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This Guess Who article might reveal the reason why Sallu has rejected multiple Boney Kapoor movies.

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The superstar never forgives nor forgets. He was instrumental in shaping the career of this young actor and had taken him under his wing. But today the bonds are strained between the two – the fallout being a sexy lady who is connected to the superstar’s family. While it is known to all in Bollywood that the young actor and the actress are dating each other, both have kept their relationship under wraps. But it came to the knowledge of the superstar who somehow feels the reason why his sibling’s marriage broke up was because of that and has sworn to himself that the young actor is persona non grata at his home or family events. The superstar is a man who adores his family and holds family values sacrosanct so he does not care for anybody who oversteps the boundaries.  

Now it has come to light that when the young actor’s father approached the superstar for two sequels (the earlier ones were blockbusters at the box office) for his home production, at first the superstar kept hanging the producer for months saying he had to complete his other shoots first and then finally said a flat no. But yet, when the producer has faced any kind of problem, the superstar has always been one of the first to bail him out. They share a close bond but the superstar is extremely upset with the young actor. While the superstar’s decision has hurt the producer, he has to accept it as his son is involved in the matter.

At a recent social event of a prominent Bollywood celebrity, the superstar looked through the young actor completely even as much as the junior actor hung around trying to get his attention. While other young actors danced with the superstar, the young actor stayed conspicuously away from the dance floor and preferred to hang out with his friends. Neither has this young actor been approached to be a part of the superstar’s successful shows. The cold war between the two actors is very obvious. However, the superstar remains close to other members of the young actor’s family.

If one remembers another actor had made a mistake of crossing the superstar’s path, a few years ago. Though the actor tried innumerable times to patch up with the superstar and sometimes made a public spectacle of himself, the patch-up never took place.

Source Link: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/exclusives/exclusive-real-reason-why-superstar-turned-down-two-sequels-young-actor-s-home-production-417066
asked Jun 23 in General by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,570 points)
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Feel Bad As A Bollywood Lover
Wanted And No Entry Are Among My Favourite Films, Very Entertaining, Wish Their Sequel Was Made.

On A Side Note Aag Dono Taraf Se Lagi Hai Toh Keval Arjun Ko Blame Karke Kya Fayda

answered Jun 23 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,852 points)
selected Jun 28 by mr.hola
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Well any guy would do the same. Salman can't work with someone whose son is having an affair with his brothers wife.

answered Jun 23 by Intense Director (128,232 points)
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Well last time he worked with Boney Kapoor it was in 2009. After that he never worked with Boney Kapoor. So I doubt that affair is going for last 8 year. No entry sequel was suppose to happen in early in these decade and Arjun Kapoor had just debuted at that time. So according to me it's just another rumour.
BTW Salman Khan has mentored Arjun Kapoor so Bhai wali kuch to qualities aayegi na.

answered Jun 23 by karan khan Director (133,080 points)

"BTW Salman Khan has mentored Arjun Kapoor so Bhai wali kuch to qualities aayegi na."

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