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Salman khan :: i'm glad that audience have liked race 3 and appreciated everyone's effort in the movie.

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ye aadmi bhe apne hi bubble main reh raha hai. 

asked Jun 22 in Announcements by Grand Nova Star (154,307 points)
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I thank every 1 who has gone to see #Race3 in the theaters n each n every 1 individually for watching race n glad that u have liked n appreciated every 1s effort that was put in the movie. God bless sukhi raho n keep watching means a lot.

https://t.co/5Yd2Dhkywp #Race3InCinemas

He had to thank people for watching the film despite such tremendous negative feedback. Do you think he'll thank condescendingly "I am glad that you all watched despite the film being bad & allowing Race 3 team to scam you using my name".

That wouldn't be right na. The negative feedback is known to him too. The best thing is to thank first & move on to give a better project audience demand from him.

Same with Tubelight. He knows the audience feedback. Still that film was his child. He put his maximum effort for that. Not now, he will never alienate that film. Look at Hero, after a point he had to accept the remake was bad & it omitted the essence the original had. Even Subhash Ghai spoke about it only after it flopped. But Salman had to protect the newcomers.

Salman Khan is also thinking as the producer here.

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I don't think he is living in a bubble, but since the movie is still in theaters and making money he isn't going to say anything negative about the film, and stay positive.

The question should be presented to Salman once the film is out of theaters, and maybe he'll give a more honest answer.

answered Jun 22 by ashchamp16 Costume designer (1,085 points)
selected 4 days ago by Grand Nova
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According to him,
Jai Ho failed due to low ticket prices.

Tubelight did well on Satellite.

And Now, Audience liked Race 3.

I considered him a knowledgeable person as far as Box office and Audience taste is concerned. After these statement, I have a doubt regarding this or he has given such statements in interviews where he is feeling sleepy. But he feels sleepy in most of the interview.

answered Jun 22 by karan khan Director (133,071 points)

Hahahaha....last line...lol....Bhai is even Sleepy in most of his films...Bhaaaaiiii ka Style

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When Salman Is Not Considering Tubelight As Flop Then There Is No Question Of Accepting Race 3 As Bad Film
Nothing To Be Surprised

But Doesnt Matters Anymore His Job Is Done Now Even In Worst Case All Time No. 2 Is Confirmed

answered Jun 22 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,756 points)

What is All time no2?

I Said Even In Worst Case From Here No. 2 Rank Is Confirmed.
Now Its Btwn Amitabh And Salman For No. 1 Spot!

Actually I couldn't understand what "All time no2" you are talking about.


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he's a big star..... but i always wonder.... why ..... really why.... people like him.... i mean in a way... k kyun khudko iska fan kehna chahein. its like calling yourself inferior

I mean seriously he just used his fans loyalty against them by using them to support his non-actor non-talented friends and now he's mocking them in front of everyone

that amount of effort he put into Race 3 is the amount of respect and affection he has for fans.

answered Jun 22 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,252 points)

He has his bunch of cronies include his brothers to inflate him. How I wish race 3 would have been a disaster. Shayad tab Salman ko samajh aata.

By the way srk is also suffering from the same issue. People around him milking his stardom. Salman has the same case

that is the thing.... srk doesn't have it in him.... but at least he is trying his level best........ one movie after the other ......with everything he's got.... he's doinng it with every single movie post MNIK....

he takes biggest supporting cast.... biggest budgets... best directors.... so many biggest cameos.... promotion that lasts ..... and still movie turns out to be a boxoffice dud..... he just doesn't have it in him.....


salman khan is absolutely the opposite.... he's been taking the worst directors(debut directors including), worst supporting cast.... no side benefits, no 5,6 cameos....and no promotion at all....

. just he was paying attention to script and music .... but now ... he just doesn't care..... and still is in denial ...... just wishing all the worst to bharat.... hope it doesn't cross 50cr weekend.. aur 100cr ka nuksaaan apni jaib se ho ...... that.... bring him back to his senses.

@Intense: SRK isn't suffering from that issue as much. He does what he likes but his creativity has gone for a toss this decade. If he starts focusing more he can be huge again. And the only friend you can say he helped this decade is Farah.

@Grand: please stop your pathetic attempts at riling other people up. Your time would be better spent writing enless open letters to Sallu that he would later wipe his a-s-s with.

c'mon guy mahn .... that language will only lead you to receive disappointing responses

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Rofl. He is thanking people for enduring race3. In a way perhaps admitting he messed it up big time. Salman has disappointed his fans big time on two consecutive eids. 2019 shall be the one when we get that solid movie from him

answered Jun 22 by Intense Director (128,012 points)

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