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Which of these actor director combinations have maximum bo potential ?

+2 votes
Salman and rajamouli in a bahubali epic movie on the same scale.

SRK and Hirani in a humorous satire

Aamir khan and karan johar in a drama movie based on human emotions....something like mnik

By potential I mean both India and worldwide
asked Jul 6 in Opinion by Intense Director (128,232 points)
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11 Answers

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Best answer

Domestic market Salman-Rajamouli all the way.
Rajamouli is big as Hirani in Hindi belt & in south it's a one horse race.
So only hindi version
Have placed Srk one above Aamir just because Hirani>>>Karan (Content wise or brand value wise)
All versions =Ranking is similar to Hindi version but difference will be far more due to South collection
As Aamir>Srk right now
Karan Brand>Hirani Brand in overseas
But as content will be on Hirani's favour so it will be a close fight
Due to huge domestic collection as with salman & Rajamouli in BB type of movie 1000cr india Gross is a huge possibility (bb2 grossed 1350+)

With China it's Aamir-Karan all the way in overseas & worldwide

answered Jul 6 by Roman Production Designer (13,176 points)
selected 6 days ago by Intense
+3 votes

Salman khan Must not come with rajamouli ...for the sake of bollywood industry...... otherwise..... after their movie..... records book in bollywood will not be needed for half a century. it'll be like....GO HOME EVERYONE..... you can't do better.

answered Jul 6 by Grand Nova Star (154,519 points)

SRK- Hirani > Salman-Rajamouli> Aamir-Karan

+2 votes

First 2 will have an edge over the 3rd one mainly bcoz of the director's reach ..
if i have to choose any one then 1st choice as Salman fan ....

answered Jul 6 by Irdwhelp Editor (83,733 points)
+1 vote

Salman will have to do more than just wear cool clothes and enter the scene.

In Race 3 it was just him coming on the sets and wearing clothes and we’re good to go.
He needs to change his hair, change his look. I’m actually fed up with his come and go attitude to be honest.

He went against his habits and Sultan happened.

A decent director will do if Salman is willing to do all those things.

answered Jul 6 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,242 points)
+1 vote

rajamouli will not take Salman khan in Bahubali kind of epic movie. I would certainly go for better actors like SRK / Aamir.

Aamir-Rajamouli > Aamir-Hirani > Rajamouli-Salman > then rest

answered Jul 6 by bollyranga Production Designer (13,116 points)
edited Jul 6 by bollyranga

This jargon of Amir being a great actor is the reason I brought that up. You can see clearly how he hammed in the Samar’s character. He was clearly uncomfortable with acting like a retard.

He was exceptional in PK no doubt, but he’s not perfect. He can also faulter when it comes to acting. One man can not really pull off everything. There has to be some downside

I agree Salman may not be a great “Actor”. I will rate him 6, srk7 and amir 7.5. No one’s a perfect 10.. atleast in bollywood.

In hollywood you have Bale, Leo who are mainstream stars but also fine actors.

In Dhoom 3 He Wasnt At His Best
But As Samar He Was Very Good
Problem Was With Sahir That Was Average
Which Was Below Aamir's Standard

Rest I Agree No Actor Is Perfect To Play All Characters

I Rate Dilip Kumar Amitabh Bachan And Aamir Khan As Best Actors Among Superstars And They Are Best Actors In Their Respective Era

Baaki Sabki Apni Choice Hai.

On A Side Note I Rate Mainstream Good Actors Higher Than Great Actors Of Offbeat Films
Bcz These Mainstream Actors Can Do Offbeat Films In Lead
But These Offbeat Film Actors Cant Do Mainstream Movies In Lead

I never said that Aamir is best actor,

According to me SRK's best is better than Aamir's best, but his worse is way worse than Aamir, so on average Aamir is better than, you rarely get irritating performance from which, which we get frequently from SRK.

Dhoom 3 was his one of the worst performance in long time, but still it was not as irritating that people completely rejected the movie. It still became ATG, so at some level people still accepted his performance.

Aamir has given very good perfomrmance in action movies too ... Baazi, Ghulam etc.

According to me best actor in bollywood are Monoj Bajpayee, Amitabh Bachchan, ... also started liking Rajkumar rao.

@bollyranga wat is srk's n aamir's best according to u??

+1 vote

Hrithik-rajamouli would be the best combination.
Hrithik can go to any extent to perfect his character ,and going by history,rajamouli has transformed every actor he worked with ,so it's not easy for few actors like Salman to get accepted by rajamouli..

answered Jul 7 by Hrithikiantilldeath Set Designer (2,243 points)

Yes it would be. Had hrithik done more movies things would be very different. Want to see him back at his pre 2015 position again.

0 votes

Salman Khan-Rajamouli combo in India and overseas (minus China)

answered Jul 6 by shah Executive Producer (65,507 points)
0 votes

Srk Hirani>Salman Rajamouli>Aamir Karan

Overseas And Worldwide
Aamir karan>Srk Hirani>Salman Rajamouli
(With Or Without China)

Karan Is Weakest Director Among These 3 And Movie Like MNIK?
Man That Was A Small Hit In India

You Gave Weakest Movie And Director To Aamir

But Just If You Replace Type Of Movie I Will Still Place Aamir On Top In Domestic As Well

Aamir In A Fully Commercial Movie Directed By Karan Johar

answered Jul 6 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,852 points)

Since he has worked with Hirani and rajamouli suits Salman more......hence I took karan johar. But you're right. Worldwide he can create havoc

Hmm Ok

0 votes

BO potential overseas and worldwide Aamir by a landslide unless some goes horribly wrong in China.

otherwise, SRK-Hirani>Sallu-Rajamouli>Aamir-KJo.

the reason I listed Aamir-KJo last is that KJo is himself not fit for making big commercial movies. He kind of feels ashamed for KKHH and K3G. Listen to how he speaks. He says movies like DCH are the way going forward, so clearly he has lost his mind.

and if counting just domestic + overseas first phase then ARK-Hirani would top worldwide and overseas too.

answered Jul 6 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,570 points)
0 votes

With good every one are good but with bad movies all ganna be flop

answered Jul 6 by Santosh Camera Operator (10,319 points)
0 votes

........u cant predict these thingss bro.......unless u r charlie......a year ago hirani was yet to prove himself 4 you......now after sanju u r goingg ga ga over hirani.....

answered Jul 7 by Kabir Production Accountant (27,036 points)

I was wrong. I admit. Very wrong about Hirani's genius

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