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Sanju has literally broken every possible records!shame on stardom of khans?

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asked Jul 3 in General by Santosh Camera Operator (10,007 points)
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Shame on Sholay, Bombay Velvet broke its record

13 Answers

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Yup Ranbir is a MEGASTAR.
Such craze is never seen before neither amitabh nor salman & Srk witnessed this.
Ranbir era has already begun.
Bramhastra will easily cross sanju's Opening, weekend, such talent comes once in a generation. Ranbir MASS att

answered Jul 3 by Roman Production Designer (12,991 points)
selected Jul 5 by Santosh

doubt is that ''Bramhastra will easily cross sanju's Opening, weekend'', if Bramshastra will cross Sanju's weekend in lifetime or not

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Ye dekho nakli fan pagal hogya hai
Nakli fan mass attt

answered Jul 3 by SSk Production Accountant (27,158 points)

hahahhaha nakli fan.

Bhai photo salman ki khud ka salman ka fan btata hai lekin hai asli me ranbir fan

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Same was said about bahubali 2 also. The khans are running the show for 25 years. One mediocre kid cannot change their position

answered Jul 3 by Intense Director (127,859 points)

Bhaisaab why should only khans run the show alone.. If new kids are giving competition, what's the big deal?

i agree with charlie agreeable runkle .... this will mean bollywood is turning into hollywood ....where star power is secondary ..its there ....star power is there..... but better films.... go far far bigger.... titanic, avatar, jurassic park, star wars force awakens...all had new comers..... and many many manhy many many more ..... examples like this
i was very suprised at jennifer lawrance movies ..those 4 movies....they all took i think over 150mil weekend debut.

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Bollywood will be boring if younger actors don't give competition to powerful khans, Infact it's shame on younger actors for coming in the party so late.

answered Jul 3 by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,115 points)
+1 vote

Since 1988

Khans Vs Bollywood

22 Hgoty/30 Hgoty
21 Bhoty/30 Bhoty
21 Mwfoty/30 Mwfoty
4 Hgotd/4 Hgotd
2 Bhotd/4 Bhotd
2 Mwfotd/4 Mwfotd
10 Atbb/13 Atbb
7 Atg/9 Atg
2 Hgotc/ 2 Hgotc

Such Type Of Dominance Was neither Seen In Past Nor Will Be Seen In Future!

answered Jul 4 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,704 points)
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Hahaha its because content click not stardom. Stardom given opening but after that Wom decide lifetime. So here genius rajkumar hirani gave full credit. What a master he was. Not a single movie get bad wom even not a single wom get below excellent wom. So its raju hirani magic not ranbir kapoor.

answered Jul 3 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,633 points)

Does content kicks from 1st day itself?

PPl were excited to See Sanjay's controversial life on Big screen and what's more it was done by Raju Hirani. Trailer and teaser excited the audience which resulted in huge day 1.

A normal hirani film with same ranbir on unknown subject would have opened less to around 20cr......

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One blockbuster for Ranbir and everyone on social media also saying Ranbir is number 1 star now. I mean really? Ranbir fans trolling Salman khan while khans fans as usual trolling each other. Just see the guts of Ranbir fans that they are trolling The Salman Khan just because of one movie. You need to be consistent to be a superstar and not just give huge grosser with one movie and then disappear. Seems everyone forgot that Ranbir had 5 flops/disaster out of his last 6 movies before Sanju.

answered Jul 3 by Vikram Singh Production Accountant (21,642 points)
  • infinite to that

Same was the case with Salman after MPK, HAHK ... many flops before and after. all hits in supporting role ... where even actress got more credit than him.

If they can take credit for MPK/HAHK, why not Ranbir kapoor fans

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One sparrow does not make a summer.Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain Koun didn't shame Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna

answered Jul 3 by shah Executive Producer (65,446 points)
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what shame?

competition is increasing in Bollywood.

for so many years it seemed like only Sallu and Aamir could get these numbers while SRK and HR sometimes delivered and Ajay/Akki were not delivering.

sure, it has taken support of legends like SLB and Hirani, but youngsters are coming into their own.

the fight should carry on and there should be brutal competition among all of them to be the biggest, otherwise you'll get crap like Race 3 and JHMS.

as I said I do not want another 2016 scenario where top 2 grossers are far ahead on 3rd one.

so much big stuff from youngster coming out in the next year, I hope it gives sleepless nights to all seniors.

answered Jul 3 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,078 points)
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In tollywood Prabha was not even in top 5 before baahubali..now ACC to the collections,he is not only top in tollywood but even in Bollywood and no.3 in kollywood and top 5 in mollywood..
So will that make him no.1 star at present??
90% is directors credit and 10% is ranbirs.
It will take another 2 blockbusters for ranbir to be comparable to khan's..
Let's wait for next two years.

answered Jul 3 by Hrithikiantilldeath Set Designer (2,225 points)
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Ha ha.... its good...that all records broken. Let Khans to broke back... hopefully with TOH n ZERO.

answered Jul 3 by Agan Executive Producer (65,016 points)
–1 vote

Hahahahahaha the reason is because its not stardom its quantity of masala in masala dosa , the more masala you mix help dosa to sell extra quantity..

Even small actor like varun dhawan , tiger shroff giving bigger grosser with masala so now masala dependent star needs to try something different may be MOMOS , china me bhi bikta hai..

answered Jul 3 by deepak_bishty Director (131,558 points)
–2 votes

Yes, Shame On Shahrukh & Salman. Now Only Ace Can Save The "Reputation" Of Khans With THUGS OF HINDOSTAN. And Don't Worry, He WILL.

answered Jul 3 by Rajat Production Accountant (28,320 points)

hahaha ajay.... he's a program.... he doesn't take his own medicine.
isko jahan daaana dalo wahan a jata hai.... these 37 minions are so easy to manipulate.

well Said.......

You Simply Can't Take ALL TIME GROSSER Away From Ace In This Aamir Khan Era. Shahrukh Had It For 4 Months. Ranbir, Too, Will Have It For Only Four Months.

hahaha daikha .... daaana daaala aur a gaya. minion

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