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Though we still have big stars rulling this industry but from last 1-2 years it looks like the audience is changing with films like stree badhai ho ,raazi,uri etc. Does we move away from star system and in next 3-4 years when all these big stars will be in there late 50s the star system end or the young stars will rule the masses like the stars made there debut around 30 years ago.
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It was always content even with the stars.

Just because a Badhaai Ho, Uri, Raazi did well doesn't mean the same will keep on repeating. Of course the industry will try to over feed us with the same template films due to lack of originality & herd mentality.

Older stars will get replaced by newer stars. Older stars depended on the content & so will new ones.

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Yes...because the boxoffice collections of small films with good wom have overtaken big films with bad wom.
I feel social media has played huge role in giving hype to small films and small actors.. And there is so much negativity being spread about khans and hrithik films which is definitely hampering the collection.. And where as nobody caring to troll ranbir or ranveer even when they make bad films...
Aisa hi raha toh bwood will becoming v boring place with no super stardom or superstars...

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Content will rule after khans are done and yes the audience is indeed changing

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Yes. The khans are the last megastars. Even akshay and ajay. HR was the last true superstar and he too is downhill. Now its content and Hollywood and Netflix for the future.

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I think no. Content was always there for good movies. Simmba, Baaghi 2 proved everyone wrong. If big stars comes with decent scripts they can score. 3 khans failed due to very poor content.

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It has always been so.A HAHK and Dil Tera Aasiq starred both Salman and Madhuri with opposite results.Except for a Salman Khan since Dabangg days and a few cases here and there, no star is bigger than the movie

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It is surely gonna happen today or someday. Look Hollywood.

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