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Girish Johar

Trade "Rumour"... #Ghajini2 is gonna start soooooon.... so will 


 be back now in a full blown ACTION avatar???

Atul Mohan (Verified Handle)


#Ghajini The first 100 Crore movie of Indian cinema to have its sequel? Strong trade rumors suggest so. Producer Allu Arvind (Geetha Arts) has registered title #Ghajini2 in Telugu & Hindi with its association. Will it have #AamirKhan again in it? Lets wait and watch! 


Earlier There Were Reports That Aamir's Next Will Start From March 2019, Aamir Also Confirmed He Is Getting Back In Shape For His Next Film

Historical Ghajini

Rumours For Upcomming Aamir Films


Mahabharat (7 Part Series Spanning Entire 2020 Decade)


Vikram vedha Remake

Forrest gump remake

Ghajini 2

in Upcoming Releases by Assistant Director (41.7k points)
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For one Aamir won't be part of it. And Ghajini 2 will not have anything to do with Ghajini 1.

This is because not Geetha Arts but a sub-division of the big production house, GA2 Pictures have registered the title Ghajini 2. The registration has happened for both Telugu & Hindi, not Tamil.

This is just like how Arbaaz & Sohail have registered Dabangg 3, Dabangg 4, Dabangg 5 & Dabangg 6 titles. The last time I checked, I remember till part 6 on the list. It could be more.

Anyways, even if Geetha Arts themselves had registered the Ghajini 2 title, even then the film wouldn't have had anything to do with first part. Don't think they've approached ARM either.

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All This Is Fine But Mahabharata Is The Real Deal. Take A Giant Leap Of Faith & Make It A Trilogy Like LOTR. Only Ace Can Pull This Off.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)
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Yes, But It Will Consume A Lot Of Time Peak Years Of Aamir's Superstardom Will Be Used For That, I Prefer Aamir To Make That Once His Stardom Phases Out!

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Agar ye movie bab rahi hai to aag lagegi. But if Aamir isn't in it then I don't know.

Still waiting for an announcement from Aamir in March be it Ghajini 2 or any other movie.

by Assistant Director (50.7k points)

GA2 Pictures are producing it. Not the main Geetha Arts who produced the Hindi remake.

GA2 Pictures is the division of Geetha Arts. They make low budget films. The big success of Geetha Govindam has given them enough confidence to make Ghajini 2 but not with any A-lister. Mainly because it's Geetha Arts who produce big budgeted A-listers films not the sub-division. Just YRF & Y-Films but GA2 is bigger.

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Even atul mohan and some verified Telugu sites including abo saying the same.
Hope it's true as Aamir can't go for hirani now and it's any day far better option than osho/ mogul or Mahabharata
Ghajini was one of the best commercial movie which broke all records at the box office.
Hope they manage a good South Indian mass director.

by Unit Manager (33.8k points)

It's GA2 Pictures who have registered the title. It's a division of Geetha Arts.

Geetha Arts produces the big films with big superstars. GA2 Pictures though it did have a huge blockbuster with Geetha Govindam & then Taxiwaala, GA2 Pictures invest on low budget films with younger actors.

So it won't be any A-lister starring in a movie produced by GA2 Pictures. As of now, they've only registered the title. Further got to wait for the announcement with newbies.

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Maybe some south actor will be in it.. But hoping aamir does it, ghazini was too good.

by Location Scout (4.5k points)

I Think South Actor Will Do South Version And Aamir Hindi Version

I Mean I Hope So :p

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No way dear girish is not trustworthy at all he posts and shares every news whenever he gets from social media and yes G2 is being registered but Aamir won't be there production company is making this movie with local star from down south so don't be over excited

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)
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First things first. Don't make Mahabharata. Will take a lot of time and intolerant elements will ban it. VV remake and moghul are the best options

by Star (143k points)

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