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Deserves it completely
Best bolly film of 2018

answered by Assistant Director (53.2k points)
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it is one of the best movie come out of bollywood in recent years

answered by Costume designer (1k points)
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I would rate it 3.75/5 ...my final review

answered by Director (125k points)
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Aamir Khan Rules On IMDB

Highest Voted Film On IMDB 3 Idiots
Most Films With 7 And 8 Ratings
Most Movies In Top 250 IMDB

answered by Assistant Director (51.1k points)
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It deserves it. I haven't seen a better movie in 2018 than this. Absolutely incredible.

answered by Super-star (170k points)
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bharat will be a part of this too for sure

answered by Camera Operator (11.1k points)

Yeah just like zero and JHMS

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It's not that good.

answered by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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It's a good movie for sure, but not that perfect. It's good compared to SANJU or Padmavat or any Khan movies this year. Hopefully Tabu wins best actress for this.

answered by Camera Operator (9.1k points)
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Aamir has more than 5 movies and more than 5 with 100+ thousand votes. Rest of bollywood nowhere close....

answered by Editor (80k points)

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