of Photography: Keiko Nakahara
Choreographer: Ranju Varghese
Lyrics: Kunwar Juneja
Singers: Dev Negi, Subhro Ganguly & Arpita Chakraborty
Backing vocals: Arushi Dasgupta, Kookie Gulati, Sharada Shaikh, and Gourov Dasgupta
Live guitar: Gourov Dasgupta
Produced and Programmed by: Roshin Balu
Mixed and mastered by Aftab Khan @Headroom Studios

Original Credits:
Music Director: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Lyricist: Anand Bakshi
Singer: Kishore Kumar

Label:: Saregama India Ltd.

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Fun song ... though would have expected Madhuri to do more latka jhatakas in the song

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Another Remake with EDM touch. Not bad. The Bass sounds good. Rest is avg.

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Another pointless remake

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Why is there a remake needed?

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Such is the sad state of lack of originality.

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Don't worry about remake, all that audience care for is quality.
A remake song Dilbar was the biggest Chartbuster last year.
It will be a Chartbuster.

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Dhamaal means Arshad, Javed, Ritesh. They have sidelined them and Ajay, Anil, Madhuri are in the spotlight.

What the fukc is that? Ajay ka man bhi loo.. Anil Kapoor? And why that old irritating Madhuri? Woh reality shows me kam pakati hai jo yaha pe bhi aa gayi.

Worthless crap

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I havent seen you dance or choreograph so I wouldnt go on and take your word for it. So "to each his own" stands.


That you can argue upon. Share your views on what makes you call Madhuri a sub par dancer & I'll tell you exactly why she is not.

I don't want you to take me as an expert blindly just because I say so. That is why I am all up for presenting the facts. The one thing I will be passionate for life will be dance. So atleast you can expect a passion filled argument out of this.

I just hope you won't base your argument where you might say dancer xyz is better than her.


Yeah I can do that.

Though I don't appreciate her acting, Katrina for one is a great dancer. Take that Ishq Shava sequence where she dances. Also Mashallah song. There are others as well. And Madhuri apart from the song with Prabhu Deva (K sera sera) I have not seen her pull off moves that require you to be a great dancer. By great dancer I mean the moves that a normal bollywood heroine can not perform without her getting into the dance steps. I have seen videos of how Katrina prepares, with the choreographer and then she's ready to shoot. Madhuri came back with her own dance movie Aaja Nachle. Her dance needs expressions. Can be seen in the title song of that movie.

You watch her from a distance give her best dance moves. Now I know she's not in her prime but watch a young Madhuri in Dekha hai pehli bar song, doing those moves. Nothing extraordinary. You won't see those jaw dropping steps that a Katrina can do. That's why I say I find her subpar. I am saying she's great at what she does but she isn't the best. Not by a long shot.

I know today the time is different. The technicians behind the song sequences are different. But Madhuri is made a judge at many dance shows where people dance their hearts out. I have never seen her do that in her dance sequences. She's that easy going, face making (in a good way) dancing actress. That's why I'm happy when a Shakti is made a judge at a dancing show because she's been there done that.


"By great dancer I mean the moves that a normal bollywood heroine can not perform without her getting into the dance steps."

Bollywood dance became a form much recently. And our movies choreography was an extension of classical dance & has been that way for long.

You forgetting the main part of many of the dancers you praise today have learnt dancing from Madhuri Dixit or watching her only. Current choreography may heavily be inspired from the street forms but bare no 2 cents infront of mainstream dance formats & nowhere stand a chance opposite classical art.

Shakti is a trained dancer. So is Madhuri. Shakti isn't better because she does acrobatic moves or imbibes several formats into one act.

Dancing is not about certain steps. It's an art form to express. There is literally no value for anybody doing steps. Ofcourse not everybody can produce navarasas in their act but not every act required them to either. And there was no need of any dancing in Dekha Hai Pehli Baar but still there was a choreography filled with adayein. The right amount.

Like I said, it's pointless when you compare with some xyz dancer. Go back 10-12 years, there was no lockin' n poppin' being that famous in India. DID brought it but didn't invent it. And whatever you see now on reality shows, the ones who are actually trained classically rank above others. Because every little move comes out as art. Right from their eye movent to even the way they pose. And the true talent comes out when this is in perfect control & the post is perfectly landed to the beat. Untrained dancers don't get it.

So when we say Natya Shastra, it is strictly not limited to Indian art of dancing. Likewise, when you say "dance", the laya, bhava, mudras etc take over & you'll know Natya Shastra is in every dance format that exists, that is being created right now.

Why Madhuri Dixit dance skills are perfect is solely because she has perfected the art of communicating via dance. The surreal experience where her body is not the only thing dancing. You wanna compare, then Katrina Kaif lags here no matter how much praise she gets as a dancer, best of current time but never overall. Madhuri is no match to Vyjayanthimala or Hema Malini. The Choreography in the 70s & 80s were much different doesn't mean they're weak..dance forms evolved from back then. Not the other way around.