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Tum Mere Ho Is One Of The Worst Love Stories, One Of The Most Trolled And A Low Rated Films, As Per BOI It Was Average, After Update Expected To Be Semi Hit, Some Chance Even For Hit But Very Low So Not Counting That.

Veer Zaara Is One Of The Best Love Stories, Highly Praised And Highly Rated Movie Having Around 1.3 cr Footfalls

Tum Mere Ho Released In 1990 And Did Around 4 crs, Dil Did Around 10 Crs And Having Around 3 Cr Footfalls, So Footfalls Of Tum Mere Ho Will Be Around 1.2 Crs

Source Link: Old BOI And Indicine
closed with the note: Galti Se Mistake Ho Gaya In Collections As Indicine Was Wrong, But Verdict Is Correct As Thats From BOI
in Generic Comparisons by Assistant Director (41.5k points)
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bro waise 4 cr nahi hoga old boi 1.2 cr diya hai. Dil ka 7 cr diya hai ab dil ka 7 cr se 10 ho gaya hai to tmh ka 2 cr se jayada nahi aayega.

by Production Accountant (29.3k points)
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Hmm If You Are Saying Then I Can Trust You

But Semi Hit Confirm Bcz BOI 1 Ya 2 Baar Upgrade Karta Hai Verdict Ko


ha semi hit confirm hai. chance are there for hit but minimal.


Yes I Agree With You

+3 votes

Now Srk is history. Slb or Dhoom can save his career. Self-made

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)
+1 vote

He has worked in some great ventures of yrf and dharma last decade.
Veer zaara, Main hoon naa, Kal ho naa ho, chak de india are some great entertainers.
But sadly srk couldn't able to deliver their deserved collections.
He abled deliver 2cr ffs only twice in his best, golden, never seen before phase. (2000-2009)
The count has fallen to 1 this decade.
Consistent Superstar

by Unit Manager (33.4k points)
0 votes

LOL On which planet it did 4 Cr? Correct your database.

It's Lifetime is 0.2Cr ~ 1.3Cr in 2018.

Veer Zaara did 41Cr in 2004....
Ffs stop posting fake figures.


by Camera Operator (8.9k points) 1 flag

Abe Gawar Kahinke Fake Data Dega Tu

It Was Average Grosser As Per BOI

And As Per Indicine It Did 3.8 Crs In 1990

Fake Data Tu De Raha Hai Besharam Kahinke


Stop manipulating 20Lacs to 4cr LOL .


Abe Gawar Apne Maalik Jatinder Se Jaake Puch Woh Batayega Tujhe Ki Usne Galti Se 20 Lac Likha Google Karke

Jaa Yahan Bakchodi Mat Kar

BOI Gives It Semi Hit/Hit Verdict

Indicine Gives Around 4 Cr Lifetime

Tu Dikha Proof Toh Maanu

Jaake Puch Apne Maalik Jatinder Se Uska Kahan Kahan Golmaal Kiya Hai!

0 votes

Now what next? Tum mere ho vs guddu? Or daulat ki Jung vs English babu desi mem?

by Star (143k points)

Lol Tum Mere Ho Is Successful Unlike These Films!

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