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People Raise Many Questions On Rangeela Being A Blockbuster But Fact Is That It Truely Deserves To Be An Blockbuster Even Strict Verdict System Of Komal Nahta Gave It Super Hit So There Was Nothing Wrong With BOI Giving It Blockbuster Anyways BOI Generally Gives Higher Verdict Than Film Information.

Aamir Khan As Munna Is One Of The Best Acting Perfomances Of All Time And It Felt Like Aamir Was Born To Play This Iconic Role, Even As Per BOI Aamir's Role In Rangeela Was Popular. I Have Read That There Was Genuine Craze For This Movie When It Released In Mumbai Circuit.

Here Is Film Information Classification For 1995


1. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Super Duper Hit (AAA)  

1. Karan Arjun

Super hit (AA)  

1. Bombay

2. Rangeela

Hit (A1)  

1. Coolie No 1

Semi Hit (A)  

1. Hum Se Hai Muqabla


1. Barsaat

2. Najayaz

3. Raam Jaane

Commision Earner  

1. HathKadi

2. Raavan Raaj

Coverage To Commission

1. Akele Hum Akele Tum

2. Criminal

3. Dhanwan

4. Gambler

5. Haqeeqat

6. Jallad

7. Oh Darling Yeh Hai India

8. Papa Kehate Hain

9. Takkar


Detailed Analysis Of Rangeela

Rangeela Opened To Packed Houses on September, 1995 and did Exceptional Trending. Picked up big time during Diwali and Christmas weeks.

Name Rangeela

Opening 95%

WOM Very good

Trending Excellent

ROI Earn 4-5 Crore from domestic theatrical shares. There is no information available for other revenues, but should be in 3-4 Crore range as Music itself was super-hit.

Distribution Right 5 Crore

Recovery 9 Crore Domestic Distribution Share.

Relative performance Good Compared to biggest Hit of year DDLJ, Coolie no. 1, karan Arjun, Barsaat, Raja.

Recall value Very Good, Innovative screenplay.  Aamir's performance as Munna is one of the best performance ever

BollyBusiness Note Even at small center like Jamuna Talkies, Jagadhri it ran for straight 15 Weeks. Trending was exceptional and ROI is extremely good. Solid Super Hit.

Verdict Super Hit


in Box Office Discussions by Production Accountant (27.3k points)
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Aamir Khan's tour de force performance, one of my all time favorite of all times

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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Rangeela was aamir's show all the way. Overshadowed both Jackie and urmila. Another highlight was the superb music too. Deserves a BB status.

by Director (122k points)

Already Boi declare it.

+1 vote

Rangeela and Pk are aamir's career best performance.
I used to behave like him after watching that movie in my childhood.
He was just awesome

by Production Designer (16k points)

That's why Aamir called Perfectionist.



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It was a theatre in Nepal named Bishwajyoti, and this movie ran full-houses for 170 days or more...

by Location Manager (5.6k points)
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Raja, bewafa Sanam not in the list.

by Production Designer (15.8k points)

Error Of Emission!


Many more not there like sabse bada khiladi, andolan, hum dono


Hmm List Is Not Complete