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This one statement i agree, but never wanted to agree deep down considering the contrasting fortunes Shahid and the two are having.. Still appreciate Shahids honesty in admitting to the fact though Ranveer isnt much of a concern in any ways to him..
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He is creating another niche for him in the industry .From now on he would keep on doing varied roles which would be difficult to portray and eventually wants to finish his career as a powerful actor .I don't think he now has an ambition to be a Huge Star .He just wants to do great roles in diverse genre and prove himself as a versatile star in future

by Producer (103k points)
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I just wish he doesnt do that.. That is just wasting his career.. Enough of all the versatile roles amd he should work on full on commercial contents for some timw first..


He won't be accepted now in full on commercial films.There is already lot of competition there

+2 votes

What's Ranbir & Ranveer's league actually?

Pooray 5 crs ki opening as next Tony Montana or Pooray 8 crs ki opening as next Indiana Jones?

And here we have people giving 20 crs opening post GST with Commercial mass masala directed by Rohit Shetty, Aankh Maarey as biggest chartbuster off the season and failure of Zero.

League, lol, only league these guys have is league of making people fool by trying to act like big stars, but at the end all the are, are *** lickers of Kjo, YRF or other big or small production houses.

by Mega Star (209k points)

The last line is bollywood gen next right now..

+1 vote

never thought that being a huge star is the only thing one should aspire to be.

I just want good movies, be they hits or flops. but Shahid doesn't have many hits or many good movies.

now just hoping Kabir Singh will be good.

by Assistant Director (44.3k points)