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You Asked It - Why Is Akshay Kumar At Number Four? [BOI]

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Q. You always have Akshay Kumar rated at number four or even higher but his films hardly open to 11-12 crore and Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh and Tiger Shroff open much better so its easy to conclude they should be ranked higher than Kumar?
M. Bose

A. There is something called padding which means a film which has far more than just the male star. Akshay Kumar films like Toilet Ek prem Katha or Rustom or Jolly LLB 2 or Padman are driven by Akshay Kumar and him alone. The other actors you mentioned are padded with bigger budgets, bigger films, bigger casts, bigger directors, bigger canvas, etc etc when they open higher than Akshay Kumar. If this padding is not there then the openings are lower an there are many examples. The bigger Akshay Kumar films will start from next year and then you can compare. Also the number of films make a huge difference as they are generally quickies and not films that take a year or more to make so that will dent box office as well. The mass following is only second to Salman Khan and that is despite a few years of films which does not cater to mass.

Q. There is article which says Kareena Kapoor bigger than John Abraham. Can you put up the top stars in the country which includes male and female because like to see which other male actors are less than the big female stars?
S. Alvi

A. Post Sanju maybe as that may see a some changes in pecking order if it does the job.

Q. There is a lot of negativity for Salman Khan after Race 3 with most trade people saying Aamir Khan is top and a league of his own and even Salman Khan fans saying they will not watch Dabangg 3 or Kick 2 or Race 4 so is this not the end of the road?
J. Raghu

A. Eight years of super stardom does not end with one film it will take more than that or a big challenge from someone else. The fans will come to watch those films above and if they are good they will be huge hits. The negativity is for various reasons mainly as Salman Khan does not cater to to the media so they go for the films more when they dont work. It was same with Tubelight a year ago. Also its the wrong music company producing the film as many portals and channels are controlled by the main two players and they not going to kind to an old player coming back. Eventually the film is an AVERAGE fare at least and that will do for a film gone wrong. It may be called disaster or huge flop by many but thats the media for you.

Q. Was there a time when Ajay Devgn was bigger than the Khans?
Vijay Jain

A. Yes around the early nineties he was bigger than Salman Khan and Aamir Khan as his films like Jigar, Divyashakti, Vijaypath took better openings than the Khan films. Shahrukh Khan started later but became a bigger star with Baazigar and Darr.
Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=4062
asked Jun 28 in Box Office Related by suhas All Time best! (260,373 points)
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The mass following is only second to Salman Khan and that is despite a few years of films which does not cater to mass. Akshay kumar core fanbase is similar to Salman. He giving back to back clean hit films without mass appeal is really big thing when considering most of his fans want him to be seen in action or comedy flicks. Even though i love to see him in content orientated films but still the excitement level for this kind of films is not upto the level when he comes with mass films.

Akshay should give one content orientated film followed by Action flick to keep good balance of class and mass. His upcoming films looks big from next year. I hope that the way of akshay films is used to open huge in 2007 to 2010 will be repeated in coming years too.

answered Jun 28 by Kowsigan Second Unit Director (74,675 points)
selected Jun 29 by suhas
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Most audience in India are from Middle Class and most of them aren't theater going audience rather are TV audience the most. And on TV families like to watch Comedy or Commercial Masala films which Salman and Akshay does. So they are loved among Masses.

So its fine when BOI says Akshay is 2nd to Salman interms of Mass following.

Aamir and SRK are loved by classes the most due to their Class appealing film while SRK lost the track this decade with most focus on Urban audience with few exceptions like CE HNY and Dilwale and Raees (not for families tho).

So Mass fan following (Middle class the most)


answered Jun 28 by iamkhan8970 Producer (115,992 points)

i'm saying it is not in a dhoom or race zone. Top actress, punch dialogues, larger than life hero image, actor singing songs, romancing.. I mean even in serious akki films like padman, toilet u had typical romance and songs which is very imp for mass audience. Aamir did it without anything........

Every actor has his own zoner bro and sports based film not required any other thing. If trailer click among audience than movie open huge.

pk had no trailer only teasers and posters did the trick. Aamir doesn't even go to reality shows which masses watch like kapil saregama etc

Kyun teaser se movie ka pata nahi chalta kya? Indian audience very smart bro.

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It's Incredible To See How Akshay Has Managed To Hold His Position Among Top 5 Despite Not Giving Gigantic Hits Like Khans In His Career. His Comedies Usually Fare Very Well On TV, That Is One The Major Reasons Why He Firmly Stands After Khans. Although The Gap Is Too Huge. If Aamir Or Shahrukh Or Salman Has Crowd-Pulling Points Of 100, 80, 80 Given In Their Best Bet Respectively, Akshay Will Be At 4th Having 50. Yes, Too Low. But Like I Said, The Gap Is Too Huge. But That's Not Even The Point Here. The Actual Point Which Everyone Missed Is Only "Eight Years Of Super Stardom" LOL!

answered Jun 28 by Rajat Production Accountant (28,360 points)

Abey Yaar Yahan Sab Akshay Ko Bash Karne Mei Busy Hain Kisine Sachmei Ispe Dhayan Tak Nahi Diya
Kamaal Hai Bhai Tu

Obviously because salman was going through a rough patch during 2006-009.
He enjoyed the best run ever or superstardom only after dabbangg that doesn't mean he wasn't huge before 2010 same like Aamir with 3idiots.
One doesn't become such a huge Superstar with 1 movie.
He's a established Superstar due to movies like Mpk Hahk KA Hssh. even in All time great list he will be in top2 nomatter what.
I have stats to prove how Salman will be bigger than Aamir overall career wise but i won't do that because i know that you are a programmed bot.
So I can't troll a Star i like due to a bot

@Rajat the 8 years of Superstardom which nobody ever had except Amitabh so don't be happy as other than these two nobody was, is & will be ever a Megastar ! ... period

+3 votes

Kabhi kabhi to aaisa lagta hai, Ye BOI kudh hi question set karke answer deta hai, aajtak mere ek bhi question ka answer nahi dia hai.

answered Jun 28 by Rocsky Unit Manager (32,589 points)

yes bro..........

@Rocsky how i ask question? Which section can you please tell me?


Bro mail bhejna hai kya? Link de de bhai.

+3 votes

Padding. Rofl. BOI back again with a mindless article.

answered Jun 28 by Intense Director (128,012 points)


Padding ,seems like tiger's pr was writing this article. Who knows in HRvsTiger they declare HR a padding in front of tiger ....

BOI jo na kar de wo kam hai.

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Title Should Be Not "You Asked It"

Real Title Should Be "We Asked Ourself"

Anyways Leave Apart All Padding Non Padding Holiday Non Holiday Mass Following Class Following No. Of Films Genre Director Producer Just Check The Facts

☆Akshay Vs Aamir
Films 110 Vs 40 (Aprox)
Hits 27 Vs 19
Big Hits 11 Vs 12
Blockbusters 2 Vs 9
Atbb And Atg 0 Vs 5
Hgoty Bhoty Mwfoty 0 Vs 7
Hgotd 0 Vs 2
Bhotd Mwfotd Hgotc 0 Vs 1
2 Cr Footfalls 2 Vs 9
3 Cr Footfalls- 0 Vs 5
4 cr Footfalls 0 Vs 1

150 cr Domestic Lifetime Along With 20 Cr Opener With All Types Of Films, All Types Of Budgets, All Types Of Production Houses, Both On Holiday/ Festive And Non Holiday/Non Festive- Missing For Akshay Whereas Aamir Has 300 Cr Lifetime And 30 Cr Opener.
Better Not To Talk About Overseas And Worldwide.
According To BOI Akshay Has Huge Mass Fan Following Still Even His Massy Films On Holiday Cant Collect More Than Aamir's Non Massy Films On Non Holiday In Opening.
Talking About Lifetime Aamir Even With Non Massy Movies Earns Much More Than Akshay Massy Movies In Single Sceens Which Shows Massive Difference Between Them.

Stardom- Aamir Was Declared Superstar And Said To Be Biggest Star Having Best Run Which Never Happed For Akshay. Aamir Was Said To Be 3rd Most Popular Actor Of The Country After Salman And Shahrukh, All 3 Khans Were Said To Be Similar Level Superstars With Salman Having Slight Edge Due To More Fan Following Among Masses Provided He Does Right Film. Again Akshay Is No Where In Picture.
So What Exactly Is Use Of Having So Called Biggest Fan Base And 2nd Most Fan Following Among Masses When Box Office As Well As Stardom Wise Akshay Is Miles Behind Aamir.


answered Jun 28 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,756 points)
edited Jun 28 by Rancho

Ajay we compare because akshay along with girish johar is overrating himself in every BOI article.

What padding did Aamir have with dangal? But BOI won't report that. I'm waiting for the hilarious articles on gold now.

BOI said Akshay Has More Fan Following Among Masses After Salman.
Indirectly Calling Akshay To Be Bigger Than Both Aamir And Shahrukh Among Masses

So Comparision Was A Must!

Yes bro BOI right because akshay movie mostly watched on tv and many tv audience not going to theatre. And second aamir max. Movies % collection come from multiplexes. All higher class audience going to prefer multiplexes but middle class not going to theatre or very less people going to theatre.

Its a conjecture (google meaning)
BOI Cant Prove Their Statement Whereas What I Presented Are Pure Facts

Who Told You Middle Class People Dont Go To Theatre Or They Go Less Donot Talk In Air I Have Seen Many Inferior Single Screens Being Housefull Having Cheap Ticket Rates Ofcourse High Class People Wont Go There So Dont Talk In Air

And Not Only Aamir's All Actor Movies Collects Mostly From Multiplex Dont Try To Act As If Salman Movies Does 200 Crs From Single Screens Its 100-110 Thats The Capacity Of Single Screens
Aamir Films Earn 2nd Most From Single Screens Even After Mostly Doing Non Mass Friendly Movies

3 Idiots From Single Screens Alone Collected More Than Lifetime Of Almost All Films Released Last Decade
Ghajini Broke Records In Single Screens
Dhoom 3 Was 1st Film To Collect 100 crs From Single Screens (All Language)
Dangal And Pk Both Were Huge And Did 80-90 Crs Despite Being Less Mass Friendly And Single Screen Owners Wrote Letters To Aamir For Saving Them From Losses As They Made Huge Profits!

+1 vote

If they are praising Akshay for toilet and padman then Dangal also falls in that category..
However, the opening was thrice of akshay films.

Adding to this, BOI says bigger budgets, bigger films, bigger casts, bigger directors, bigger canvas, etc etc this was not applicable when they were comparing Talaash with a Race??

Finally, How can they compare john with kareena? I mean there is something called padding right? veer di had sonam kapoor also who gave one of the biggest female hit neerja!......

answered Jun 28 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (77,007 points)
edited Jun 28 by kashyap123

Well they weren't comparing Akshay with Aamir there while talking about Pad Man & Toilet Ek Prem Katha. The question really compared him with Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh etc.

Still talking about Aamir & Akshay, it's pretty much a fact that Akshay is the one with more following among the masses. But that has to do with Akshay catering to the masses for 2 decades before moving on to less mass friendly scripts. Aamir never did that.

Akshay Having More Following Among Masses Or Not Doesnt Makes Any Difference Fact Is That In Terms Of Box Office As Well As Stardom He Is Behind All 3 Khans

Yes bro i agree with you but where BOI say in this artical akshay is bigger than aamir?

+1 vote

Jab padding thi tab kya ukhaad liya Akki ne?

I like him a lot but fact is fact only 2 BB and 0 HGOTY in 27 years. Lol.

Anyway, let's see what happens when he tries to change it up next year onwards.

answered Jun 28 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,252 points)

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