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It's Shamefull, A Superstar is still doing Huge Manipulation in his Home Production film even after exposed by BOI & boycotted by Trade analyst

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Race 3 Official Figure vs BOI Figure :- Huge Inflation.

Almost ₹5cr+ Inflation in 3rd Week (5 days)


Actually,  PR team of that Superstar hired many analysts from South film industry for spreading fake Collecton & after backlash most stopped Reporting official  Figure of race3 but one is still reporting
asked Jul 4 in Box Office Related by Rocsky Unit Manager (32,589 points)
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edited Jul 4 by Rocsky

7 Answers

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hahaha amazing.

actuals for 3rd week in 5 days: 0.90cr
reported numbers for 3rd WEEKEND: 5.40cr

SKF calculator rocks!!

ab ye mat bolne ke ye sab Taurani ke haath main hai.

it's more than 5x manipulation.

manipulation karna koi seekhe inse, seekhe inse!

answered Jul 4 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,252 points)
selected Jul 4 by Rocsky
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But but bhai will donate those extra earned money in being human...so bhai is actually doing manipulation for the betterment of human kind.....being calculator is helping in raising money for being human....bhai roxxxxx

answered Jul 4 by Aashish Lachotraa Second Unit Director (79,285 points)
+4 votes

And Then Salman Fans Troll Others For Manipulations ROFLMFAO

answered Jul 4 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,756 points)

Race 3 165 cr

According To Salman Fan's

Faiz bhai aapko kaun pochta hai, baat to SKF ki hai

"Faiz bhai aapko kaun pochta hai, baat to SKF ki hai"

+4 votes

Hahahaha 500× manipulation, record shattering, "Being Calculator" Calculator rocks

answered Jul 4 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,984 points)
+3 votes

Yeh to hadd ho gayi... ha ha... SKF rockss....

answered Jul 4 by Agan Executive Producer (65,050 points)

180-165=15 cr


45-36=9 cr (Only One Day)
108-96=15 cr

+3 votes

..........aise hai bhaiyaa bajrangi i i iii.......

answered Jul 7 by Kabir Production Accountant (27,036 points)

Haha iske troll bhe bachun walay hotay hain ....
.. Dono cheeks dabaye banda iske ... Kooochi koochii kooo....

+1 vote

Welcome Salman khan to the world of calculators. Red chillies and filmkraft are there to welcome you. But he will find it tough to match rakesh roshan

answered Jul 7 by Intense Director (128,012 points)

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