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There were two big Tamil films released on Thursday and Petta is slowly coming out on top in a close battle. The figures in Tamil Nadu are better for Viswasam as it probably has more for the local audience but Petta is well ahead in other markets like Karnataka and Kerala. Though it cant be said that Petta has done well in these markets. The six day NETT collections of Petta and Viswsam are as follows.




Tamil Nadu - 46,00,00,000


Karnataka - 12,00,00,000


Andhra Pradesh - 5,00,00,000


Kerala - 5,25,00,000


Hindi Markets - 3,00,00,000 (Hindi version is disaster and the better collections are from original Tamil version)



TOTAL - 71,25,00,000 apprx





Tamil Nadu - 51,00,00,000


Karnataka - 6,25,00,000


Kerala - 2,50,00,000


Hindi Markets - 50,00,000 (No Hindi version, only Tamil)



TOTAL - 60,25,00,000

The gap between the films is 11 crore nett on an all India basis but Petta has a wider release. If Petta can catch Viswasam in Tamil Nadu then it will come out the clean winner as in a clash the home market is very important. 

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=4628
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I saw this movie in theatre and it was surprisingly good 3/5 .
But major blunders -
Half baked characters
Invested too much screentime in dealing with false villains in the first half ( Final year bully and his contractor father )
Simran and her daughter are nowhere to be seen in the second half
Nawaz under utilized .
Not enough emotional connection shown between Petta and Anwar ( the guy Rajini trying to save )
* Too much time invested in showing Rajini heroism ( but this was nicely done and contributed much to the film's entertainment value , but ideally it should be less , it was in excess when now I think about the film )
But the positives exceeds the negatives

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That's the problem when you cast famous names for each & every role yet you have to focus only on Rajinikanth.

Or it's like everyone wanted to not miss out on the chance to work with Rajinikanth.

So Bobby Simha (senior bully) has made a name for himself as a villain to even acting as hero in few films. He has shone in Karthik Subbaraj's earlier films. No wonder he chose his favorite actors for this film.

Vijay Sethupathi is a superstar now. Karthik Subbaraj will be proud that his first hero has grown this big. Again this film didn't do justice to his talent. And he was more than happy to be overshadowed by Rajini.

Megha Akash will be happy to be part of this film. Let's see how she fares in Satellite Shankar with Sooraj Pancholi.

Simran again finally got a chance to work with Rajini. Same goes for Trisha. And infact Trisha is still playing lead whereas Simran has moved on to character roles. Simran got something where Trisha hardly had any role here. Like I said, both didn't wanted to miss out on the opportunity to star opposite Rajini.

Nawazuddin was unconvincing. You can see Karthik Subbaraj is a film buff. You know how Gangs of Wasseypur 2 ends. You can see why exactly Nawazuddin character ends in Petta that way.

Anwar well it's Sasikumar. Again a lead actor who has given multiple hits. One of them even remade to Hindi.

Lastly Karthik Subbaraj is an hardcore fan of Rajini. So this was a tribute by a fan. A film by a fan, for that fans. So the never ending Rajini worshipping.


That's not a big problem if the director wants to rajinikantize the film but few of these characters had a proper well written introductory scenes and no proper justice thereafter ... anyway , it's forgiven as the director has made a likeable film and also I didn't see a frame of this film before going to the theatre , so I was not aware what they showed in the trailer and there was only one song in the Telugu version which is a good thing.

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Ajith needs to move away from siva he has done enough films with him

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This is a good pongal for kollywood while a disaster Sankrati for Tollywood.

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Good collection for both movies. Hope that both does 100 cr in Tamil Nadu. Would be win - win and superb Pongal.

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