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Salman Khan: Will release Race 3 in China

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Source : https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/salman-khan-race-3-china-release-5206712/

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who is not only acting but also producing his forthcoming film Race 3, says China is opening up as a good market for Indian cinema. Race 3 is releasing on June 15.

During a media interaction, he was asked if as a producer and distributor of Race 3, he thinks China is a potential market.

Salman said: “China is a good market for our cinema. We have released Bajrangi Bhaijaan. We are releasing Sultan in China and we will release Race 3 also. I think we need to increase our number of theatres. Right now, we are still surviving on around 5,000 screens where China has extended to more than 40,000 screens. So, I think once our screen number increases, we will be able to have such business. ”

“With the small number of screens, we are actually doing exceptionally well. So, just imagine, if within 10 to 15 years, we increase the number, we will do great,” he added.

The actor, who has an action hero image, believes that action stories work well for the mass audience if they have high emotional quotient.

“Whether it is romance, love story or a high emotional element, it works well. If I am doing action, I have to justify the reason behind doing such elaborate action scenes,” said the actor.

Taking the example of some of his earlier films, he said: “Look at the films like Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai. It is always action and romance linked to each other that worked at the box office. Romance does not mean on-screen kissing and all, it should be a family watch. Romance should be in the eyes…”

Asked if he is interested in experimental work, Salman said: “I did Tubelight. It is now one of the most loved films on satellite. The fact is that it was not an Eid release film where people are coming to watch a highly entertaining, drama and comedy genre film.

“When the audience is in a festive mood and they are offered a film where in the end they leave theatre crying, of course, the film won’t work at that time.”

“Having said that, it was a very endearing film and I loved that,” he added.

His contemporaries such as Aamir Khan have played characters like that of an old father for which he had to gain weight and have grey hair. Will Salman ever be able to play such characters instead of the quintessential hero romancing beautiful women on-screen?

“I am playing a character in my upcoming film Bharat, where the journey (of the character) starts from the age of 27, travels through the age of 35 to 45 and ends at the age of 65. The journey of the character has a huge graph. But no, he is not an old fat father, it is interesting,” he winked.

Race 3 also features Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Jacqueline Fernandez.

The actor is working with Jacqueline for the second time after Kick. Asked how his bonding has evolved with the actress, Salman said: “I know Jacqueline since the time she came from Sri Lanka. She is still the same – bright and a very vibrant girl with a lot of energy. Nothing has changed in her. I remember when we met, she was supposed to be a part of London Dreams.”

“But then that film got delayed so she made her debut with Aladin. Finally, we started working together in Kick. We again worked in Race 3. She is fun to work with because she is a very good girl,” added the actor.

Source Link: https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/salman-khan-race-3-china-release-5206712/
asked Jun 19 in General by bollyranga Production Designer (13,066 points)
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reshown Jun 19 by karan khan

11 Answers

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yeah if he could just stop sugar-coating TB's failure and stop believing that it was a good movie that would be nice.

and Race 3 in China is a bad idea.

answered Jun 19 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,252 points)
+4 votes

1) "I did Tubelight. It is now one of the most loved films on satellite"

Nope it isn't, it did decent first time, I don't know if it got any repeat numbers though, infact star didn't aired Tubelight after one or two times, Movies like Judwaa & Golmaal are movies which are loved on satellite (don't know how though) off late, not Tubelight, stop giving excuses like it's not for laundering lapade (classic statement) or it worked in satellite, and just accept that it was a failure.

2) “When the audience is in a festive mood and they are offered a film where in the end they leave theatre crying, of course, the film won’t work at that time.”

Many of the audience left theatre crying after watching BB, and it worked very well, although Tubelight also made people cry, the distributors.

3) And Race 3 in China

answered Jun 19 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,984 points)
+4 votes

They should release Race 3 in China so that Aamir fans will stop boasting about his grossers in China since China will ban release of Indian films after Race 3 releases there.
Bhai is talking about Moon which is satellite to Earth Since moon got the new source of light which is Tubelight since it was only relying on Sunlight. So Tubelight was ATG and ATBB on Moonlight.

answered Jun 19 by karan khan Director (133,071 points)
+4 votes

......bohra gya hai ye budhau.......kabhi kehta hai i wont repeat mistake of makingg tubelight kabhi ye........haHA.....saste nashe.....

answered Jun 19 by Kabir Production Accountant (27,036 points)
+3 votes

Tubelight is loved on satellite ?????? In which universe? Honestly he will embarrass himself by releasing race 3 in china

answered Jun 19 by Intense Director (128,012 points)

You want him to be embarrassed..?? I thought you turned to Diplomatic Intense. What happened? Party badal li kya Kabir would be proud

Nope. I don't and never belonged to a party. It's common sense to imagine who will watch race 3 in China.

+3 votes

“When the audience is in a festive mood and they are offered a film where in the end they leave theatre crying, of course, the film won’t work at that time.”
A small film Secret superstar with all those above, did avg business with a clash....During Diwali.. Aamir cameo speaks volume

answered Jun 19 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (77,007 points)
+2 votes

At least forgive chinese from this torture..lol

answered Jun 19 by Santosh Camera Operator (10,125 points)
+2 votes

In China Aamir Khan set the standard high for Bollywood... Now Salman types are all set to downgrade it.

answered Jun 20 by sihan Editor (88,317 points)
+1 vote

I Guess He Is Living In The Fool's Paradise Where Tubelight Is A Good Movie. Audience Cried In DANGAL, They Felt For Samar-Sahir Duo In Dhoom : 3! Both Of Them Were ALL TIME GROSSERS. They Don't Throng To Theatres To Watch Your Out-Of-The-Shape-Yet-VFX-Modified Body.
And For Ace's Sake, Don't Release Your Craps In China. It Takes A Lot To Open World 2nd Biggest Movie Market For Indian Movies. We Don't Want To Put Indian Cinema Into Shame In Front Of That Audience.

answered Jun 19 by Rajat Production Accountant (28,360 points)
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Konsa satellite bhai

Pehli baar dekhne ke baad abhi tak maine ek clip bhi nahi dekhi tubelight ki... Songs are one of my all time favourite but Tubelight was a pain keeping in mind it was a Bhai film. I had loved his guts back then but now it seems he went overboard with emotions thing. Thats where Amir is a master

And no, please don't release Race3 in China... release some other movie. You're not Amir Khan where people can relate to your height and come watch the movie

answered Jun 19 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,174 points)

It's not like Salman is super tall or something, All the khans are of same height, Aamir an inch shorter perhaps but how does it matter?. Abhishek is also very tall but what's the use......

Your last line could malfunction a bot, he just came back with fresh updates

Hahaha Intense man

Update was corrupted. He's still posting same comments. It's time the bot be dismantled

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ye interview purana hai .... release se pehle ka.... aisa kuch nahe honay wala.
jo bhe hoga ... pehle sultan release hogi.... phir i think bharat.

answered Jun 19 by Grand Nova Star (154,307 points)