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@gg rajini has past his prime...mann.
I think 2010 Robo itself a grand tribute to him.Imo.


@Greek God With right films he will open. Kabali did open like a storm & so did even Lingaa. Kaala didn't open because of several negative factors and overall the film didn't generate that much pre-release buzz. Before Kaala, he did make some unfavorable comments that also gave negative publicity to his political stand.

2.0 too had enough negative response pre-release. Despite that it collected so much. Petta released too soon. 3 movies in 7 months is not ideal for such a big superstar. And hardly over a month gap between 2.0 & Petta. It was expected to not get the gigantic response but Viswasam taking lead at home was surprising.

Like I said, let Rajini stick to one film a year or one film for 2 years, the buzz could be generated like anything. Too much Rajini hampers that excitement. Afterall he did prepare his audience like that post 1995 where he had two films which took him to all time height in terms of superstardom - Baashha & Muthu. After then, he did limited work,

1997 - Arunachalam [Not a big hit]
1999 - Padyappa [All time Hit]
2002 - Baba [Disaster]
2005 - Chandramukhi [All time Hit. ran for two years.]
2007 - Sivaji The Boss [All time grosser.]
2008 - Kuselan / Kathanayakudu [Disaster - Not main lead. Srk played his role in Billu.]
2010 - Endhiran [All time grosser.]
2014 - Kochadaiiyaan & Lingaa [Disasters]
2016 - Kabali
2018 - Kaala & 2.0 [Nov 29th]
2019 - Petta [10th Jan]


@suhas his political stance didn't affect his movies openings /full run...Rajini isn't a TN & tamil os confined actor.
He has stardom all over south india... If we observe pre release of his films buzz & openings after Enthiran in 2010 no other film had generated a buzZ of his stature except Kabali.
My self i haven't seen any rajini film after enthiran in theatre excluding kabali on day1...Yep I haven't seen 2.0 in theatre.

Atleast From now He should be careful in picking subjects.i just want one last memorable big hit.


@lxbhsh Not entirely. His remark on Sterlite protest was heavily criticised. After making such remark, he went onto have a full fledged protest till death scene (though he doesn't die) in Kaala. Since the political overture was too much in Kaala with him playing the lower caste & ofcoure Pa.Ranjith has a tendency to spread his ideologies and social message like that, it just looked like a huge build up for Rajini's political career.

Buzz hasn't gone down for him. Kabali & Kaala both weren't typical Rajini films. Even if you remove the caste angle as well as Pa.Ranjith's strong message for the opressed or be it his strong belief in Dr. Ambedkar, all of it with Rajini seems out of place. Because people expectation are far more different when it comes to Rajini and he doesn't fit in the Dalit world / ideologies of Pa.Ranjih. May be if Rajini hadn't announced his political entry then audience might have watched Kaala with an open mind. But most of those scenes seemed like being used to build his political image before he makes official announcement.

Even Kochadaiiyaan had a response despite having no takers. His age does matter, but now since everything will be associated with his political stand, he should be careful. Even Petta has strong remakrs in BJP or the respective Senas in terms of Gaurakshaks or that mythological analogy though explained to justify the killings, on the larger picture it sounds as a taunt at the political opponents. And this doesn't look good always on screen. BABA faced it as that film set itself against the main question "Will Rajini enter politics?" & the film had a open ending with Rajini's response to that question. Film flopped due to it's own merit but everybody knows what the ruling party did at that time, suddenly protesting violently that "Rajini is misleading youth with smoking & drinking". For a long time they had to stop showing Rajini stylishly smoking.

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It's a double blockbuster, venky was just riot in 1st half.
Happy to see it succeeding.

by Unit Manager (37.6k points)
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It was Venky's show all the way but ofcourse it's a cakewalk for him. Second half the film was terrible.


Yes second half was totally terrible.

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So will cross 60+ cr share great to see venky getting a big blockbuster

by Assistant Director (46.4k points)
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Congo's venKians.

Finally a 50+ share movie .

by Assistant Director (57.4k points)