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Uri had a pretty good opening day of around 8-8.25 crore nett. This is a very good number considering the face value of the film though if we compare with the films of last year then the value is less. Due to the tax change at the beginning of the year the NETT collections will generally look better compared to last year and this could get much better in the summer as multiplexes start raising prices to last year levels and even higher.



The opening day number is good for the face value of the film but the film has a lot of work to do as the budget is very high for the face value of the film. There should be good growth over the weekend but it will be about how well the film hold over the weekdays. Despite being an action film it is mainly the big cities that are doing well while smaller centers are low and single screens all over did not really collect.



The Accidental Prime Minister grossed a decent 3.50 crore nett on day one and again it is helped by the tax changes compared to the films of last year. The film was helped by  it being a little controversial which got it some media hype which created awareness..



This film is also a total multiplex film and for metros as well and it remains to be seen how it goes over the weekend. If the controversy has really pushed the numbers a lot on day one then it could struggle for growth over the weekend.

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Government might be declaring URI "Tax-Free" soon. Will it be going to help the movie in any manner?

4 Answers

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Uri -
Nett - 8.20 cr (after gst)
Nett - 7 cr (before gst)

That means good start yaar. Aaj 10 cr hoga. First success coming up.

by Unit Manager (31.4k points)
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So 2019 starts on a positive note for bollywood good

by Assistant Director (46.4k points)
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So total collections of movies like Uri & TAPM is 11.5-11.75 crs, combine Simmba then there is around 14.25-14.5 crs on friday, rest holdovers.

All due to revised tax rates, and with Multiplexes continuing to increase ticket prices and will continue in future too, oh boy, just can't wait to see the havoc on Indian Box Office on 26th April 2018.

by Mega Star (216k points)

IW was ₹40cr Approx.


Can we expect 80-85% opening day?




37.5-40..... i say 40+

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That's solid from uri. That opening is really good considering the face value involved.

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