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Films: Sunny 29, Aamir 23

Hits: Sunny 10, Aamir 9

Blockbusters: Aamir 3, Sunny 3

Atbb: Aamir 1, Sunny 1

Hgoty: Aamir 2, Sunny 1

Film In Top 3 Biggest Hit Of Decade: Aamir 1, Sunny 0

Aamir Also Defeated Sunny In Both The Clashes They Had In 1990s

Stats Clearly Show That Aamir Had Better Box Office Performance Than Sunny Deol And This Condition When Sunny Deol Was No. 1 Actor Of The Decade And Aamir Was No. 5, In Entire Career Be It Box Office Or Stardom Aamir Is Ahead Of Sunny Deol And In Terms Of Legacy Sunny Deol Is No Match For Aamir Because Aamir Has Given Many Timeless Classics To Bollywood!

Note- Sunny Deol Had Better Performance In Openings And Thats Obvious As He Was No. 1 Star Of The Decade For A Reason!

On A Side Note Comparing Their Entire Career

Aamir Vs Sunny Deol


Films: 40 Odd Films Vs 60 Odd Films


Success: 25 Odd Success Vs 30 Odd Success


Hits: Both 20 Odd Hits


Big Hits: 12 Vs 9


Blockbusters: 9 Vs 6


Atbb: 5 Vs 2


Atg: 5 Vs 1


HGOTD: 2 Vs 0


Record Distributor Share: 5 Vs 1


Biggest Hit And Most Watched Film Of Decade: Both 1


Hgoty: 7 Vs 2


All Circuit Record With 1 Film: 1 Vs 0


3 Cr Footfalls: 5 Vs 4


4 Cr Footfalls: 1 Each


5 Cr Footfall: 0 Vs 1


Opening Day Record: 6 Vs 5


Bumper Openers: Aamir Has 9, Sunny Deol's Number Is Not Known But It Cant Be More Than 15 So Lets Assume 15


Highest Opener Of Decade: 2 Vs 0


Biggest Opener Of Decade: 1 Vs 0


As They Say It Doesnt Matter How You Start But What Matters Is How You End, No One Is Interested In Knowing What Sunny And Aamir Did In 1st 20 Years Bcz Entire Career Will Be Compared, Sunny Deol Is Still Acting Its Not That He Retired Its Just That Since 2001 Except 1 Or 2 Films All His 25 Odd Films Have Flopped Badly


Aamir Khan Became Star In 1988 With His 1st Film And Even After 3 Decades He Remains A Star, Except Dilip Kumar And Other 2 Khans Only Aamir Has Managed To Stay In Top 5 Biggest Stars Of A Decade For 3 Consecutive Decades, All Trade Sites And Trade Analyst Including BOI, Taran, Komal Consider Him A Top Tier 1 Superstar Who Is Among Top 3 Stars Of This Era Both In Terms Of Popularity And Box Office. He Will Remain Bigger Star Than Sunny Deol Both In Terms Of Popularity And Box Office, Aamir Will Surely Be In Top 10 Actors Of All Time And Can Also Be In Top 5 Actors But Sunny Deol Wont Find A Place In Top 10.

As It Is Aamir Is Ahead Of Sunny Deol In 90% Criteria And Till Retirement He Will Cross Even The Remaining 10% As Well

All This Is When He Still Has 2 Decades Of Career Left And There Is Going To Be Addition To His Achievements!

in Generic Comparisons by Assistant Director (42.3k points)
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demented how can someone be superstar without giving record and top weekend
record openers
aamir- nil
Sunny- 3
Top 3 openings & weekends
Sunny- 8
aamir- nil and 1


I also like aamir he is great actor but facts are facts cannot ignore them


Dear tauji don't be so panic. He has already accepted that stardom wise Sunny>>>Aamir.... But as far as box office success is concerned, Aamir>>>Sunny. That's the fact and statistics proves it.


In 90s movie had long opening day was not important.

5 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

Achievement/Box office/Accolades wise
Aamir >>> Sunny
Legacy wise
Aamir >>>Sunny
Stardom wise
Whole career
Achievement/Box office/Accolades wise
Legacy wise
Stardom wise

Bottom line Aamir is a legend and among the greatest superstar india has ever had (Tier 1)
Sunny is a Massy Superstar with many box office records (Tier2)

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
selected by

Off course Salim-Javed pair is great.... However, star>>>director>>>producer>>>others (including writers), at least in Bollywood. But acc to tauji writer ka beta nepotism ka product but superstar ka beta nepotism ka product nhi.

BTW, my ittu saa writer Salim Khan was a googly for tauji. Usko usike jaal me fasane ka ek koushish tha. Don't take it seriously.


Yes I agree in Bollywood writers are not given so much importance


Tauji abhi hibernation mein chale gaye
Kuch der baad ek aur post karenge


Now tauji be like "Raziya gundon me phas gayi"

+3 votes

The thing is Sunny was never a Pan India star but the KHANS are ... p

by Editor (86.7k points)
+2 votes

Yes Aamir was ahead of sunny box office wise but sunny was no1 in stardom wise

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)

Yes Agree

+1 vote

Sunny Deol in the '90s :
1.Border (ATBB) - multistarrer
2.Darr- BB- multistarrer
3.Ghayal (sh/BB)- solohit
4.Jeet( Superhit)- multistarrer but main lead
5.Ghatak- Superhit- solohit
6.Ziddi( Superhit)- solohit
7. Damini ( hit)- guest appearance ( among two best guest appearance ever with Amitabh Bachchan in Andha Kanoon- BOI)
( Semihit)- Solo hit
9.Lootere(Semihit)- multistarrer
( above average) - multistarrer
11.Qahar**( average)- multistarrer
12.Ajay ( average)- Solo

17 flops and disasters
Total-29 movies
Solohit-3 + Narsimha=4.
* Old Boxofficeindia.Com verdict

by Second Unit Director (71.5k points)
edited by

Shame On Baazigar Sunny Deol Himself Survived On Multistarrers And He Has The Audacity To Troll Others For Multistarrers

People Become Huge Star After Giving Biggest Hit Of Career But Sunny's Stardom Phased Out After Gadar


@Rancho Lmao ..
its funny but true ...


Hahaha :p

–2 votes

Stardom is decided by openings and weekends not final collection aamir was a flop actor till he had a fluke atb which made him a star in 96 he had bumper openers only with great director Indra Kumar According to BOI aamir got overshadowed in qsqt, dil, rh and even rangeela where heroine got credit and became superstar Indra Kumar made him star he never had any top opener proves that he was not a superstar

by Location Manager (6.6k points) 2 flags

Ok Intense


Dear tauji, tell us the opening day and weekend collections Mother India, Mughal-E-Azam, Sholay etc.... Can you please? I know you can't, infact nobody can. But almost everyone knows (off course including u) those films verdict and their position in those respective years and decades. And I guess you know that verdicts and positions are decided by lifetime collections.

Conclusion : bumper opening, record weekend etc are all good weapons for fans to use in fans wars but these things don't have any longevity...and hardly anyone knows about these things in real world.


Check PM @Rancho.


Done Intense

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