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asked Jun 29 in Box Office Related by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,825 points)
99% Accept Rate

The film wasn't true to it's hero.
I mean it was a great watch but if somebody wanted a biopic he didn't get it.
The drug phase was shown to be over too quickly, more movies should have been shown during that time. I remember him saying he used to put his earnings to buy drugs but in the film it's like it happened little after the premiere. It was a 12 years period where as I know
Then his whole first marriage, the second marriage, meeting the third wife, the kamlesh thing was exaggerated. Only Munna bhai mentioned, the great gangster roles he did? Vaastav for example.

His sister supported him much more than shown.
Again not saying the film was bad, it was great but not a biopic. Not really.

My review: 1/5. And that is specifically for Mr. Ghapaghap.

11 Answers

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SANJU - 3.5/5

Entertaining biopic that soars on performances of its cast. RANBIR is fantastic ,he owns dutt persona so well that you forget that he is ranbir ,really believable. VICKY is awesome as sanju friends he excels his scenes with confidence ,his best so far. Paresh rawal is outstanding. Ranbir ,vicky and paresh sir are 3 idiots of movie bole to soul hai movie ki. Other cast has done well too.

Hirani has done good job with direction,his narrative skills are good but there is lack of newness to approach the subject.you will see his core style of filmmaking here too which sometimes become monotonous.

Music goes well with narrative. I just loved kar har maidaan fateh song in movie.

Viewers reaction were positive so we can except positive WOM . Film will do good business on box office.

answered Jun 29 by professor Set Designer (2,397 points)
+1 vote


One Time Watch For Me

3 Idiots>Munna Bhai Series>PK>Sanju

Great Acting By 3 Main Actors- Ranbir, Paresh Rawal, Vicky

Forgot To Mention Cutie Pie Anushka Sharma Who Has Been My Crush Since School Days When I Saw Her In RNBDJ For 1st Time.
Her Smile Is The Best, Just Love It.

There Is Mention About Aamir And Srk When Sanjay Dutt Tells His Father Saare Ache Scripts Toh Aamir Aur Shahrukh Le Jaate Hain

answered Jun 29 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,602 points)
edited Jun 30 by Rancho

Ya I agree. So many thing are ignored like Sanjay's relationship with other bollywood actor, his friends(Except one guy ), His mother, his sisters and also too much of vulgarity.

Like Crotch grabbing scene several times and also talking about s** in many occasions didn't go down too well....

Director conveniently changes track from 80's to 90's to Munnabhai to His father's death and emotionally manipulates audience.

All Said And Done At The End Of The Day Its A Propaganda Film It Will Clean Sanjay Dutt's Image

They Also Didnt Show His Relations With Bollywood Gfs Like Madhuri And Tina

Film Was Good But Nothing To Shout About

+1 vote

Very few biopic's are true to the story and no biopic's which are meant for commercial purpose are real. Sanju is one such film which showcase the story of life a man who had many ups and downs. From being a womanizer, Drug addict and criminal or say terrorist (which according to him, he's not). The film looks like a desperate attempt to showcase Sanju as a victim to situations and at some extent it seems like the film desperately tries to prove that he's not a terrorist.

Treatment of the film as a film is great., Raju Hirani has his own style of narrating any story, his old and ever formula of making audience laugh and cry in balanced proportion. First half is well paced with songs rightly placed. Ruby Ruby and Kar har Maidaan fateh stands out. Second half seems a bit dragged and preachy overall. Abhijaat Raju combo strikes yet again with Screenplay, editing and direction being right at the place.

One thing this film soars on is on the performance from top 3 cast.

Ranbir Kapoor as SANJU is his career best. Prosthetics helps you to get the look but sheer hardwork and dedication would be required to get the mannerism and gestures right.

Vicky kausal as the fictional friend of sanju is THE SURPRISE PACKAGE. You do look out for him in SANJU. He's nailing each and every scene, with or without Sanju. He's Class apart.

Paresh rawal as Sunil dutt is the third driving force of this film.

Anushka Sharma was bubbly Doobly good

Sonam, Manisha and Jim were wasted.

The film is dependable. Dependable on SANJU KAMLI bromance and Sunil dutt - Sanjay dutt father son bond. As every Rajkumar Hirani film from Munna bhai MBBS, 3 Idiots, pk.. This film is also roller coaster of emotions.

It's Rajkumar Hirani's weakest film yet one of the best of 2018.

Direction - 4/5
Editing 3.5/5
Music - 3.5/5


Ranbir - 4.5/5
Vicky kausal - 4.75/5

Final Rating - 3.5 /5.

answered Jun 30 by lucifer Production Accountant (28,917 points)
+1 vote

Watched a ranbir kapoor movie for the first time in cinema bco of hirani and its a hirani classic. Go watch it

answered Jun 30 by God Father Production Accountant (21,824 points)
+1 vote

A Short Review Of Sanju

A movie based on sanjay dutt and directed by one of the greatest director Raju Hirani,the movie revolves around sanju baba life and his early struggles in life his mistakes his worries and problems, how his father and best friend helps him out in this situation. I have to admit raju can make a simple story engaging full marks to raju for his direction, problem is screenplay, it have many flaws and boring parts,the only thing which made me watch this biopic was ranbir brilliant acting and he did a wonderful job here,Paresh Rawal was equally brilliant , but again content looks strictly good to me what soever its earning at the moment is due to the hype and i am afraid it will not perform to its potential or like other raju hirani movies during Weekdays because content is strictly good and it looked just a one time watch not because movie is bad or something but due to its emotional and serious content its all about guns,rifles bomb blast , some appropriate scenes which might not work with family audience, i mean i can watch it multiple time but it might not be everyone's cup of tea. I feel its not better then Hirani last movies except PK, but pk worked big time due to Aamir and entertainment factor . Raju hirani made a simple biography very well and might be the best biography ever made, but i am afraid this is the not a Raju hirani typical film which have mixtures of emotions,laugh and entertainment, its a complete emotional film which will make u feel cry but again emotions are getting overloaded here,though performance from the leads is commendable and ranbir is one brilliant actor who pulled it off, i feel to praise ranbir more then raju hirani here overall a good film and one time watch, i feel like 200 cr is safe here ,i might be wrong because its up to audience how they accept the content, if movie is accepted from here on then sky is the limit, but content is not for everyone so lets see.
Film rating :- 3.5/5 a very good work by hirani but not one of best, though better then pk but its content had entertainment , here its a complete serious film.
Ranbir kapoor:- One of the his best performance which engaged you all the way through a 3 hour long film kudos to Ranbir, his transformation was phenomenal here 4.5/5
Paresh Rawal :- Equally brilliant performance did justice to sunil dutt role , emotional scenes are marvelously handled by Legendary Paresh 4.5/5
Vicky Kaushal :- He was the x factor here , and was a surprise package brilliant, Completely nailed it 4.5:5
Manisha :- Her part as a mother was brilliant and she looked so gorgeous 4/5
Other supporting roles were just good , anushkha could have been better, sonam was forgettable , Dia mirza was good as a wife and looked stunning here.
Overall film might touch 200 cr due to huge weekend business
190-200cr prediction after watching film, not because movie is bad but content is restricted and might not work with family audience, A Must Watch Biography.

answered Jun 30 by IamLostSoul Assistant Director (42,177 points)
edited Jul 1 by IamLostSoul
+1 vote

Sanju Review
All Hail Rajkumar Hirani.. Ranbir gives a performance of lifetime

An honest biopic of Sanjay Dutt comes up with many shades and parts of his life.. It revolves around Drug Issue and 1993 blasts allegations but Director excels in showcasing small nice moments of Sanjay life taking these two aspects as core in the story telling department..

Ranbir Kapoor is the best actor from the current lot.. Not taking away Ranveer's Allaudin Khiji act from him.. But sorry Ranveer this is something else.. Only Ranbir Kapoor can portray an innocence of 80's..Drug addiction of 90's...a bollywood Muhammad Ali in late 90's and early 2000..munna bhai act like a classic and when movie ends u tend to ignore all the negative shades and u love that character.. Ranveer would be thinking had Padmavaat released last year I would have bagged all the awards..

Rajkumar Hirani is a gem.. He is the best director of indian cinema by miles... He is in his own league. Whatever he does he nails it.. Only Raju can present a biopic like a mainstream commercial bollywood movie which on verge to break records..

If u think best things from movie are only Raju direction or Ranbir Sanju act. You are wrong.. Paresh Rawal and Vicky Kaushal have shown sheer brilliance at screen.. They stood like pillars of the movie from beginning till the end... Seems like they have to compete for best supporting role..

Soman was cute. Anushka was attractive and Manisha Koraila was fab.. Not mentioning a Jim Sarbh's outstanding performance whatever little it was.. Even Karishma Tanna looked sexy for first time

Music was good.. You dont get bored.. It was presented as a catalyst to take movie forward.. Har Maidaan Fateh

Verdict.. Hirani strikes gold in achieving his style again.. Ranbir beta filmfare p tera hi haq hai is baar..
4/5 stars.. A best bollywood biopic..

Get blown away by an emotional, funny, innocent, larger than life roller coster ride which seems imaginary but a reality which deserved to be told

answered Jul 1 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,934 points)
+1 vote

Sanju overall is a much better movie than PK. The first half is brilliant and till the interval point the movie keeps you on the edge.

The curse of the 2nd half slides the movie down and more attempt is made to glorify dutt and his wrong doings. The terrorism angle is too much at times. It's surprising there is no focus on his turbulent personal life.

Acting wise ranbir kapoor is brilliant and his efforts to transform into the character are visible from the first to the last frame. One of the rare times.....I can praise him....he is amazing. Vicky kaushal is equally fantastic and I hope he gets more opportunities to show his talent.

Rating - 3/5

answered Jul 4 by Intense Director (127,642 points)

Intense praising Ranbir Kapoor???

The apocalypse is upon us.

Yep first time I liked his acting. Don't worry......I will still troll him for other things

+1 vote

Sanju - watch Sanju first day first show. Sanju is a classic. First half good but second half fantastic.

First half - 4/5
Second half - 4.5/5
Overall - 4.5/5

Rajkumar hirani classic. You genius man. And ranbir kapoor first time your acting i like it.

answered Jul 4 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,495 points)
+1 vote

Sanju lives up to the hype. Brilliant movie. Although it's not the kind of movies which we would like to watch again and again, it's a classic. Sanju is the story of Sanjay Dutt about how he fights many difficulties in his life, be it drug addiction, the things because of which he is inprisoned, love life and much more. The film is very entertaining from start to finish. The emotional quotient of the film brings tears to our eyes. Specially scenes where Ranbir is at hospital and Vicky comes to meet him, the jail scene, also many scenes involving Paresh and Ranbir. Brilliantly made film. Ranbir acts completely lives in the character of Sanjay Dutt. The style, the behaviour matches with Sanjay most of the time. Vicky Kaushal as Kamlesh and Paresh Rawal as Sunil Dutt are excellent was well. Without them the movie would not have been like what it has turned out to be. Remaining supporting cast like Dia, Sonam, Anushka and Mansiha all are great.I wish Sonam was given bigger role. Songs are good. Kar Har Maidaan Fateh is the best one. Very inspiring song. Direction and cinematography is superb. Raju Hirani is the best director of this generation no doubt. He churns our one classic after the other. For me Sanju is much better than his last film PK. Must watch movie. My rating 4.5/5.

answered Jul 7 by Sanal Star (143,567 points)
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So Watched Sanju Yesterday Night Show
Sanju is one of the best Directed films of Raj Kumar Hirani .IMO his 2nd best directed movie after Lage Raho Munna Bhai .Hirani just showed what a brilliant Director he is that he can take a vague story and narrate it in the way that it becomes Entertaining engaging . First half of the movie is simply Fantastic and super Entertaining .Watch for the Masterclass of Hirani in Ruby Ruby song . Movie ends on a surprising note in Interval . Another high point. 2nd half is disappointing compared to First half .It's not boring ,it's not bad ,it's still brilliantly Directed but basically Sanju Terrorist angle is something which didn't engage me. it became boring at a point and also I already knew about it so it wasn't so great for me .Movie didn't strike me emotionally that well . Overall A good biopic which rose above its merit due to brilliant Direction despite having average storyline
Ranbir Kapoor is Sanjay Dutt .His entry scene is just awesome .I thought Sanjay Dutt himself is making entry .When it comes facial expressions, mimicry Ranbir was excellent .He was extraordinary in Emotional and intense scenes .best we have in Bollywood right now . Ranbir lacked in Macho scenes mostly due to his voice and Personality which didn't suit him . Overall -9/10 performance as it was very difficult role to play and Ranbir almost did it with perfection .Best Male performance of the. Year
Vicky Kaushal - what to say man. He is the true find for Bollywood .A gem of an actor .I am in awe with this guy acting abilities .His role was not that difficult like Ranbir but his performance was simply extraordinary -10/10
Rest casts were all good as casting was simply superb
Watch out for Sanju as it's one of the best narrated biopics of all time .If you don't have much idea of Sanjay Dutt two important aspects of life you would definitely love it .2nd half could be disappointing if you are aware of proceedings of bomb blast case
First Half -4/5
Second Half -3/5
Overall -3.5/5
I think Movie won't trend like ATBB like Dangal Bajrangi and would fold its lifetime around 280-290 cr

answered Jul 1 by puneetshukla Producer (101,948 points)

Sounds like a biased review. Ranbir is the best we have in intense and emotional scenes......I stopped reading right there.

0 votes

Worst movie but also movie is breaking every records.Ranbir maasss

answered Jul 6 by Santosh Camera Operator (9,889 points)

Worst movie hahahaha

Subah subah joke.

Yes bro.this movie is nowhere near other hirani movies

Bro 2nd best after munnabhai.

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