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Today, we met Mr Perfectionist aka Aamir Khan at his plush residence in Bandra. The actor recently released his film Rubaru Roshni which was aired on Star Plus on Republic Day and now it is being showcased on Hotstar. Aamir, who is making the headlines because of his changed look, is overwhelmed by the response that his film has got from the audiences.

During the conversation, we asked him about his new look and is he doing it for a new film, he simply denied. He said, “I start growing my hair and beard so that we can use it my next film accordingly. It gives me the flexibility to play with my character.”

Aamir Khan Is Reading FOUR Scripts; Reacts On Shah Rukh Khan Stepping Out Of Saare Jahan Se Achcha

Ask him what’s next for him post the failure of Thugs Of Hindostan, he said, “I don’t know. Actually, I will come to know in one month. I will tell you guys within a month.”

On further probing that fans are asking on social media about his next film, he said, “Oh, they are asking? Actually, I get the answer in one month (laughs). There is a number of things. I have some (four) stories (scripts) which I have liked but I don’t know which one will be the exact next one. But I will come to know in a month."

When he was asked if he’s selecting the scripts and also will he be producing them, he said, “I haven’t actually zeroed down on anything yet. Yes, most probably I will be producing it.”

On being further asked if he’s putting weight for his next, he revealed the details of his next. “No no, I’m actually losing weight for it. Because I’m not shooting right now, that’s why I have put on weight. I enjoy when I’m not shooting. From 1st February, my diet and workout will begin. I will start preparing for the next because in that I have to look lean and slim,” he said.

Are you doing the Rakesh Sharma biopic since there are reports that Shah Rukh Khan has backed out of it? He said, “No no that film toh Shah Rukh is doing. There are reports that he isn’t doing but he hasn’t confirmed it na yet that he is not doing. Let’s wait for him to say it first.”

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We Want Aamir Khan's Mahabharata.

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Aamir Khan opens up about filming Mahabharat and his next Bollywood film

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan reveals that he has ‘four good scripts’ to choose from for his next and the actor says that though he hasn’t zeroed in on one particular project, he would be maintaining a “lean” look for a potential film he’s leaning on to. The actor, who last featured in “Thugs of Hindostan”, says he will come to know which film he is doing for sure within a month.

“This time I have four good scripts! I don’t know which one will be the exact one, as I haven’t 100 percent zeroed in on that but I’ll know within a month. Most probably I’ll be producing it,” Aamir said in a group interview.

The actor says from February, he will start his diet and workout again to get in shape for the character. “I’ll start preparing for my next because I have to look slim and lean. There are two films (in consideration) and in both of then I have to look lean,” he said.

Aamir was rumoured to be making his much ambitious series on “Mahabharat”. When asked about it’s status, the actor said, “I never announced Mahabharat. You all assumed I’m making it then you assumed I’m not! When I want to make something I’ll tell you. I don’t want to respond to speculations. When I announce something, I should’ve answers to that.”

The actor was in conversation with the media to promote his upcoming production, “Rubaru Roshni”. Directed by Svati Chakravarty Bhatkal, the film chronicles three real-life stories of grief and forgiveness. The film has already surfaced the internet and has managed to impress the audience. Infact, many internet users even commented that ‘We forgive you (Aamir Khan) for Thugs of Hindostan and Dhoom’ after watching Rubaru Roshni.

The tele-short film had three different stories that revolved around forgiveness and forgiving oneself. The movie aired on Star Network in seven languages. It is said that Netflix had approached Aamir Khan to acquire the rights of the movie, but Aamir wanted to reach a wider audience, and hence, chose to release the movie on TV.


He Was Upto Mahabharata. Anjum Rajabali Had Said It. A Dream Project. Might Not Be Feasible To Make It As A Feature Movie. I Hope He Makes It Eventually.


Hmm May Be He Wont Make Now And Thats Good Also Bcz He Is At Peak Of Superstardom Now, He Would Probably Make It During His 2nd Phase Of Career I Believe!

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Rubaru Roshni just blew me away Aamir khan production only produce quality products
It's beyond ratings, I just loved it
Regarding his next movie, I don't want him to work on Mahabharata next, though it can be mammoth if made well but it will take out many precious years from the top star of this country.
Use it as long as it lasts, mahabharat can be done after 10 years, don't waste your stardom,time.

by Production Accountant (28.6k points)
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Good he should do more movies this is the time now

by Assistant Director (41.9k points)

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