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No one ruled the Hindi cinema like the three Khans. They ruled for nearly 3 decades. Even the great Big B ruled the industry for 2 decades. Every good thing comes to an end. The end is part of the journey. Lets just accept this reality that the Khans era is about to End. 2020 will be considered the year in which the Khans transferred the baton. SRK is already more or less finished. A hit or two here and there at max won't bring him back. Aamir Khan is different kind of star. He is unlikely to do more commercial movies, hardly one or two. He'll do those characters roles which does not need that insane stardom. So more or less this is the end. Salman Khan's next Bharat is a risky film & likely to underperform (gut feeling, don't make an issue out of it). Even if it hits the bulls eye, his next after Bharat, Dabangg 3 is more or less going to underperform. Simmba box office figures will be must for Dabangg 3 (which I think is an appropriate ask) or else the media will make a big issue out of it. Salman Khan is likely to hold of Eid till 2020 at best. Akshay Kumaar & Ajay Devgan will continue to give those so called hits like padman for next 2-3 years. Hrithik Roshan is also on self-destructive mode & there hardly anything left. But a miracle can happen in his case & he can go on for next 5 years but that's unlikely. And as I said, a hit or two at max is not going to change the reality. This is sort of a sudden attack on our hearts but we should accept the reality.

The KHANs Trio are LEGENDs & will remain so.
ago in Cinematic Discussion by Production Accountant (22.9k points)
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Yes, keeping an eye on otmf, bharat can go either way.
I seriously don't find Ali any great director, Gundey was crap, mbkd was a normal romcom, Sultan was a good movie aided by salman's brilliant performance as emotions connected but not a great one, 2nd half was almost copy of brother but worked as emotions striked a chord with the audience.
Tzh was a average movie, Salman's stardom+Christmas pulled it off.
Bharat is the riskiest movie, if he fails to emote the audience then it will feel like a forced emotional drama like Tubelight and Dabangg3 well do I need to say anything? Hope it turns out to be good but Prabhu, arbaaj
Srk is struggling to find the right movie.
Aamir is suffering due to low volume of releases.
So yes any good thing has a end, there will be an end to the Khan's era. The day will definitely come
All are legends and among the all time greatest

ago by Production Designer (15.2k points)
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AAZ knows one thing very well. How to present Salman in a way so that his fans love him. I'm banking on that atleast

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Agree in a way. Hrithik doesn't even have 5 years. He's done in 2020. I don't see him making Krrish 4 either or by the time he does no one would care

At the present moment, Salman looks the safest to me. Bharat will be indianised to suit our audiences and Salman's core base. D3 is a crap choice but it will smash opening and weekend records so again something to cheer for. An slb movie in 2020 will bring the cheer back. SRK is finished. Aamir is again someone who doesn't care about quantity. He's losing previous time.

ago by Director (121k points)

Hrithik might go for direction.
Bharat is a hell of risky project. Out of comfort zone of all associated be it SK or Kat or AAZ.
Dabanng 3 must have a very good trailer, music & buzz + right release date for a great opening. TZH did 115 cr with all that huge buzz & right release date + Stardom.


Frankly don't care what hrirhik goes for now. Haven't seen a man like him who cares 0% for his fans.


Simmba had the best masala movie director and the competition was nil & so was the negativity from opposing sources, Dharma, a chartbuster song & holidays as well while Dabangg 3 has Arbaaz, Sonakshi , Prabhudeva & Sajid-Wajid. All they will do is just transfer Chulbul Pandey to another station, an item song like fevicol or munni and same goes for other songs & a new villian. The only new thing might be some non-sense flashback scenes. Only thing which Dabangg 3 has better than all the cop movies is the lead star, Megastar.


That's why man. Salman is our hope for some good entertainment. I hope he makes good use of the next 5 years. He has the aura. Aamir also has it, but he's too slow in making movies.

+1 vote

I agree with you on that
Obviously they can't keep going on forever
But my heart wants Salman to continue as long as it goes
Anyways a Trio like this will never happen again

ago by Unit Manager (30.8k points)
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well it is kind of true and the even worrying fact for me is that the khans are not signing any new films.I think we will only see one khan film this year and i dont know if this has happened any year before, whereas the younger stars have some huge projects coming up which will surely do well because the momentum is with them

ago by Location Scout (4.5k points)
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already accepted and I am okay with it.

ago by Assistant Director (43.2k points)

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