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NOTICE: For using abusive language - Users Santosh & Rancho banned for 1 week. User Deepak Bishty banned for 3 days.

+4 votes
Users -
Rancho & Stantosh
Blocked on 7th July 2018.
To be unblocked on 14th July 2018.

Deepak Bishty
Blocked on 7th July 2018
To be unblocked on 10th July 2018.

And notice to others,
Personal abuses are supposed to earn 28 days ban. We aren't implementing it doesn't mean we aren't considering it.

Further abusing each other behind hateful insults to an actor will be awarded with 14days ban straight up. No reconsiderations.

If the same behaviour is continued then the actual rules will be applied. Either follow the decorum or take what that behaviour deserves.
asked Jul 7 in Announcements by suhas All Time best! (260,192 points)
99% Accept Rate

6 Answers

+4 votes

hahaha bishty 2 maheenay baad aata hai.... aik hafte main ban ho k wapis chala jaata hai .... uska record nahe tootne wala.... the user who got most bans.
waise respecct hai uske liye.... k

almost 40 years ka aadmi... shadi shuda... bachun wala....

kaise forum aur social media pay ..... bachun ki tarha baatein karta hai aur bachun k sath ladta hai.

i have never ever ever..... seen him happy.... uski shadi ki pictures jo us nay share ki thi forum pay ... us main bhe ... uska mun bana hua tha hahaha

answered Jul 7 by Grand Nova Star (154,139 points)

bachun k sath pyaar se baat karte hain TAUJI 2.0 haha

Haa mere bete haa pyar se hi BAAT karta Hu aa ja lori suna deta Hu Nahi to phir bhag Jayega Tu hamesha ki Tarah..

hahaha bishty you know why you are frustrated.... because you have nothing on me...... you dont know my name, you dont what i look like , you dont know how old i am....you dont know about my social media accounts................. i dont abuse you or anyone in this forum ...so that they could report me...yet everyone is angry with me......you or anyone else......and yet you and others dont have anything on me......

. while ...... on the other hand.... ..... i know more than enough.. about you .... and almost every user on this forum who's been here for sometime..... about your personal (as much its been revealed) and social media life.... as i know almost everyone's social media accounts....i can be anyone of your followers...or not...... mere pass sab k chor switch pade huye hain.....hahaha.... kaun sa kis time dabana hai.... i know.....

never reveal your vulnerability to your enemies. which is why i'm always relaxed and you are not.

Hahaha grandy no i am not frustrated you know why , let me tell you bro everyone wants to follow celebrity , try to gain some knowledge about them , follow their social media account but it is only applicable for celebrity or special people while others who hide their identity may be because of shame as they are useless..
They are the kind of people who live as unknown life & even when they died no one gave them any importance.
So stay happy or relaxed with your useless life , kyunki wo kehte hai na ki tu aise jee Raha hai ab isse Bura bhi kya ho Sakta hai tere saath.

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Banished and imprisoned users should be made to do kiss of peace under the guidance of admins and mods if they want early release/bail.

answered Jul 7 by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,081 points)

h€Lp...Vichaar oonche nahin practical hone chahiye.. Yeh bilkul practical hai..

Sahi Farma¥a aapne mahann 4_Lee ji...

Mahaan nahin h€|P.. Azeem.

O achcha Azeem O Shaan 4_L€£ ..

0 votes

It's pretty lame to get so personal for a favourite star.

answered Jul 7 by Intense Director (127,642 points)

Ab kisi kisi ki life save kar rahe hain unke favourite star toh kyu na personal lein bhai

0 votes

answered Jul 7 by Irdwhelp Editor (83,667 points)
0 votes

Surprised to know that calling boi admin as charsi cost you 3 days ban but on the same post some users from a particular fanbase attack the banned person by doing personal comments and so called masala like lover mod , well now it's proved that masala is not only get preference in Bollywood but in forum also..
No problem with the 3 days ban but why it is not apply to everyone..

answered 4 days ago by deepak_bishty Director (131,558 points)
edited 4 days ago by deepak_bishty

Nice good great ..... In unity there is strength

But ... If I may ...... For just a second.....

Is there any part of it ..... False?? Let's ask bishty himself

Is he not close to 40?
Is he not shadi shuda ??
Is he smiling in those pictures??

If you think any part of it ...is a lie... I'll happily oblige

Unless you think truth hurts .... Which I personally think shouldn't in this case .... Because you should be proud of who you are.....
And not get embarrassed which could lead you to feel offensive and act defensive ...

@grandy... as far as I know I am 30 years old but ya may be you heard about my age from your family members, they know me very well.
Coming to whether I am smiling or not in wedding picture , first of all it was not shared by me maruf shared that picture without taking my permission but that's ok.
But who the hell are you to comment on that picture , now don't tell me you always want a smiling jijaji for you that's why you are not liking that picture ki Yaar Nahi has Nahi Raha has deta to apna jija Bana leta.

@suhas.. You biasedness is already proved no need to waste your time by writing a full page crap here , masala lover ho to accept Karo ki Apne Bhai bandhu ko bachane ke liye Kuch bhi karoge ye drama Kahi aur jakar Karo may be acchi payment bhi mil jaye.

LOL Kashyap

Bringning my comment in this? Me saying that is less idiotic and moronic than you calling him a god of acting and that he saved your life or something. That should be the reason you get banned.

Stop playing these cards. “We want a mod” Whose fault is that none of the Amir fans on the forum can be considered for the role of mod. I never thought you could bitch about else man

@kashyap123 premature ejaculation is an abuse? Come on man.

0 votes

Hota Hai
Chalta Hai
Duniya Hai

answered 1 day ago by Rancho Production Accountant (29,602 points)

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