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Did Race 3 had all time pre release negativity? [poll]

+5 votes
IMO Race 3 had all time pre release negativity because even tubelight had potential to something but it was after the release reviews came out that the movie is dull but here in this case right from the trailer to songs all were trolled badly. What do you think which movie had most pre release negativity?
RACE 3 (15 votes, 75%)
HNY (4 votes, 20%)
PRDP (1 vote, 5%)
Tubelight (0 votes)
asked Jun 18 in Opinion by Fur1233 Location Manager (5,860 points)
100% Accept Rate

Plz don't compare Race3 with any other film... It's an insult to others. Others are not even one tenths of Race3.

Bro, you're saying this? then I think race 3 is the answer.

8 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

I don't remember HNY/PRDP times because I was not very active in Bollywood stuff back then.

It was only after I got active around 2016-end time that I got to know that these two were highly trolled movies.

And as far as I can recall TB had only positivity until teaser released and even then there wasn't much negativity until after release.

So from these 4 Race 3 had the most negativity.

answered Jun 18 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,252 points)
selected Jun 19 by Fur1233

Same here, I got active around 2015 end time and got to know about Prdb and hny.

+3 votes

Yes. Prdp had the barjatya factor attached. Tubelight had huge expectations of being another class. While for Race 3 we knew in 2017 itself the movie will be bad.

answered Jun 18 by Intense Director (128,012 points)
+2 votes

The negativity around Race 3 not only exceeded everything but also can't think of any Film to get there in two or three decades

answered Jun 18 by shah Executive Producer (65,477 points)
+2 votes

None of them. These all are small films compared to the magnitude which RAONE had. RAONE is the film.which faced the worst of it, involving political parties, national news channel, anti fan group, etc.

answered Jun 18 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,970 points)

Ghante ka trade analyst tikh se pad wht he asked he asked abt pre release negativity.. uchal na kam kar....

+1 vote

No, not at all. You guys are only overhyping the negativity due to involvement of bhaijaan.

answered Jun 18 by professor Set Designer (2,397 points)

Profesor can u name single movie wch has trolls like race3..

+1 vote

Race3 is lights years away from the 2nd best prdp.. its like negativity campaign ... if i give points then...
If race3 is 100 then
Prdp 10
Hny 5
Tubelight 2..
Here tubelight n hny didnt had pre negativity but had post release negativity. ....

answered Jun 18 by playboy Unit Manager (30,832 points)
+1 vote

Negativity Should be check in both masses and classes.

There was only positivity in masses for Race 3, which is the main market for action movies.

answered Jun 18 by bollyranga Production Designer (13,066 points)
+1 vote

Dilwale for sure.... That intolerance debate took over the Indian national televisions.. It impacted movie collections.. Due to protests the cinema owners decided to play safe and show other movie and hence that movie got more screens and shows... That movie BM had to play its part from Monday onwards just bcoz of better shows and screens it ate Dilwale business in the first weekend.. From Monday everyone new BM will trend better..

From ur list Race 3...coz others got negativity post the release

answered Jun 18 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,983 points)

Language sambhal ke baat kr...
Tum jaise logo ko samjh to kuch aata nai hai..

Bilawaja main backchodiyan nai krte...

BM benefited from this situation.. Manna hai to maan nai to bhad main jaa..
Main tumhare cheezo main nai aata to language sambhal ke baat kr.
Next time se Mujhe idiot ya jahil bola to dekh lena..main tameez se chal ra hun.. Tu kuch zyada hi shokha ho ra hai

K tu ab roh mat mae tujhe jahil idiot nai bolunga.. waise media just showing protest aise protest pk n padmavat ke time mae hi hue hai.. aisa hai toh padmavat is biggest negativity movie hui....

Bhai tu aik baat kyun nai samjh ra... Jab 2 log compete kr rae ho aik ke sath masla chal ra hai.. Dusra faida uthata hai..
Nai manna to na maan...

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