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Singham, Simba, Sooryavanshi
This movie will done serious damage at the box office if made well.
All 3 can get their 1st 300cr grosser, watching all of them together will give a deja vu of 80's multistarrer.
It's a interesting project to looking forward.

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WTF is wrong with ranveer har jagah joker banke attention lena hai
I had a classmate same like him he would do weird things just to get attention
He also does all this just to get attention

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I don't usually compliment on celebs outfits but Ranveer Singh has got some weird taste in clothing. Anyhow, it looks like these three will do the crossover and I think Rohit Shetty may bring Salman as part of this cop universe but that may just be a surprise. I'm hoping Shetty does a solo movie with Salman because I think he will fit into his movies and I want to see the outcome in terms of BO.

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