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By massive scare, I meant he got out, otherwise Australia were winning comfortably
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Target was well within reach, it would have made a difference had rayudu not used that review where he was plump out.
32 overs 141/3 not bad, Dhoni got out at a wrong point of time. He was trying to increase the run rate, ok it happens.
Rohit scored a century, win or lose are part of game.
Not too smart to put the blame all on MSD.

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I don't believe in blaming anyone whenever India lose.

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Dhoni Should play all the matches from here onwards including all the matches of 2019 WC , then there is a chance that he will get back in form .

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Dhoni needs to retire man its over
Give pant a chance i mean he is naturally good in t20 and ODI's but he is only playing tests
Also dk has been given way too many chances but he is not improving

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Dhoni is finished. By a mile. This is india. He will play world cup to get a grand farewell

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He is the most useless for his own team and viceversa for opponents

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