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Sanju - The Ranbir Kapoor Factor [BOI]

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Sanju has emerged the biggest blockbuster of the year and generally the film is looked at as a Rajkumar Hirani film which is fair as its basically four blockbusters in a row now and his first film also did well. But it also has to be said that a Rajkumar Hirani film has never got off to a flyer like this in the North and there Ranbir Kapoor is a factor.



Raj Kumar Hirani has made five films till date and generally they are very Mumbai films barring PK which was more universal. Films like Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munnabhai and 3 Idiots all took time in the North to catch up with Mumbai. The first film Munnabhai MBBS did not even do that well outside Mumbai and South. Now Sanju is a similar Mumbai film be it setting, underworld, drugs or in language so North to be less than Mumbai initially is par for the course as films with a bigger canvas, scale and larger than life setting is preferred.



But the popularity that Ranbir Kapoor has in Delhi NCR and East Punjab ensured that North was as strong as Mumbai. This popularity showed even in the collections of Besharam years back as that film had opening figures like the Shahrukh Khan starrer Chennai Express (which released a few months earlier) in the North but much lower elsewhere. Even an extended guest appearance in Roy was driven by Delhi / UP and East Punjab.


The problem after was the films with those Euro directors like Anurag Basu, Imtiaz Ali and Anurag Kashyap whose films are made in India but the story telling style is like some art circuit European director but sadly for them the Indian audience needs to be fed the story the Indian way.



So here there was no chance of telling whether the popularity that Ranbir Kapoor had gained in the North which was close to superstar status was intact as no one was really going to come and watch those films. But then comes a film like Sanju which actually did not have the look for the North audience but was interesting and had a super hit song for North in Kar Har Maidan Fateh and that popularity is there again to see in the numbers of Delhi / UP and East Punjab.



The six day numbers are on par with a North based wrestling film like Dangal which should not really be happening but that is the popularity of Ranbir Kapoor in those markets. The huge numbers in the North are due to Ranbir Kapoor as would not have come with any other actor in this film. No doubt a good Salman Khan action film can go higher but in a Mumbai based film even a Salman Khan could struggle to give these sort of numbers.



If we look at the scenario today if one guy can have the popularity of Ranbir Kapoor in North and Tiger Shroff in Maharashtra, Nizam / Andhra and Bihar then that actor would be the top star in the country. The age factor is going to hit the Khans soon where it will be a struggle to play characters with huge appeal for the youth and at that time the younger stars must have the correct films to capitalize on this and take the holiday spots. The mega stardom will never come from a biopic though as the actor is unable to leave his stamp on the character like a Shahrukh Khan did in DDLJ or Salman Khan in Dabangg. The next year or two these stars and others like Varun Dhawan and Ranveer Singh must have the right films which work in a big way all over as if only they work then they will have those high budget films when that transition comes of the old guard handing the torch the young guard. The only thing is the young guard will not be so young when it happens (unless someone comes out of the blue) due to hugely sustaining innings by the Khans.
Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=4088
asked Jul 5 in Box Office Related by Rocsky Unit Manager (32,625 points)
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What's there to disagree here? Perfectly explained article by BOI.

Biopic will not be the factor for Ranbir but it just strengthened his strong base. All he has to do is ensure his next biggies Shamshera, Brahmastra cater to this strong following & extends in other parts as well.

Why Ranbir stood apart from his counterpart is due to this,
"No doubt a good Salman Khan action film can go higher but in a Mumbai based film even a Salman Khan could struggle to give these sort of numbers."

Ranbir almost lost what he earned with his choice of films (although I won't blame him for Jagga Jasoos as that was all on Basu.)

Khans have sustained exceptionally well if we look at previous generation big stars. But the stardom or Megastardom they earned wasn't overnight. That was consistent hardwork over decades. And among the newcomers or ever since Hrithik, the only one who passed the test was undoubtedly Ranbir Kapoor. Let's see what awaits.

It'll be interesting to see that transformation of younger lot taking over the market from the Khans & Kumar, Devgn. Was a kid when Khans took over from Big B & others. The way they dominated when the likes of Sunny Deol fell out of the race was disheartening. All I expect is to not see the Khans go down like that.

Ranbir Kapoor, Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan & Ranveer Singh. My bet is still with Ranbir & Varun. Tiger eventually will have to deviate from action image to sustain. But good to see them grow, earning bright spot among the masses as well as classes. Wish Varun's next after October was a biggie instead of Sui Dhaaga, but he has enough on his plate. If Ranveer succeeds with Simbaa then the game gets tougher for all. Khans, Kumar, Devgn aside.. it's an alarming warning for Hrithik Roshan to not take it soft. The others have reached the maturity level of their respective stardom & there's no more level to climb up. Hrithik just can't afford to be stagnant when he is hardly few years away from turning 50. To put it more bluntly his last underperformers are nowhere close to being career ending. But his way of choosing film will soon push him there. Pretty sure Rakesh Roshan is closely following all the developments.

Your comment was better written the article!

Galeon: koi shakk

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Sanju all set to cross Dangal- BOI said this on monday. Where are they not talking about that now?. Focus is shifted lol

answered Jul 5 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (77,048 points)
selected Jul 5 by Rocsky

First read properly BOI said target is dangal. Not say cross karegi hi. And by the way if sanju cross 325 cr than sanju already cross dangal because sanju release on non holiday.






BOI can try harder to bring down Dangal and Aamir but they won't succeed.

+5 votes

I told that before release itself that sort of numbers Sanju will get in North, Hirani isn't capable of that.

answered Jul 5 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (168,031 points)

That's it, degrading SRK for praising that face maker, ab yeah din dekhne bhi baki reh gaye the.

No that's not degrading. For SRK multiplexes share in collection is more than normal ratio.

That's cause of the kind of movies he does, it doesn't means he doesn't have fans in masses.

@TB multiplex audience are not "normal" people?

Why do you think Srk being multiplex star as a degrading statement? It's not like Srk doesn't sell in single screens. That is where he became a superstar. Atleast don't wrongly assume SRK's stardom over your dislike for Ranbir.

+3 votes

Ranbir was superb in sanju, no two ways on it. But BOI is hell bent on promoting their poster boy...they won't use words like padding now. Why every movie is being compared with dangal ???? It did not enjoy the benefits which sanju had

answered Jul 5 by Intense Director (128,232 points)

Intense did you watch Sanju?

What all benefits did Sanju have? Kindly list them all. Don't forget Sanju was a do or die film for Ranbir Kapoor because if this had backfired then it would've majorly impacted his other films negatively. Even YRF & Dharma would've found it way too hard.

Gaeleon yes....and I liked it. Suhas i meant a movie with a 60 year old dad to two daughters minus any songs or Masala can't be compared to sanju. Do and die aside....this was a Hirani movie.

Wow you have made be excited for it now becoz if a Die-hard Ranbir fan liked it than it must be good

Watching it tomorrow!

+3 votes

Finally BOI can praise Ranbir after 5 long years, when they said that Besharam will beat opening day of ETT

But didn't they said that it is RKH movie?? Now it become Ranbir movie in North, saying that no other actor would had given such numbers, that's height of shitty commentary.

answered Jul 5 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (208,058 points)

Baadshah I may have liked sanju.....but ranbir still won't be spared.

bhai tjhe uski performance bhi achi lagi....dukh to is baat ka h.....i didn't like him much in trailers....maybe film mein acha lag jaye....but trailer mein kuch jgah mimicry lgti hai, Sanju nhn

Yes he is pretty good..he surprised me in a few parts.......but still here's hoping he will come up with mediocre performances in the future

I can stand him, how will I able to watch his movie for 3 hrs when I change the channel whenever he comes on screen. Except songs, his movies does have few good songs, I'll give him that.

+3 votes

sad to read about the age factor hitting the Khans soon. though it's true.

but until it does, I want the Khans, along with Akshay, HR, Ranbir, Ranveer, Varun etc all coming with great movies and give brutal competition to eachother.

never want another year where the HGOTY is as predictable as it was in 2017.

the next 3-4 years will be interesting.

answered Jul 5 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,570 points)

The khans will be around till 2020-21

maybe even more?

I mean who could have said before 2010 that Salman would be such a superstar? these 3 are resilient.

just imagine that even after JHMS SRK is getting Xmas week for a movie where he plays a Dwarf.

Khans have defied the typical pattern.

+2 votes

The only thing is the young guard will not be so young when it happens (unless someone comes out of the blue) due to hugely sustaining innings by the Khans.


answered Jul 5 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,852 points)
+2 votes

So finally due credit is given. Sanju is mainly driven by performances more than content unlike other hirani movies. The transformation ,different looks, glimpse of acts in trailer backed with name of hirani did the trick..now he should focus more on commercial films than to those Europeans kind of entertainment less films.

answered Jul 5 by professor Set Designer (2,469 points)
+2 votes

Today 1 Blockbuster from Ranveer & Ranbir after ages did a SPLASH all over trade, ppl going bonkers with these success of their films..... while.... same BOI or even trade wasn't even moved when Salman or even Srk were giving huge openings & grossers back in 90's.

This Article is also indirectly aim at hinting Aamir's North india pull, Hirani films didn't work there means 3 Idiots / PK were not big in NORTH.... lol.... even this much level of bashing even i can't do for Aamir...... Hatt's off to BOI, they came way above me

answered Jul 5 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,936 points)

Small stars like Ajay Devgan, Tiger shroff will beat Salman if this continues lol

BOI Directly Said That South Indian Circuits Prefer Aamir Or Srk Or Even Hritik Movies
May Be You Missed That Article

Anyways My Intention Wasnt To Degrade Salman Here Just Wanted To Point Out Simple Fact That Dont Be Surprised If Tomorrow Ranbir Becomes New Poster Boy Of BOI
Their Commentry Always Contradicts

Last Decade It Was Srk Now Its Salman

BOI Here Also Said That Ranbir's Film Took As Big Opening As Srk In North

But Same BOI Says In Terms Of Popularity Salman Srk And Aamir Are Biggest
In Terms Of Superstardom All 3 Khans Are On Same Level With Salman Having Slight Edge Due To More Mass Fan Following Provided He Does Right Film
BOI Also Said 3 Khans Are Biggest Superstars Of This Era

If Thats The Case Then How Can Anyone Else Specially A Young Star Come Even Close To Them Anywhere

Here They Are Trying To Potray Ranbir Kapoor Of Khans Level Superstars Or Close To That Level

@Rancho, you are getting it wrong.
1st thing is North Indian circuit drives for Larger than life movies, ROM com.
Hirani Brand of cinema is more appreciated in Mumbai & South circuits than North that doesn't mean North doesn't deliver, they deliver huge but the ratio is lower than normal.
North prefers MASS movies where as Mumbai & South prefers class.
Pink,120, Raazi Parmanu, airlift type of movies doesn't work huge in North, Mumbai, Mysore Nizam circuit drives the collection
Agree on the part of Ranbir he has some huge following among urban North youth due to his ROM com, love movies, that's why he's not that much strong in Mumbai South compared to North.
Jatindar saheb rightly said Ranbir is as big as Khans in North in a right movie.

& As you said about salman's position in south
Well BOI was talking about Mysore circuit which is a class circuit, they actually meant that with a rejected movie Aamir/Srk movie will collect more than Salman.
HR is kind of lost now it's all about Khans right now.
They are the only panindian superstar right now.
Salman is weak in Mysore where Aamir is no1 but he's too huge in Nizam along with Srk to be ignored.
TN Ke circuit doesn't matter as that hardly delivers.
Even odisha Assam circuits are delivering par even after far less potential.

Fan Wars Aside
I Personally Believe All 3 Khans Are True Pan India Superstars Be It North South Or Single Screen Multiplex
And I Think They Will Remain Last Pan India Superstars

Rest I Was Just Pointing Out BOI Hypocrisy
They Keep Changing Their Statements
Even They Changed Rankings From 1990s To 2000s As Well What To Say About Statements

But Then BOI Has No Competition

+1 vote

Salman gave HGOTY with debut year. Shahrukh gave HGOTY after 3 years of his debut. Aamir gave HGOTY after 3 years of his debut. All three are megastar. But ranbir kapoor not given any HGOTY till now and people say ranbir is a superstar.

answered Jul 5 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,882 points)

Superstar is made by fans, not by box office, previously box office was indication of star pull & how accepted he or she was, nowdays any time **** & harry is breaking records using directors, biopics, historic movies but raising ticket prices and with help of high end plexes which don't make superstars, what is their fan following?? Frenzy?? Mass craze?? Are they celebrated?? Nope, they are not superstars, they are wannabes. Only brainless morons call them superstars.

Excatly bro.

TB: is criteria sy to Aamir Khan bhi Superstar nhn h.....seriously
''what is their fan following?? Frenzy?? Mass craze?? Are they celebrated??''

+1 vote

The mega stardom will never come from a biopic though as the actor is unable to leave his stamp on the character like a Shahrukh Khan did in DDLJ (1995) or Salman Khan in Dabangg (2010).

SRK became Superstar after Baazigar and Darr (1993).... Became Megastar After DDLJ (1995)

Salman became Megastar after Dabangg (2010)

answered Jul 5 by Ankit Casting Director (19,805 points)

Aisa to nahi kaha BOI ne. BOI says Both movies performance on another level. That's It.

+1 vote

not again.......
ok look please..... i dont really like to repeat myself..... because it doesn't suit the royalty.
after khans.......retire.........their legacy will be carried forward by tiger shroff........... he's the only bollywood bonafied bollywood star...... the massy actor..... who can dance, like no other, fight like no other, action like no other...... the CROWD PULLER..... the real crowd puller....is tiger shroff...... ranveer singh , ranbir kapoor both have limitations.....
ranbir kapoor can't get exposed to masses as a star with following because..he dont suit masssy movie.... or do action..... he's a multiplexes star.....
ranveer singh ...is more actor than a star.....
varun dhawan.... is mediocre in every way......

tiger shroff..... will have versatility .... he will do dance movies ., he will do action movies, he will do larger than life movies, he will do multiplex movies...he can do character driven movies....... he can't do thrillers though.

his movies will always remain safe..... for distributors.....

tiger shroff got more goodwill from baaghi 2 than ranveer singh got from his last 3 blockbuster level hit movies or ranbir kapoor from sanju , or varun dhawan from all his 100 films.

that goodwill will show in the opening of SOTY 2.... which will take 90cr opening only on the shoulders of multiplexes.
while rambo , HR v Tiger, Baaghi 3..... are going to take close to or over 100cr opening.

such a b grade lookiing Baaghi 2 took 75cr opening is se ziada aur kya surprise hoga kuch.

while ranbir kapoor's next or ranveer or varun... none of the movie are goinng to compete with such huge opening of tiger shroff, .....

tiger shroff is going to be the flag bearer of bollywood....after khans.

answered Jul 5 by Grand Nova Star (154,519 points)
0 votes

Still Remember Ranbir Kapoor Saying That Sanju Is His Last Chance. If This Also Fails He Would Be Doing Web Shows. In That AIB Podcast I Believe. Glad He Bounced Back In Style. Hirani Whitewashed Both Sanjay & Ranbir With A Single Film. Kudos!

answered Jul 5 by Rajat Production Accountant (28,443 points)
0 votes

All people here were chanting hirani hirani.now they got their answer.had ranbir star in past hirani movies they woud have created havoc even in opening day

answered Jul 5 by Santosh Camera Operator (10,319 points)

Ranbir Hirani Still Wont Have
Record Bumper Opening Day
Atbb Atg Hgoty Bhoty Mwfoty Hgotd
Major Club Founder India Overseas Worldwide
3 Cr Footfall

Only Aamir Gave Records To Hirani

What Aamir Achieved With 3 Idiots Is Unprecedented And Unparalled

So Dont Talk In Air


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