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Simmba collected well on its third Friday with collections of 2.50- 2.75 crore nett apprx. the film has dropped 35-40% from Thursday compared to the 20% fall last Friday but that was sort of expected as there were two new releases and they hit the collections of Simmba at multiplexes.



The total collections of the film are now around 214 crore nett and even with this drop on third Friday the film still have chances of 250 crore nett though it will be an outside chance and growth will have to huge on Saturdaya and Sunday for that target to remain in sight. .



Simmba is the 10th highest NETT grosser of all time and will remain that way while it is the 14th highest in terms of GROSS collections but will reach 10th in terms of GROSS as well. The collections of Simmba till date are as follows.



Week One- 1,50,26,00,000



Week Two - 60,75,00,000 apprx



Friday - 2,75,00,000 apprx




TOTAL - 2,13,76,00,000 apprx



The footfalls of the film are still to reach 2 crore and look to be heading in the sme range as Golmaal Again. They may just about cross 2 crore depending on the next week or so..
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in BOI Update by Assistant Director (45.8k points)
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For God Sake Harminder Please Hire A Guy Who Knows English So That Elementary Mistakes Are Not There In The Article, It So Irritating To See Silly Mistakes Everytime, How Can You Be So Careless, So Many Typing Mistakes, You Run A Top Website Man!


Harmindar pk karta hai.



5 Answers

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Hahahahahahahahaa. 2cr ke footfalls hue nahi Hain aur chale Khans ko replace karne

by Star (143k points)
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Lifetime me 2 cr cross kar ke blockbuster ho rahi hai movie.. aur in newcomers ka baap ek week me 2 crore cross kar leta hai

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)

Wo bhi do baar sultan aur bajrangi bhaijaan.

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The footfalls of the film are still to reach 2 crore and look to be heading in the sme range as Golmaal Again. They may just about cross 2 crore depending on the next week or so

by Assistant Director (41.5k points)
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First bollywood actor with 2 200 crore films in a single year. Ranveer era has just begun!

by Set Designer (2k points)

Well, the new gen actors need to have that organic connect with families. Not just youth. The Khans are loved by one and all, pan india appeal. Can ranveer and the others do that ? Not talking as a hater..talking logic here


After doing bajirao mastani and simmba ranveer has developed sufficient organic connect with the non-youth audience as well. And this is just his 7th year, khans are in their 50s and had 2-3 decades to develop their connect. Ranveer is a smart, talented guy and if he keeps picking diverse films appealing to both youth and older people then nothing is impossible for him.

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237cr lifetime thats it no chance for 240cr leave alone 250cr

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)

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