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@ton cruise you amaze me with your mentality every single time.


(sorry guys if i m stretching the discussion)

Jatinder: i jst want to know why u like/believe in Sidhu?? his views about Gandhiz when he was in BJP n now his views abt Rahul Gandhi when in Congress....i don't want to sound rude but isn't he a politician who likes to do boot licking of any leader he can to get good opportunity in politics??

P.S.: This is coming from a guy who likes Sidhu as a speaker, i enjoy to listen to him being a Punjabi....n bigger thing is that he praises Great Imran Khan, my leader, as much as he actually my question is purely on political basis that why youth should support such a guy with flippant personality


@baadshah a simple reply, I don't like him. I just asked why is he a traitor, just because he went to Imran Khan's oath taking ceremony?

Just few days back, Modi when in a Sikhs program was taking credit for opening of gates to a Gurudwara in Pakistan for Indians, while the person who made that possible was called traitor by BJP.

At 14:00


Bhai Modi is shameless.....i jst thought that maybe u admire Sidhu n will vote for him if he is in your constituency that's why asked this question specifically about Sidhu......wanted to know that on what basis one can vote for Sidhu.....jst because of Kartarpur border?? a guy should have a strong spine to be voted, not jst one two good belief

So, i think i need to wait more to talk to a Sidhu supporter, jst wanted to know the kind of support he it like Bakhts kinda support or sensible ones are also supporting Sidhu

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Mr. RSS guy....Yes Naseer sahab and Aamir Khan are traitors. Only those people are real deshbhakt who might have taken bribes from Vijay Malya, Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi and let them fly away from India

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)
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these people got loans during congress


And from those loans some people take commissions in last couple of years and let them fly away from India

BTW, from where did congress or bjp come here? I just said some people might took bribes from Nirav-Vijay and tauji ko pata chal gaya kisne liya tha

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So all this nonsense again before the elections

by Assistant Director (46k points)
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Sadly Artists are the soft targets in our country.

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
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Aamir Khan

Who Took Indian Cinema To Oscars And BAFTA

Who Is One Of The Most Famous Indian Actors Worldwide And Most Famous Indian Actor In Far East Specially China Whose Government Also Praises Aamir's Films That Too In front Of India's PM

Who Is Recipient Top Civilian Awards Like Of Padma Shri And Padma Bhushan Along With 4 National Film Awards

Who Saved Water Worth Hundreds Of Crores In Maharashtra And Has Been Doing Social Service Since Many Years

Who Has Been Entertaining Indians Since Past 3 Decades

Is A Traitor

But This Guy Who Spreads Hatred In The Society And Has Zero Contribution For The Nation Is Patriotic LMFAO

by Assistant Director (42.3k points)

These people are sick minds! Idiots always targets khans who represented India but still we can't do anything :/


Hmm Yes Agree

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My respect increases for the two

by Second Unit Director (71.5k points)
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When you are celebrity..... you have some responsibility to nation
And your controversial statement ...can be backfire....and trapped in politics

So it's better to be united...

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)

but he never spoke earlier when such incidents happened because party whom he like was in power they only speak in last few years selective people if India is intolerant then go to pakistan which has wiped out minorities intolerance every day they abuse Pm and army how much more freedom they want congress & leftists are most intolerant parties ever in the world


Suhas ....unite with political party whether Congress or bjp....sp ,bsp , shiv Sena

Don't be partial....


Why unite with parties when you're meant to unite the people, with people. All those parties have their own agenda.. when it comes to the nation, what agenda does a common man has?


@Tom Cruise If India is intolerant then make it tolerant. Why anybody has to leave the country? Freedom is not about talking crap to waste time. Freedom is to have a quality life.

You're talking as if dissent never occurred during Congress rule. The "dissent" which India / Indians understand post British rule, came into existence because/during Congress rule only.

The last few years have been shameful without any respectable growth wrt the promises made. The dissent comes there. And don't blindly believe it exists only for the current party. This current party exists because people showed dissent towards previous govt. And those people weren't from one religion or community or economic background.

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And the godse lovers are the nationalist. . Guru thoko gali

by Unit Manager (32.1k points)
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I guess for him people who were shooting effigy of Mahatma Gandhi are real deshbhakts, huh, sick Assholes.

by Mega Star (215k points)
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Ignore such noobs. Simple. They dont deserve such attention.

by Star (146k points)

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