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Sanju has huge first day of 34cr Nett to be the third highest non-holiday opener - BOI

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Sanju had a huge first day recording the sixth highest opening day of all time and the third highest non holiday of all time in terms of NETT collections. The film has collected a huge 34 crore nett apprx on day one and this is after an excellent start but not a bumper one. The morning looked a 29-30 crore start but it has pushed through the day and when doing that at these levels it means a huge box office run.

The film made ground through the day outside the metros to record very good collections at the end of the day and this is a huge plus for the weekend as the upward momentum could continue on Saturday and Sunday.

The multiplex collections are simply phenomenal and it looks the film has the highest ever collections on day one at all India multiplexes outside Bahubali - The Conclusion. Mumbai city, Delhi city and Bangalore are all first day records outside Bahubali - The Conclusion.

The collections are also the highest ever for the social drama easily beating Dangal released a couple of years back. It is ahead in NETT and also GROSS collections which actually is the real test when it comes to beating records now. That film was also not a bumper opening but made ground on the day to record a big number and this is ditto but with higher collections.

In GROSS terms the first day will be a bit lower at number at 7th or 8th  place due to the tax changes but that is still a huge achievement. The collections are now the highest ever for a non Khan film with only Salman Khan (Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Sultan, Tiger Zinda Hai is similar) and Shahrukh Khan (Happy New Year) having higher collections and of course there is Bahubali - The Conclusion.

The film should have growth over the weekend although the main multiplexes will find it tough to get major growth as the have very high occupancy but other places which started lesser and made ground on Friday could give the film solid growth over the weekend and push it well over the 100 crore nett mark for the weekend. If the main multiplexes do get capacity problems then its safe to say the weekdays will go crazy.
Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=4069
asked Jun 30 in Box Office Related by suhas All Time best! (260,192 points)
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So is Ranbir bigger star than Khan's?? I guess nope - so it's all the subject of movie & Brand Hirani.

answered Jun 30 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,825 points)

Teabee ranbir is like thanos wearing all his infinity stones. We are outnumbered. It's his time to rule over us.

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Lol for those who giving entire credit to hirani only for some obvious reasons means they are accepting that hirani alone is bigger than sequel plus masala plus festival period plus fake stardom generate by boi...
And for those who are saying look difference in ranbir other movie opening & Sanju for those look your star opening with masala & without masala..
Hirani was always a big director but he gains massive following after working with Aamir & ranbir as a always said is going to be number 1 star after 5-7 years once khan's retire from the industry , he was just a victim of bad choice of work in the past.
Coming to Aamir khan stardom a actress less , known director less movie opened to 30 Cr in demonetization and TOH will surely going to destroy all opening day/weekend/week record by a margin , Aamir in a full on commercial film is simply unbeatable.

answered Jun 30 by deepak_bishty Director (131,558 points)
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It's a eye-opener for those who disbelieved boi when they said Sanju is a director's film.
It's Opening is all due to Hirani.
Ranbir's last 5 movies weekend
Jagga jassos 31cr
Adhm 34cr
Tamasha 38cr
Bombay velvet 16cr
Besharam 32cr

& Even in the worst case scenario Sanju will collect 105cr+ weekend now

answered Jun 30 by Roman Production Designer (12,964 points)
edited Jun 30 by Roman

Lol biggest superstar, best actor and what not

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Some wannabes think It's all Hirani due to which it did 34-35 cr on Day 1. No doubt Movie had padding and had best director but It's Star driven industry and Major credit should always be given to Star unless it's biopic of celebrated legend like Dhoni or any other Cricketer .I haven't seen the movie .my show is today but what I am hearing is Its Ranbir and Vicky Kaushal show all the way .The huge fanbase among multiplex audience has shown their trust back to Ranbir and came back in huge nos .Now it's time for wom to do the trick and let SS audi huence come in huge nos as well . Weekend Record waiting !!

answered Jun 30 by puneetshukla Producer (101,948 points)
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So 15 years in trade, and they have sanity to compare an action film with drama film in term of morning shows. Its obvious that drama film will start hitting on Friday evening. Beside Sanju started the day with 32-35cr and that's what it did. They deflated morning shows figure, that's on them.

answered Jun 30 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,940 points)
+1 vote

Insane numbers for a movie released on non holiday. Another 100 cr weekend this year. Raju Hirani best director of this generation. No doubt. Ranbir is back with a bang.

answered Jun 30 by Sanal Star (143,567 points)
edited Jun 30 by Sanal
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I remember A sanki user and couple of fans of a father made star who were posting nonsense at the time of jagga jasoos. I can't imagine the pain they might be feeling now. 34cr opening followed by Raju Hirani is the best director of all time, sanju's life is dramatic, gaint supporting cast, post eid, pre July, post race 3 pre thugs.xansjwjwuehanma.

answered Jun 30 by lucifer Production Accountant (28,917 points)

Feeling happy as if srk did it. Hirani daya kar de srk par bhi

Bhai SRK ho ya RK hum to celebrate karte hi.. Agar HR bhi deta itna opening to i would have celebrated it unless wo bang bang, race 3, baaghi type film ho.

Lucifer change your dp. See I changed it too. The age of ranbir is upon us

Look who's calling others sanki, a person who believes in Ranbir, that's real sanki

+1 vote

Thats huge film is phenomenal will easily cross 300 crore mark barrier.. Hirani is now in a habit of striking gold

answered Jun 30 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,934 points)
+1 vote

Hirani power...................................

answered Jun 30 by Intense Director (127,642 points)
+1 vote

Atg coming for ranbir.....I still believe actual will come in 35+.multiplex were on fire

answered Jun 30 by Santosh Camera Operator (9,889 points)
edited Jun 30 by Santosh
+1 vote

34 cr on non holiday is insane, Ranbir is the best actor of his generation, also he going to be the biggest superstar after khans retire.......

And and and, forum pe 2 logon ki aaj bohot jal rhi hogi, tb n intense - may burnol help them!!

answered Jun 30 by saransh Unit Manager (31,194 points)

SRK even under bigger fire now. Ranbir might have a 300cr now and SRK is struggling for 100cr also. Sad.

Doesn't matter, srk has more than 25 films that have adjusted nett of 100 cr, he has achieved more than anyone else, enjoyed more golden phases than anyone........even if sanju does 400 cr, I m not going to be jealous coz the guy, ranbir, the biggest star after khans, deserves it.....

U worry about hritik, who gives 8 cr ki openings......

You know Saransh, I'm not jealous, because I have big advantage when I say bad about Ranbir, most Ranbir fans are SRKIANS, so when I say bad about him, I know they won't be able to say anything bad about my favourite star they can't, out of question, it's not possible, so usually it's a one sided discussion in my favour

+1 vote

content is bigger star than any actor.

still congrats to Ranbir for his extremely well received performance, and hope he chooses right script from now. aise mauke baar baar nahi aate.

answered Jun 30 by mr.hola Assistant Director (45,937 points)
0 votes

Highest first day nett for Ranbir Kapoor beat Aamir Khan highest First day nett. Its bigger achievement.

Dhoom 3 - 32.48 cr
Sanju - 34 cr

Many people says thugs on its way. When TOH made this record than discuss there but till now Sanju first day >>>Aamir khan highest first day.

answered Jun 30 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,495 points)

I know many unbelievable comment under my answer. I am ready.

As mentioned above.. Aag badi wali lagi hai.. 34cr non holiday opening to khwaab hi hota hai kuch stars ke liye..

Aur Yeh Bhi
Without Open Week Kitna Collection Karti Hai

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Woow! So Happy for Hirani Sirji , happy for Ranbir also but more for Hirani as I was sick of Aamir Fans giving credit of PK and 3 Idiots to Aamir only and saying that he is nothing without Aamir.

answered Jun 30 by Galeon Set Designer (2,045 points)

Shukar Karo 5 Open Week Nahi Hai Nahi To 400 cr Confirm Tha

Yeah I so wish this released on Eid. Then we would have known its true potential.

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