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I,Grand Nova. 33% on sanity scale.Declare,if Salman khan doesn't admit he went wrong with race 3,then in future i won't expect good movies from him

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I WATCHED race 3 .... and im so disappointed ..... because salman khan assured ..... that it's a great movie with humor, emotions, action, music etc etc........ but this movie has put ALL HIS MOVIES TILL DATE TO SHAME.

and i am the guy who have liked all his movies even the likes of GTGH, YUVVRAAJ, READY, BODYGUARD, TUBELIGHT, JAI HO, VEER.

but the way .... he praised every aspect of the movie before release .... and what the final product was ..... i felt betrayed , lied to.... its ok. but if salman khan in his upcoming interviews .... does not acknowledge .... that he has made a terrible movie and goes on to defending the movie.... that it was great that will not feel pleasant.

  its one of the top 5 worst bollywood movies of all time ....

at least just simply accepting that it was bad shouldn't hurt his ego.

or even if not that... at least ... dont defend it.

if he does defend its merits...... then i swear in future..... i will not expect  any good movie from him.

i like him...i will always like him.... that won't change.

im so disappointed right now... that i have absolutely ZERO expectations from bharat in terms of content. let alone dabangg 3, dancing dad, sher khan etc.
asked Jun 20 in Announcements by Grand Nova Star (154,307 points)
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he works hard... whoever doubts that.... he's most hardworking mahn in bollywood..... entire industry...new or old folks including. and i hope .... for his audience.... he gives them more than they want.

grandie sirf expect nahin karinge ya phir dekhenge bhi nahi?

expect karna yani k .....aisa hota hai na k "wo" film a rahi hai .... bht kamaal ki hogi.... ye film daikhne wali hogi...ye film kamaal ki hogi....
aisa kuch salman khan ki future movies k liye feel nahe karunga...... but may be this feeling is just temporary .... kuch din baad phir se wohi puranay mode main wapis a jayein..... raat gai baat gai factor

daikh to koi movie bhe laitay hain par anticipation ki baat kr raha hon

4 Answers

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Bhai Grand Wulfric Nova ....
do you remember the words written on the 1st poster release of Salman aka Sikandar from Race-3 ..
Selfless over Selfish ...
the same he did with Race-3 ..
Anyways i was always not happy of him doing Race-3 by rejecting Dhoom-4 ....

answered Jun 20 by Irdwhelp Editor (83,678 points)
selected 4 days ago by Grand Nova

yeah helping others is one of the greatest virtues a mahn can possess. thats great
but what i am saying is.... he shouldn't close his eyes.... and look around.... to see what kind of reception race 3 is getting .... and accept it as a bad movie....which is actually an understatement.

aaj wo kisi ajeeb innsan ka bacha bobby deol kehta hai .... race 3 logon ko bht pasand a rahi hai.. agar pasand na ati to movie itna business na karti.... us idiot ko ye nahe pata .... k 2011 k baad yani 7 saaal k baad..... its the lowest week 1 total for a salman khan's action movie on eid .....

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Nope. Bharat is totally different. It's good to have hopes from it. From what I am hearing race 3 is worse than dabangg2......Which for me is Salman's worst movie in the last decade.

answered Jun 20 by Intense Director (128,012 points)

yeah bharat is different.... and i hope .... audience love that movie....
as for me... no expectations.... from any of his upcoming movie's content....
his audience number is gargantuan ..... i hope they get their ticket's worth of entertainment from bharat and other movies.

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He won't change. You said it

answered Jun 20 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,174 points)

haha yeah he won't.. but there is hope... you know why... because till date there is only one movie of him i didn't like and that is dabangg 2.... but the good thing .. which evokes hope ..... is that he never defended that movie..... he avoids talking about that.... he will talk about every movie of his ... but not dabangg 2. after release ofcourse......
he has defended MAMK , tubelight, jai ho, etc but never defended dabangg 2. which is why i think there is still hope... that he might realize that he made a mistake.

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"So in reply to your open letter to Salman khan ... Here is my open letter to you

Write as many open letters as you want ...
Expect as much as you want from him ...
Your letters your opinions your expectations of him ...." Read carefully "......


mic drop

answered Jun 20 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,252 points)

can i as an individual have an opinion about what i like or not???

think.. answer of that.....

and hence this post.

what i wrote in that open letter ..... was describing what he is ......
this right here.... is what i want.....

Yes you have the right. But then saying he should admit it while previously saying that he will never accept makes no sense.

That's how bad race 3 was for me ... After I watched it .... Views changed

Alright I can understand that. Have been through that. Hope Bharat satisfies you.

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