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My warning to fellow SRKians about Zero

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We all are expecting big things from Zero, but we should not expect it to perform the way some Sallu/Aamir movies have or how Sanju has.

It takes a lot for movies to perform that way. From trust to trailers to songs to general curiosity to the most unpredictable factor - WOM.

Currently looking at the way Sanju is performing has made many expect big from Zero too. Not only on forum but I see it all over twitter and FB. Many are expecting it to perform at best-case scenario.

First of all, just remember that the trust factor isn't there. Do not forget how bad JHMS was. If you think just a little bit of time has made people forget about the epic disappointment of that movie, then think again. I have seen how the attitude towards SRK has changed. 2 of my best friends, both die-hard SRKians have not even dared to watch JHMS because of how toxic the WOM is, their spirit is broken. Other general fans do not have the same enthusiasm that they used to have about SRK. When people see SRK with the same heroine again in a romance movie their first reaction won't exactly be warm.

Secondly, Aanand L Rai might have some popularity on social media, but in the real world, he is practically unknown. He has had 2 HITs so far, both below even 0.75cr footfalls, and one Blockbuster which had less footfalls than SRK's semi-hit Dilwale. He is not the known quantity that SLB or Hirani are. So don't think he'll supplement the lack of trust. And do not forget that he has actually directed 5 movies, 2 of which were completely forgotten disasters, so he doesn't exactly have the Midas Touch. He is also making a crazy jump from 39cr budget to 150cr+ budget. That can be a lot to handle. His big weight loss might give us an idea of what the stress has done to him.

Thirdly, if you're thinking that the director's previous success is an indicator of what will happen with Zero, then remember Rohit Shetty had a Super-Hit before Dilwale and a Blockbuster after. It was the SRK Christmas release that was dislike by the audience.

Speaking of Rohit Shetty, he is making a movie produced by SRK's best friend that will come a week later. If that movie gets WOM like Golmaal Again, that'll make life tough for Zero.

There are many things that can go right for Zero, but even more things that can go wrong. Having a positive attitude about the movie is good, but please don't go setting expectations so high that you end up disappointed.

All I'm hoping for is that SRK finally gets a HIT. Even Lagaan and Wanted were only HITs, but the impact they had on Aamir and Sallu's career was massive. Right now he needs that movie that makes the audience talk after watching it, the movie that makes the audience excited about whats coming next, the 3 Idiots/Dabangg will come later.
Source Link: The Mind of Hola
asked Jul 4 in General by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,252 points)
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9 Answers

+2 votes

Nice article bro... we shouldnt expect the same like SANJU.... high expectation may be harmful.
Lets expect ZERO to be good movie.

answered Jul 4 by Agan Executive Producer (65,052 points)

Umeed pe duniya kayam hai

+2 votes

Even i am not predicting high.. I am hoping minimum 200 crore is the criteria

answered Jul 4 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,983 points)

Yeah just a good HIT movie that removes the negativity fron audiences heart.

Exactly this should be the benchmark and above it will be icing on the cake

+2 votes

Not overexpecting at all, just expecting Highest domestic grosser of Bollywood, ab SRK fan hain to itna haq to hai

answered Jul 4 by Baadshah Unit Manager (32,303 points)

hahaha ab tu gandi/weird shakal ki baat karega?

dekh ke samajh nahi aata ro raha hai ya pant main susu kar raha hai.

Hola abe jandu tu kya idhar apna bich mae hila raha hai.. well tera badshah ne hi bola srk works with good director not with bad director jake usse puch.. bandar ki tarah uchal ne se pehle previous discussion toh dekle...
Idhar koi actin ki baat nai horahi jo tu uchal raha hai...
Matter was abt box office.. phir usne acha actor word gusa diya apni impotency chupane ke liye..

Hola susu chod tatti face kaise karte hai woh bi constipation wali face tu dikata hu srk ki.. pura coment section bar jaega srk pics se..

+1 vote

Well yes SRKs last few films didn't make much impact except Raees which again wasn't liked that much.

My brother 2 days ago said that "Shahrukh kuch zyada nahi chalra nai? Hits nai deta".

I said ki he went into experiment way and did FAN DZ Raees JHMS etc. Which weren't that Universal commercial. His last commercial was Dilwale.

He said why SRK is doing those silly movies like ZERO etc why not Biggies?
I said ZERO can become bigger if WOM is good let's see kya hota.

So yes the trust factor is down regarding SRK. While for Salman he gave Bajrangi and Sultan which were liked universally and on TV too. So currently trust is. More on Salman than SRK but salman spoiled with Race 3 but will be back again with Bharat like Bajrangi.

Let's see what zero offers. Currently I have 150-180 crore expectations from the movie.

answered Jul 4 by iamkhan8970 Producer (115,992 points)

yes good to have limited expectations at this point.

+1 vote

Neither I am expecting big from zero nor I am underestimating it. If it turns out to be a good entertainer there is every possibility to go far 250 and how far than that; only the time will tell. Let trailer come and then the final prediction and expectation will be done.

answered Jul 4 by sunil Production Designer (13,851 points)
0 votes

Hahahaha mujhe to kahin se bhi nahi lag raha hai ki ye film hit hoga. Same like fan.

answered Jul 4 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,728 points)

wo to mujhe bhi nahi lag raha. my prediction has been 115cr lifetime since first teaser.

0 votes

Bro don't forget Anand rai made twmr also....a movie which showed excellent trending and that too with a small time B grade starlet. If Anand rai gets it right......It can be huge.

answered Jul 4 by Intense Director (128,012 points)

of course it can be right, I just want them to remember that there is a good chance of going wrong also, so they should temper their expectations. since Sanju has opened I have seen some insane predictions all around.

but Intense, his movies have not seen all India love which SRK's film needs to get.....i think Mumbai Delhi were too good for TMWR to make it to 150cr

Dilwale footfalls: 1.53 verdict semi-hit
TWMR footfalls: 1.50 verdict blockbuster

khud faraq dekh lo

Zero is another flop for shahrukh.

0 votes

Well to be honest zero will next blockbuster of srk after Ce... In 2013 after Ce i said srk next will be come after 5yrs in 2018... Well right after 2nd teaser i can say right nw its looking like next bb to srk

1.Drawf look will help in audience curiosity to watch it.
2. Anand is very gud universal director
3. Before srk there were in talk with salman ... n salman said its has very good script.. so on paper it good n anand wil excute on screen
4. Salman favour to srk will make goodwill among salman fans.. in 2013 salman hugged srk in iftiyar party that made good will among salman fans n nw again salman doing do with cameo..
5. Salman didnt had release in 2013.. n ranbir yjhd was highest grosser with 186cr just like sanju till ce.. later d3 broked it.. so here race3 was underperformance n no other salman movie to score him in 2018.. n sanju is highest grosser of year .. then zero might get into 300cr ..

answered Jul 4 by playboy Unit Manager (30,832 points)
–1 vote

Damage Control Abhi se.......... SRK fans ki haalat dekho kya ho gayi, pehle hi hath jod ke bol rahe hai ke inhe bas ek simple si HIT chahiye aur kuch nahi..... & Same Srk fans have the audacity to Bash Salman Khan.....

40 Cr Day 1 Se Nichey Aur 400 Cr Lifetime se Nichey agar Zero hui...... toh NICHEY hi reh jayega SRK hamesha ke liye....... All the best

answered Jul 4 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,893 points)

ye sab to Salman Khan fans bhi bol rahe thay.

Director, co-stars, producer ko gaaliyan dena

WE DONT WANT DABANGG 3 trend karna

in fact many Salman fans were predicting low numbers for Race 3, so why can't I write what I feel?

Likh jitna marji likh, bash Salman as much as u can..... coz u r Srk fan..... now with this 10 KM ka essay u have show that how much worth your star has.....

At least Salman fans haven't lost faith in Salman, he can bounce back & he will, are we writing as don't expect Bharat to be BB, just a HIT only we want?

When u have this much faith in your star, you come to Race 3 thread to mock ME how i cheer for Salman's Success..... Aukaat utni rakho jitna bada Star ho.

Tujhse jayda confidence Mujhe hai ZERO pe, Jhande gaadegi, dekh lena, chahe toh yeh post ka SS le le, agar nahi hui ZERO big hit toh mujhe troll kar lena.

That is not what I am saying ke please ek HIT to mil jaye.

I'm saying don't burden yourself and the movie with expectations that the movie may or may not be able to accomplish.

But should every movie be expected to be a blockbuster when a really well received HIT is what is really needed?

Read the last line. The 3 Idiots/Dabangg will come later. If from that line what you understood is that I have lost faith in SRK, then I don't know what to tell you.