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Blockbuster even before release well done tollywood
Who exactly do they try to fool with such gimmicks

by Assistant Director (50.3k points)
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And the film is actually going to be Double Blockbuster.

Sometimes the gimmicks do work.


But most of the times they don't I still believe its upto audience if they like a movie it will be bb and these gimmicks actually don't help or do they??


Audience don't really care about verdicts. You show them an industry hit and if they don't like it then it's flop. Same goes for a flop film. The verdict based on mass reception at the box office & general audience perspective isn't same.

Yes, a film that runs well, obviously the general audience who even haven't watched the movie, the perception would be "hey that movie must be good" or "have you heard, that film is very good".

The whole marketing angle is depended on this notion.

In South, these posters or tv promos are released for that purpose only. Previously Bollywood posters or promos followed it too. Jaan-E-Mann had Super Hit posters printed which Nadiadwala took it back after the film didn't do that well & contrary to that Don used the Super Hit posters all over. Super Hit poster for Lucky - No Time For Love was released. It is common in business.

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Haven't seen the film...But the trailer/promos resembles me of Bollywood humshakal trailer.(i haven't seen humshakal too .)

by Assistant Director (57.6k points)

Teaser was really good. Trailer gave the feel of Housefull / Welcome.