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May be not many directors want to work with him but Just for argument sake Let's see the list of directors who said they want to work with him.

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all of these are recent ones...... not from old times...

1 - RAJAMOULI...... said he wants to work with salman khan

2 - Rohit shetty ..... said he wants to work with him.... with a script which will justify his stardom

3 - AR murugadozz..... this one is well known... ...

4 - Anand L rai......  even after ZERO didn't work out between them... he confirmed they both will be working on a film.

5 - SLB ....... his words "im dying to work with him"

6 - Aushutosh G. ..... he said he wants to make a superhero movie with him


while the directors which are directing him in upcoming movies till 2021 are

1 - Bharat - AAZ (confimed)

2 - dabangg 3 - Prabhudeva (confimed)

3 - dancing dad -  Remo d'souza (confirmed)

4 - Sher khan -  Sohail khan (confirmed)

5 - Kick 2 - Nadiadwala (confimed)
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Sohail Khan is a nightmare except for a Pktdk

answered Jun 25 by shah Executive Producer (65,507 points)
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barring Ashutosh, any director from the first list would make this fans and the trade very happy.

answered Jun 24 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,570 points)
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Aamir Khan also everybody wants to work with......Not just Indian Directors but hollywood also

answered Jun 25 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (77,048 points)