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All those Aman ki asha, ISI-Raw part was unrealistic and far from truth.

I found audience getting disconnected to it completely . Ali overdid it.

It was perfectly done in URI, no Aman, bhaichaara, it evokes patriotism which doesn't feel forced.

What would have been the reception if Ali had avoided the total ISI part and had made a complete patriotic thriller?
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Not about Anti pak, but how easily they get together get ready for the mission.
It feels unreal


mega hit if he had done that since his stardom today is equivalent to Amitabh and Sunny in their prime


@Roman One would've walked out half way. For the world of Tiger, hyper propaganda narrative is a certified doom. And considering the subject, it was meant to be much realistic. That wouldn't have served the purpose of a commercial potboiler.

Why TZH did work is for the fantasy part. Deep down everybody wants peace. And that entire scene of both RAW & ISI taunting each other before agreeing to team up sells that idea. And that is how the India & Pakistan flag together scene was created with positive vibes.


I liked Flag scene. Liked enough to not give film 1-2/10 as O do if 2nd haldlf isn't upto the mark.

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4 cr footfalls..........

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I know that


To @Tomcruse


Its Tough But Not Impossible, May Be Bharat Can Achieve It!

Yes TZH Had Unrealistic Scenes Involving ISI And RAW

ETT 1st Half Alag Hi Level Ka Tha , Teaser Ke Level Wali Film Banti Toh 3.5 cr footfall Wali Atbb Hoti Woh!


Dear tauji, kyu bole Salman aise dialog? Jo waha se 10 Sar laanewala tha wo waha jaake biryani kha raha hai....toh jimmedar nagarik hone ke naate Salman ka bhi farz banta hai ki uss biryani ka izzat rakhe aur aisa kuch bhi naa kare/bole

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Nothing. URI ain't doing anything extraordinary, just be habitual of these things now. Business is changing, trends will.
Besides URI is small film. Smaller films get benefit of these things but when you talk about a four quadrant film the affect reduces as they already have catered to large chunk of market.

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Not talking about business,if a Khan starrer shows it then what wound have been the response? That was my question

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As Jatinder & Suhas said, not much difference, even nothing at all.

What worked for Uri wouldn't have worked for TZH, there is a large market to cater for, bigger audience, smaller movie gets benefited, bigger movie, infact much much bigger movie like TZH is completely different, it won't get benefited from it, so comparing small movies to bigger movies on same parameter isn't wise, different scenarios.

Besides URI isn't doing that hasn't been done before, it's footfalls won't be crossing movies like TWMR despite it collecting more, so what has URI done that a well made entertainer couldn't? You have Raazi, Stree, Badhaai Ho. URI might cross them but then again small movies working well since last year isn't something new so tell me how much hyper nationalism helped URI comoared to just an entertainer like TWMR that even after crossing it's nett, it's footfalls will be lesser than that movie?

TZH did what it could've done, i doubt it would've done even that much if you mingle with it.

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I wasn't talking about the collections, I'm talking about the response of audience?

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