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SRK UNIVERSE - Big Srk fanclub twitter id Suspended

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What did they do?

Source Link: Twitter
asked Jun 24 in General by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,893 points)
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Just this morning I attended a special screening of Dil To Pagal Hai in Bengaluru PVR Regalia & it was organised by Srk Universe.

Didn't know about it first when they announced in the beginning to stay back for the cake cutting. It was only after the film ended, they brought the banner saying "Srk universe special screening of Dil To Pagal Hai" we all realised what it was. Except for that one group of 6-7 people rest all of us were normal audience who bought the ticket through BMS without knowing who organised the screen. They took enough photos before the show & after the show of us audience. They even asked to give Srk pose which only 3-4 gave. But they distributed special calendar with SRK's photo. Instead of festivals, calendar has the dates marked for Srk & all his family members birthday dates as well as his films release date.

Free ka wannabe fans aside, these didn't seem like just post 95 born who were showing off. You could see their personality speak out, confidence in taking initiative to organise the screening & the way addressed the audience.

I mean I am sharing this because today marked my first ever experience with Srk universe. Only complaint is except for opening credits & Srk's entry, they didn't make any noise. It was like they realised majority audience were quite elder, I am only 30 but I understand. Ofcourse I never make any noise even for Salman including his entry. The silence here mostly meant the fan club expected a a different set of audience.

Anyways after getting distracted.... I don't think the reason would be weak for Twitter to suspend the account. Nevertheless the fan club that big will try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The fan club knows in a way they also represent their idol too. So I believe they'll be aware of it & are capable of resolving it.

Yeh group ki funding aur fan club organisers redchilles ke employees hai kya?

No. This funding seems to have come straight out of their pockets.

Don't think the distributor here blindly gave permission & also PVR. Right from Yrf to this they had to have paid the right amount.

3 Answers

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Because of this.. Some haters reported 2013 tweets.

answered Jun 24 by iamkhan8970 Producer (115,992 points)
selected Jul 2 by -OmKara-

That must be something extreme or else why Twitter would have suspended it's account.

How did they got 2013 tweets, wasn't SRK Universe formed in 2014..??

Not necessarily extreme, one twitter account was suspended recently for saying "I'll kill you" sarcastically.

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Well to be honest, i never missed them, they don't seem to add much meaningful to twitter timeline, except sometimes good quotes from SRK & some old footage, other then that, just random stuff.

Now why were they banned?? Well I don't know, someone sent a report for some tweet made in 2013, and that's kind of surprising that they got suspended for some random tweet back in 2013, I've never seen them posting objectionable content since I've started to follow them back in 2014.

Also because jealousy, I mean look at them, most probably active twitter fan club, branches all over country (or they say so) they do yearly real award functions, honouring fans and giving awards to them, arranging FDFS shows all over country (this one is true, and have branches (fans) in other countries too, it's like a sheer network of fans connected to each other using social media. - perfect ingredients for jealousy, if you can't be like them, suspend them by reporting bogus stuff.

answered Jun 24 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,984 points)

Twitter suspended their ID, not Salman fans.... Their guidelines aren't this much hard not to follow, we have seen all fanclubs, this is 1st one to get id suspended.

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Fan bases can say dumb stuff or maybe something abusive and derogatory. Perhaps that's the reason

answered Jun 24 by Intense Director (128,012 points)

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